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The subject article is, sadly, like so many articles today. Waitrose, a London Supermarket, is to change the name of its Gentleman’s Smoked Chicken Caesar Roll because feminist campaigners said it was sexist. If we can learn anything from these screwball complaints for the, have far too much time on their hands, leftists, it's that submitting and apologizing accomplishes absolutely nothing. They are never happy. They will never forgive and they will always demand more.

I have heard that the female who finished 3rd in the world cycling championship has apologized for complaining that the person who finished first was a man who declared himself to be a woman. Let's face it. These people are a tiny, tiny, minority with enormous mouths. It is their right to hold whatever view they want, as long as it doesn't infringe on someone else's rights. Now this tiny minority has become a political tyranny.

If through some quirk of fate, you are attacked by these lunatics, above all, don't apologize. It accomplishes nothing. Stand up for your views. You are entitled to them. Calmly and reasonably, inform the leftists that you will not back down and will retain your principles. This is the only way they will stop. Capitulating will only encourage them.

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Waitrose is to change the name of its Gentleman’s Smoked Chicken Caesar Roll because feminist campaigners said it was sexist.
The roll, from Heston Blumenthal’s range at the supermarket, contains anchovy mayonnaise, similar to ‘gentleman’s relish’ but the name was branded “outrageous” on social media and the chain has issued an apology.

Amy Lamé, Sadiq Khan’s London night Czar posted an image of the product on Twitter and said: “I never knew sandwiches were gender specific. I’m female but thankfully Waitrose let me purchase this anyway.”

She tagged the organisation Everyday Sexism, who document instances of sexism experienced on a day to day basis. 
Other people were quick to pile in with criticism of the supermarket, with Sian Murray saying: “What a ridiculous name!” and Joe Alessi calling it “outrageous”. Nikki Alvey said she was "disappointed" with the product's name.

The roll costs £3.80, but is currently on sale at a cutdown price of £2.85 and features a picture of a rooster dressed in waders holding a fishing rod with a fish at the end of the line.

Waitrose describes the roll as: “The ultimate Caesar salad to go. A parmesan ciabatta roll filled with pulled, smoked chicken breast, beechwood smoked bacon and Parmigiano Reggiano all topped with anchovy mayonnaise and Cos lettuce for crunch.”
The supermarket addressed the complaints about the product by apologising to anyone who felt offended by the name ‘Gentleman’s Smoked Chicken Caesar Roll’ and promised to change it.
A spokesperson told the Telegraph: "It's never our intention to cause offence - we're not dictating who should eat this sandwich - we hope anyone who tries it will love the distinctive flavours. However we are planning to change the name of the sandwich soon."

They did not confirm when the name change would happen, or what the new product will be called.
Writing on the Waitrose website, Elle, from Brighton gave the roll a one-star review. “Tried it but was not impressed,” she said. 

“Too salty - both the bread and the filling plus way too much what I think was mustard. Had some sort of yeasty flavours but no other flavours. Needed some nice leafy salad and perhaps some nice tomatoes. I do not recommend this product.”

The ‘Gentleman’s roll’ is not the first product to fall foul of sexism claims. Back in 2002, Nestle’s Yorkie chocolate bar launched a brash campaign in which it was labelled “Not for Girls.” The slogan stayed for ten years before being dropped quietly.



Media throughout the world is replete with articles saying the U.S. is trying to find out information on the operation of the Russian S-300 system. They have an old prototype from Greece and they also have a newer prototype from Ukraine. The potential problem for the U.S. and Israel is, does the S-300 and S-400 system have the capability to shoot down the latest U.S. stealth aircraft? That includes the F35. If they do, it presents huge problems for the U.S. and their allies.

It's no secret that the F35 has almost single-handedly bankrupted the whole Pentagon budget. Updated figures put the cost in excess of $300,000,000,000. It has been plagued with one problem after another. At this time it cannot defeat 1970's MIGs in a dogfight. If they can be tracked, we have real problems.

Israel is probing the defenses in Syria for the sole purpose of exposing all aspects of the S-300 tracking. If Israel attacks, using F35's and succeeds, the U.S. can breathe a sigh of relief. Russia, on the other hand, may be holding back the more advanced technology in the S-400 and S-500. Also, if some of the S-300 sites are destroyed, Russia may declare a no fly zone for all Israeli military aircraft. They have the ability to see all Israeli aircraft from the point of takeoff. They then could shoot down the aircraft before they can attack. Of course, this could lead to a world war.

If Israel attempts to attack the S-300 sites, and fails and get's their jets shot down, this could also lead to war. It would also devastate the U.S. defense industry. Our allies would not buy any more F35's or any other stealth aircraft.

If Israel and the U.S. were smart (and there's no evidence they are), they would not attack the sites. At least that way, they could continue to claim the U.S. stealth aircraft are invisible to any enemy, no matter who. Also, it would not lead us into World War 3.

Bruce                                             New World Order news

Former US Defense Attaché to Russia Brigadier General Peter Zwack has said that Israel is to destroy the S-300 defence system offered by Russia to Syria, Al-Wattan Voice reported yesterday.

Zwack said: “At the end, the time when the Israeli planes target S-300 defence system owned by the Syrian army is coming. This is an important issue for Israel. It will not remain silent.”

The presence of the S-400 defence system in the Russian military base in Syria’s Hmeimim is not a worry for Israel, but the Syrian regime owning the S-300 missile system is, according to Zwack.

“Based on my knowledge about the Israelis, they will tell Russia that the defence system is owned by Syria and then they will do their best to strike it and take it out of service,” he added of what he expects Israel’s plan to be.

Last week, the first batch of S-300 missile system, consisting of four launchers, arrived in Syria and the Syrian army is scheduled to receiving training on how to use it within three months.

Israel, US secretly trained against Russia’s missile system in Ukraine



The subject article covers  a rare condition which attacks the nervous system and spinal cord after 62 new cases of the little-known disease were confirmed across 22 states. Being older has its' advantages. Back in the early 1950's a polio epidemic was affecting children throughout the U.S. Supposedly, a new vaccine (the Salk vaccine), would provide immunity from this terrible disease. In the beginning, however, many who were given the vaccine actually contracted Polio. The story went on to say the vaccine was changed and after that people actually did receive immunity.

So now, in 2018, our children have been ordered to receive dozens of vaccines. We don't actually know the long term consequences of this barrage. We do know that some who have received the flu vaccine have contracted Guillain-Barre. This is a rare disorder in which your body's immune system attacks your nerves. Weakness and tingling in your extremities are usually the first symptoms.

These sensations can quickly spread, eventually paralyzing your whole body. In its most severe form Guillain-Barre syndrome is a medical emergency. Most people with the condition must be hospitalized to receive treatment.
So here's the question none of our government masters or mediawhores dare to ask: Have these children received vaccines?

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US health officials have issued a warning about a rare condition which attacks the nervous system and spinal cord after 62 new cases of the little-known disease were confirmed across 22 states.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) took steps to warn about the symptoms of acute flaccid myelitis(AFM) after doctors recorded a jump in cases this year. In 2018, the federal health watchdog confirmed 62 instances of the disease - which causes limb weakness and can paralyse sufferers. The illness has been compared to the polio and West Nile viruses.

The number is nearly double the amount observed in 2017, when 33 AFM cases were found in the US. In the CDC’s health warning the organisation said at least 65 other patients are being assessed after they displayed symptoms of the malady.

The rare AFM condition mostly presents in children but so far a cause or consistent patient pathogen has alluded doctors.
According to the director of the CDC's National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, Nancy Messonnier, 90 percent of AFM cases since 2014 have involved people 18 years and younger. The average age of affected patients is just four.  

“This is actually a pretty dramatic disease,” Messonnier told reporters on Tuesday. “These kids have a sudden onset of weakness and they are generally seeking medical care and being evaluated by neurologists, infectious disease doctors and their pediatricians and coming to public awareness.”
As CDC scientists search for the root cause of the mysterious ailment, the organisation has urged healthcare providers to be extra vigilant when dealing with patients displaying limb weakness and mobility issues.



Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the assassination of John Kennedy. Sirhan, Sirhan acted alone in the shooting of Robert Kennedy. James Earl Ray acted alone in the killing of Martin Luther King. North Vietnamese gunboats attacked a U.S. cruiser in the Gulf of Tonkin. 84 men, women and children committed mass suicide in Waco, Texas, by burning themselves to death. Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. 3 steel reinforced skyscrapers collapsed due to fire on 911. TWA 800 blew up in mid air for undetermined reasons. Vince Foster committed suicide. Bill Clinton never sexually molested anyone. Bashar Hafez al-Assad gassed his own people.

Yes, we do live in a fantasyland. This is a land built on lies and impossible explanations for various tragedies. The subject article covers some of the ridiculous crap our government masters have been handing us for the past 50 years and why not? They're getting away with it. Stay tuned. More to come.

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Lets say prior to 2003, that I had evidence that the Bush Administration, neocons and press, were intentionally lying about Iraq. Note that I said lying not just mistaken. Well this isn’t hypothetical. The Niger forgeries are a clear case of deception. One cannot accidentally sign documents with a name of an obsolete foreign minister. Its clear that these were fraudulent and that they were being used as war propaganda. Who am I supposed to go to with this information? The president? He didn’t care. The press? They don’t care. In fact the press still hasn’t clearly reported on it even after the fact.

Suppose I had clear evidence of state sponsorship for 911 or even of state support for terrorists in Syria. We do too but Ok, great, now who am I supposed to tell? The government is the one doing it, the press is who enables it, so What can one do other than put the information on the internet? Could I get the press to jump on a fake story that is anti-Russia? Sure could. Could I get them to admit Israel builds racial colonies for the self proclaimed chosen race of god and has snipers shooting children in the face? Heavens no. And in this case, these are not one day events but part of a sustained and easily verifiable occupation. The US media is Zionist occupied.

This is why you will not hear liars behind war on Iraq and Syria, culprits of 911 or the ongoing occupation of Palestine. So I ask you to ask yourself this: If evidence was uncovered showing there was a conspiracy to murder JFK and it involved the Israeli state at all, do you thin the media would ever report on it? If I have evidence that JFK was murdered in a conspiracy, who am I supposed to tell? I spent decades unraveling 911, I have spent huge chunks of my life explaining the deceptions behind the wars in Iraq and Syria. I have put over a decade of research into the murders of RFK and JFK which is where this “special relationship” with Israel started. Where am I supposed to go with it?

The internet is filled with disinformation and charlatans who make all topics of conspiracy seem like lunacy. The press is so deep in the Zionist pocket that not only did they not just ignore fair reporting on Syria, they acted as the government mouth piece to spread propaganda about White Helmet gas attacks each of which were blamed on Assad without evidence or motive. The world needs to understand, and Americans especially need to understand that there is no free press. They get issued talking points from above and they read the scripts they are given. Often they are identical line by line from station to station.

America is under the weight of ZOG.
If I can show BBP was murdered by DV who was then murdered by KF who am I supposed to tell?



We and others have been predicting this for a long time. The handwriting was on the wall years ago. The main problem was very simple: they were paying more money out than they were taking in. This is a fundamental rule of economics. You cannot spend more than you make forever. Sooner or later you go bankrupt.

So now the countdown begins. Almost all existing Sears stores are in malls. Owners of those malls depended on Sears, as an anchor store, to stimulate traffic and pay large rents and maintenance. Very soon this will be gone for hundreds of malls. Then what? Every story will be different, but one thing will be common for all. If the mall owners do not replace the Sears stores with good, paying tenants, they too, will be spending more money than they make. It's a ripple effect with no way of knowing the long term consequences.

This brings me back to the U.S. Ever since the inception of the Federal Reserve, our nation has been spending more than we take in. In recent years, the deficit has been exploding exponentially.
We now are running up as much in debt in one year as we used to do several years. There is no way we the taxpayers, can pay the accumulated debt ---- not even a little.

Remember the fundamental rule of economics? You cannot spend more than you make forever. Sooner or later you go bankrupt. Just ask Sears.

Bruce                                                  New World Order News

Sears filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Monday, with plans to shutter 142 unprofitable stores in the hopes that it can stay in business.

The question now is whether a smaller version of the company that once towered over the American retail landscape can be viable. Sears, which started as a mail order catalog in the 1880s, has been on a slow march toward extinction as it lagged far behind its peers and incurred huge losses over the years.

Sears is steeped in Chicago history and woven into the fabric of the city for more than a century. The company is headquarter in Hoffman Estates.

"This is a company that in the 1950s stood like a colossus over the American retail landscape," said Craig Johnson, president of Customer Growth Partners, a retail consultancy. "Hopefully, a smaller new Sears will be healthier."

Others don't share Johnson's optimism.

"That a storied retailer, once at the pinnacle of the industry, should collapse in such a shabby state of disarray is both terrible and scandalous in equal measure," said Neil Saunders, managing director of GlobalData Retail, in a note published Monday. "In our view, too much rot has set in at Sears to make it viable business."

The large Sears store that was once an anchor of Six Corners is now a big empty building, and many of the company's employees have seen the writing on the wall for years, since the company merged with K-mart and sales continued to dwindle as debt increased.

"They were America's retailer, based here in Chicago," said Dr. Jim Shein, Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management.

Shein has been using Sears as an example in his lectures for years. He said the company lacked a coherent strategy and squandered the strong branding of their name.

"It's a story of what to do wrong," he said.

At one time there were a dozen Sears stores in Chicago city limits. The Six Corners store was the last and closed in July.

The company has struggled with outdated stores and complaints about customer service even for its once crown jewels: major appliances like washers and dryers. That's in contrast with chains like Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Macy's, which have been enjoying stronger sales as they benefit from a robust economy and efforts to make the shopping experience more inviting by investing heavily in remodeling and de-cluttering their stores.

Sears Holdings, which operates both Sears and Kmart stores, will close the 142 stores near the end of the year and liquidation sales are expected to begin shortly. That's in addition to the closure of 46 unprofitable stores that had already been announced.

Edward S. Lampert, the company's largest shareholder, has stepped down as CEO but will remain chairman of the board. A new Office of the CEO will be responsible for managing day-to-day operations.

The company said Monday it has secured $300 million in financing from banks to keep the operations going through bankruptcy. It's negotiating an additional $300 million loan from Lampert's ESL Hedge fund.

The filing listed between $1 billion and $10 billion in assets while liabilities range between $10 billion to $50 billion. It listed the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corp., the federal agency that insures pensions, as Sears' biggest unsecured creditor, but noted the amount it owed as "unknown," according to court documents.

Sears joins a growing list of retailers that have filed for bankruptcy or liquidated in the last few years amid a fiercely competitive climate. Some, like Payless ShoeSource, successfully emerged from reorganization in bankruptcy court. But plenty of others like, Toys R Us and Bon-Ton Stores Inc., haven't. Both retailers were forced to shutter their operations this year soon after Chapter 11 filings.

Given its sheer size, Sears' bankruptcy filing will have wide ripple effects on everything from already ailing mall landlords to its tens of thousands of workers. But unlike other retailers that have gone bankrupt, there are not a lot of spoils for rivals to pick up. The company, once a big seller of toys, now has a tiny 2 percent market share in that area, according to investment research firm Jefferies. And its market share in major appliances has shrunk to just under 10 percent from 41 percent in 2001, according to Johnson of Customer Growth Partners.
Lampert has been lending his own money for years and has put together deals to prop up the company, which in turn has benefited his own ESL hedge fund.

Last year, Sears sold its famous Craftsman brand to Stanley Black & Decker Inc., following earlier moves to spin off pieces of its Sears Hometown and Outlet division and Lands' End.

In recent weeks, Lampert has been pushing for a debt restructuring and offering to buy some of Sears' key assets, like Kenmore, through his hedge fund as a $134 million debt repayment came due on Monday. Lampert personally owns 31 percent of the company's shares, while his hedge fund has an 18.5 percent stake, according to FactSet.

Sears' stock has fallen from about $6 over the past year to below the minimum $1 level that Nasdaq stocks are required to trade in order to remain on the stock index. In April 2007, shares were trading at around $141.

The company, which once had 350,000 workers, has shrunk to 68,000 workers as of the court filing. It had fewer than 900 stores as of May, down from a 2012 peak of 4,000.

In a March 2017 government filing, Sears said there was "substantial doubt" it would be able to keep its doors open - but insisted its turnaround efforts would mitigate that risk.

Lampert pledged to return Sears to greatness by leveraging its best-known brands and its vast holdings of land, and more recently planned to entice customers with a loyalty program. But losses continued and the company struggled to get more people through the doors or to shop online.

Generations of people shopped Sears for almost everything a family needed.

"What happened?" said Sears customer Eden Willis. "What didn't they know that everyone else knows now, yet they've been around for longer."

Business experts say Sears made a series of blunders.

"The great mistake that Sears made decades ago was sticking in regional malls, which were just great for a long time, but that fell out of favor and Sears stayed there and so they weren't in the right place," said Professor James Schrager with the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Jennifer Roberts, 36, of Dayton, Ohio, was a long-time fan of Sears and has fond memories of shopping there for clothes as a child. But in recent years, she's been disappointed by the lack of customer service and outdated stores.
"My mom had always bought her appliances from Sears. That's where my dad got his tools," she said. "But they don't care about their customers anymore."

She said a refrigerator her mother bought at Sears broke after two years and still hasn't been fixed.

"If they don't value a customer, then they don't need my money," Roberts said.

Sales at the company's established locations tumbled nearly 4 percent during its fiscal second quarter. Still, that was an improvement from the same period a year ago. Total revenue dropped 30 percent in the most recent quarter, hurt by continued store closings.

"The problem in Sears' case is that it is a poor retailer," Saunders wrote in an analyst note last week. "Put bluntly, it has failed on every facet of retailing from assortment to service to merchandise to basic shop keeping standards. Under benign conditions, this would be problematic enough but in today's hyper-competitive retail environment it is a recipe for failure on a grand scale."

For decades, Sears was king of the American shopping landscape. Sears, Roebuck and Co.'s iconic catalog featured items from bicycles to sewing machines to houses, and could generate excitement throughout a household when it arrived. The company began opening retail locations in 1925 and expanded swiftly in suburban malls from the 1950s to 1970s. But the onset of discounters like Walmart created challenges for Sears that have only grown. Sears faced even more competition from online sellers and appliance retailers like Lowe's and Home Depot.

Store shelves have been left bare as many vendors have demanded more stringent payment terms, says Mark Cohen, a professor of retailing at Columbia University and a former Sears executive.

Sears said it intends to pay workers' wages and benefits without interruption. Sears plans to hold a meeting for its employees at its corporate headquarters and other corporate locations on Tuesday.

But Sears workers are nervous about what kind of severance they'll receive if their stores close.

John Germann, 46, works full-time and makes $14 per hour as the lead worker unloading merchandise from trucks at the Chicago Ridge, Illinois, store, which has been drastically reducing its staff since he started nine years ago. Germann now has only 11 people on his team, compared with about 30 a few years ago.

"We're doing the job of two to three people. It's not safe," he said. "We're lifting treadmills and refrigerators."



It's a race to who can destroy America first. On the one hand we have the neocons who want war with anyone. On the other hand we have the modern day Brown Shirts, who commit violence and destruction against anyone or anything which they may perceive are threats to their desire for leftist control.

The subject article covers still more violence and destruction in Portland. That's what you get, Portland, for submitting to these Red Guard type mobs. The article goes on to say the police are nowhere to be found unless they arrest someone who may oppose the leftist mob. They have become the “muscle” behind the anarchists.

Many years ago I considered moving to Portland. It's a beautiful city with a temperate climate and great communities. Not anymore. Of course wherever the leftists take control, they proceed to ruin it. Just look at San Francisco. Now it's Portland's turn. Mobs run the streets, environmentalist wackos run the government, taxes are skyrocketing and housing has become unaffordable.

So, who wants to move to Portland? Anyone looking for a handout. Anyone who wants to scream in public about “injustice”. Anyone who wants to put on a mask, attack innocent people, block traffic and destroy public property.

Bruce                               New World Order News

The group published a “call to action” which urged members to use “direct confrontation” to “eliminate” Patriot Prayer and their protectors, the Proud Boys, so they could no longer hold rallies, The National Sentinel reported.

Obviously, any group seeking to disrupt or otherwise impede another from exercising their constitutional right to demonstrate and speak freely should be of concern to local officials, especially if one side is discussing arming itself specifically to ‘directly confront’ the other.

As it turned out, the event sparked further unrest in a city that has become Ground Zero in the Left’s war on the very founding fabric of American society. And worse, local officials are enabling the violence by refusing to crack down on those most responsible for it: Left-wing groups like Antifa.

That was in August. Things in Portland have only gotten worse, thanks to the inaction of local officials like Mayor Ted Wheeler. PJ Media reported:
On Saturday, violence erupted in Portland as they took to the streets to protest a police shooting. The protests involved criminal acts, intimidation of motorists, and general mayhem. In the videos, protesters scream obscenities, create a no-go zone for cars, and call those who violate their demands “white nationalists.” 

Meanwhile, a few hundred miles away in rural southern Oregon, several Republican voters have received letters in the mail threatening that they will be shot. The letters have been forwarded to law enforcement for investigation.

As you can see in the above video, Left-wing mobs of thugs took over streets in Portland, shouting at, threatening, and intimidating several drivers as police looked on, doing nothing.

At one point, an elderly driver was surrounded, and his car struck as he attempted to pass along a street occupied by thugs because he refused to heed the mob’s orders. For that, they chased him down after he used his vehicle to push aside a thug who had leaped in front of him.

“Updates via KOIN news: The elderly man called police & filed a report after the incident. The person who made contact with the front of the car has not. And police basically said they didn’t get involved to protect first amendment rights,” tweeted Andy C. Ngo, a columnist, and editor at a local media news publication.
No cops. No leadership from city hall. Nothing from state officials. Just brazen lawlessness that keeps getting worse with every flashpoint event that the thugs choose to use as an excuse to occupy the streets and create no-go zones for residents of a city descending further into chaos.

“So this is what has become of a great city: Property damage, violent assault, appeased thugs, infringed rights,” PJ Media’s Jeff Reynolds writes.
During the August protest in which Antifa members were discussing showing up armed, Wheeler ordered his police department to stand down and then blamed it on the Trump administration’s policy of separating illegal immigrant children from their families (which was the same as Obama’s).

The new Left, which consists of a hodgepodge of socialists, Marxists, communists, and anarchists, have decided that they no longer want to play by the rules. They’re not at all willing to compromise, and they have chosen the same path that every other hard-Left movement has chosen over the past century: Violence. That the Left in Oregon and, in particular, Portland, has been so successful isn’t so much because the movement is loved as because there are too many cowards in charge.



The Aesop fable, “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”, concluded that “Nobody believes a liar even when they tell the truth”. Unfortunately, we are still waiting for the CDC to tell the truth --- about anything.

You may have read or heard about the latest claim from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). They are attempting to scare you into getting the flu shot. They claim that 80,000 people died from the flu last year. This is total bunk. The subject article confirms that MAYBE 1000 people died last year from the flu. This is so typical.

Once again --- there is no evidence whatsoever, that any of the flu vaccines work, but there is evidence that the flu vaccine has the potential to be dangerous. Among other things the vaccine contains Thimerisol, which has more than a 50% mercury, Propylene Glycol, Aluminum and ingredients taken from monkeys. It would be really nice if people would do their homework before accepting anything coming from pathological liars --- especially when your health and the health of their children is at stake.

Bruce                      New World Order News

Every year at about this time, public health officials and their media megaphones start up the drumbeat to encourage everyone (including half-year-old infants, pregnant women and the invalid elderly) to get a flu shot. Never mind that more often than not the vaccines don’t work, and sometimes even increase the risk of getting sick.

To buttress their alarmist message for 2018-2019, representatives from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other health agencies held a press conference and issued a press release on September 27, citing a particularly “record-breaking” (though unsubstantiated) 80,000 flu deaths last year. Having “medical experts and public health authorities publicly…state concern and alarm (and predict dire outcomes)” is part and parcel of the CDC’s documented playbook for “fostering public interest and high…demand” for flu shots. CDC’s media relations experts frankly admit that “framing” the current flu season as “more severe than last or past years” or more “deadly” is a highly effective strategy for garnering strong interest and attention from both the media and the public.

If accurate, 80,000 deaths would represent an enormous (and mystifying) one-year jump—tens of thousands more flu deaths compared to the already inflated numbers presented for 2016 (and every prior year).

Peter Doshi (associate editor at The BMJ and a MIT graduate) has criticized the CDC’s “aggressive” promotion of flu shots, noting that although the annual public health campaigns deliver a “who-in-their-right-mind-could-possibly-disagree message,” the “rhetoric of science” trotted out each year by public health officials has a “shaky scientific basis.” Viewed within the context of Doshi’s remarks, the CDC’s high-flying flu numbers for 2017-2018 raise a number of questions. If accurate, 80,000 deaths would represent an enormous (and mystifying) one-year jump—tens of thousands more flu deaths compared to the already inflated numbers presented for 2016 (and every prior year). Moreover, assuming a roughly six-month season for peak flu activity, the 80,000 figure would translate to an average of over 13,300 deaths per month—something that no newspaper last year came close to reporting.

The CDC’s statistics are impervious to independent verification because they remain, thus far, unpublished—despite the agency’s pledge on its website to base its public health pronouncements on high-quality data derived openly and objectively. Could the CDC’s disappointment with influenza vaccination coverage—which lags far behind the agency’s target of 80%—have anything to do with the opacity of the flu data being used to peddle the unpopular and ineffective vaccines?

Fudging facts
There are a variety of reasons to question the precision with which the CDC likes to imbue its flu statistics. First, although the CDC states that it conducts influenza mortality surveillance with its partner agencies, there is no actual requirement for U.S. states to report adult flu deaths to the CDC. (In public health parlance, adult influenza deaths are not “reportable” or “nationally notifiable.”) In fact, the only “flu-associated deaths” that the CDC requires states and other jurisdictions to report are deaths in children—180 last year.
…when actual death certificates are tallied, influenza deaths on average are little more than 1,000 yearly.

How did the CDC reach its as-yet-unpublished conclusion—widely shared with the media—that 79,820 American adults in addition to 180 children died from the flu in 2017-2018? The agency states that it relies on death certificate data. However, members of the Cochrane research community have observed that “when actual death certificates are tallied, influenza deaths on average are little more than 1,000 yearly.”

Other knowledgeable individuals have also noted that the death records system in the U.S. is subjective, incomplete and politicized, and have suggested that citizens should adopt a “healthy skepticism about even the most accepted, mainstream, nationally reported CDC or other ‘scientific’ statistics.” This skepticism may be especially warranted for the influenza stats, which are so inextricably intertwined with the CDC’s vaccination agenda that the statistical techniques and assumptions that the agency uses focus specifically on “project[ing] the burden of influenza that would have occurred in the absence of vaccination.”

skepticism may be especially warranted for the influenza stats, which are so inetricably intertwined with the CDC’s vaccination agenda.
Notwithstanding its incessant use of influenza statistics to justify its flu vaccine policies, the CDC tries to have it both ways, cautioning that because “influenza activity reporting…is voluntary,” influenza surveillance in the U.S. “cannot be used to ascertain how many people have become ill with influenza during the influenza season.” A larger problem is that the vital statistics that form the basis of the CDC’s surveillance data conflate deaths from pneumonia and influenza (P&I). The CDC concedes that this conflation complicates the challenge of specifically estimating flu deaths:

The system “tracks the proportion of death certificates processed that list pneumonia or influenza as the underlying or contributing cause of death. This system…does not provide an exact number of how many people died from flu” [emphasis added].
Curiously, the CDC presented its cause-of-death data slightly differently prior to 2015. Through 2014, the agency’s annual National Vital Statistics

Reports included tables showing influenza deaths and pneumonia deaths as separate line items. Those reports made it abundantly clear that pneumonia deaths (at least as transmitted by death certificates) consistently and dramatically outstripped influenza deaths. The table below illustrates this pattern for 2012-2014.
Starting in 2015, the annual vital statistics reports began displaying P&I together and eliminated the distinct line items. At present, only one tool remains to examine mortality associated with influenza as distinct from pneumonia—the CDC’s interactive FluView dashboard—which provides weekly national breakdowns. The dashboard shows the same general pattern as in the annual reports—that is, lower numbers of influenza deaths and much higher numbers of pneumonia deaths. Bearing in mind all the shortcomings and potential biases of death certificate data, dashboard reports for the first week of March (week 9) for the past three years show 257 influenza deaths versus 4,250 pneumonia deaths in 2016, and 534 and 736 flu deaths (versus over 4,000 annual pneumonia deaths) in 2017 and 2018, respectively.
When clinicians in outpatient settings do order testing, relatively few of the “flu” specimens—sometimes as low as 1%—actually test positive for influenza.

Semantic shenanigans
Semantics also play a key role in the CDC’s slippery communications about “flu.” For example, CDC’s outpatient surveillance focuses on the broad category of “influenza-like illness” (ILI)—an almost meaningless term describing general symptoms (fever, cough and/or sore throat) that any number of non-influenza viruses are equally capable of triggering. Cochrane lists several problems with the reliance on ILI to make inferences about influenza:
There is “no reliable system to monitor and quantify the epidemiology and impact of ILI” and no way of knowing what proportion of ILI is caused by influenza.

There are almost no reliable data on the number of ILI-related physician contacts or hospitalizations—and no one knows what proportion of ILI doctor visits and hospitalizations are due to influenza.

“Pneumonia,” too, is a catch-all diagnosis covering lung infections caused by a variety of different agents: viruses (non-influenza as well as influenza), bacteria, fungi, air pollutants and many others. Interestingly, hospitalization is a common route of exposure to pneumonia-causing pathogens, and mortality from hospital-acquired pneumonia exceeds 60%. In a plausible scenario, an adult hospitalized for suspected (but unconfirmed) “flu” could acquire a lethal pneumonia bug in the hospital, and their death might be chalked up to “flu” regardless of the actual facts, particularly because clinicians do not necessarily order influenza testing. When clinicians in outpatient settings do order testing, relatively few of the “flu” specimens—sometimes as low as 1%—actually test positive for influenza. Over the past couple of decades, the proportion of specimens testing positive has averaged around 15%—meaning that about 85% of suspected “flu” specimens are not, in fact, influenza.

Roughly four-fifths of the vaccine injury and death cases settled through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program are flu-vaccine-related.
Propaganda with a purpose

It takes little subtlety to recognize that the principal reason for flu hyperbole is to sell more vaccines. However, more and more people—even infectious disease specialists—are realizing that flu shots are fraught with problems. Roughly four-fifths of the vaccine injury and death cases settled through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program are flu-vaccine-related. A University of Toronto-based expert recently stated, “We have kind of hyped this vaccine so much for so long we are starting to believe our own hype.”

Pro-flu-vaccination studies—through their skillful placement in prestigious journals—tend to drown out other influenza studies that should be ringing warning bells. Published peer-reviewed studies show that:

Previous influenza vaccination, particularly in those who get a flu shot every year, diminishes or “blunts” the already low effectiveness of flu shots.
Getting vaccinated against influenza increases susceptibility to other severe respiratory viruses and also to other strains of influenza.
Mothers who receive influenza vaccines during pregnancy face an increased risk of miscarriages and their offspring face elevated risks of birth defects and autism.

A systematic review of influenza vaccine trials by Cochrane in 2010 urges the utmost caution. Noting that “studies funded from public sources [have been] significantly less likely [than industry-funded studies] to report conclusions favorable to the vaccines,” and citing evidence of “widespread manipulation of conclusions,” the Cochrane reviewers’ bottom line is that “reliable evidence on influenza vaccines is thin.” We should all keep those words in mind the next time the CDC and the media try to mischaracterize flu facts and science.



When I was in 4th grade, my teacher was from Fargo, North Dakota. She told us a story about a tornado that leveled most of the city, killing many of the residents. She said the main problem was, despite all of the warnings, no one took them seriously. She said tornado warnings were a regular event and tornadoes never came. They believed that since tornado warnings were never followed by tornadoes, this time would be no different. That proved to be a deadly mistake for many.

I and many others have been issuing warnings about an upcoming economic collapse. We've shown charts. We posted articles. We've shown parallels in history. We posted expert articles predicting this upcoming collapse. Since we've had all of these predictions and, for the general public, no collapse has come, it stands to reason that it will never come. Yes, that does sound foolish, but that seems to be the mindset.

So, is this it? Who knows, but it's probably not going to be long and it will be bad. Get out of debt. Store food, medical supplies, weapons and have the ability to filter water. Hopefully, all of that won't be necessary, but I would rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

Bruce                            New World Order News

Stocks sank on Wednesday as a steep decline in tech shares and worries of rapidly rising rates sent Wall Street on pace for its worst day in eight months.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed 831.83 points lower at 25,598.74 as Intel and Microsoft fell more than 3.5 percent each. The Nasdaq Composite plummeted 4 percent to 7,422.05.

The Dow also closed near its lows of the day.
The S&P 500 dropped 3.3 percent to 2,785.68, with the tech sector underperforming. The broad index also posted a five-day losing streak — its longest since November 2016 — and fell below its 50-day and 100-day moving averages, widely followed technical levels.

Both the Dow and S&P 500 posted their biggest one-day drops since early February, while the Nasdaq notched its largest single day sell-off since June 24, 2016.

Stocks have fallen sharply this month. For October, the S&P 500 and the Dow are down more than 4.4 percent and 3.3 percent, respectively. The Nasdaq, meanwhile, has lost more than 7.5 percent.

Rising rate fears and a pivot out of technology stocks have made it a rough last few days. The Dow has dropped four of the last five sessions.
Shares of Amazon declined 6.2 percent on Wednesday, while Netflix slid 8.4 percent. Facebook and Apple also fell more than 4 percent each. These stocks are top performers for the year and for most of the bull market. For the overall tech sector in the S&P 500, it was the worst day in seven years, dropping 4.8 percent.

"People are getting out of the high-flying tech names right now," said Larry Benedict, CEO of The Opportunistic Trader. "I think people are under-hedged; there could be more pain ahead."

Five market experts break down how to invest as interest rates spike  5:20 PM ET Tue, 9 Oct 2018 | 05:36
Worries about a sharp rise in interest rates also pressured equities. The 10-year Treasury note yield traded around 3.23 percent a day after hitting its highest level since 2011. The two-year yield, meanwhile, reached its highest mark since 2008. The speedy rise in yields has sent worries through Wall Street that higher borrowing costs will slow down the economy.

"Portfolio managers tend to move to the sidelines in a skittish tape out of fear of suffering from a quick and sharp pullback," said Jeremy Klein, chief market strategist at FBN Securities.

"The fundamental environment, though, remains supportive of share appreciation. I contend that the concerns of rising interest rates are largely overblown. Specifically, I do not anticipate much more of an increase in longer dated Treasury yields," he said.

Rates rose on Wednesday after the U.S. government released data showing a rebound in producer prices last month. The producer price index rose 0.2 percent in September and is up 2.8 percent on a year-over-year basis. The index is a widely followed metric of inflation.

Three experts debate whether the recent tech stock turmoil could continue  7 Hours Ago | 01:43
The recent rise in rates comes ahead of the start of the latest earnings season. Banks such as Citigroup and Wells Fargo are scheduled to report later this week. Overall, analysts polled by FactSet expect third-quarter earnings to have risen by 19 percent on a year-over-year basis.

But "there are just too many concerns about the rise in input costs," said Art Hogan, chief market strategist at B. Riley FBR. "Ongoing concerns about the stronger dollar and trade are being input into corporate guidance, and that is not good."

"This goes back to the assumption that the market made wrongly ... that once we got NAFTA 2.0 done, we'd pivot to China," he said. But "the rhetoric on China has only gotten worse, not better."

Stocks also fell as their European counterparts dropped on worries over Italy's budget. The Stoxx 600 index fell 1.6 percent, while the German Dax dropped 2.2 percent. France's CAC 40, meanwhile, pulled back 2.1 percent.



They shouldn't talk. Not on the issues of our time. I guess when you spend all of your time perfecting your art, there isn't a lot of time to do the necessary study on other issues.

So here comes Taylor Swift. This young lady has the seriously flawed idea that since she has made a ton of money through her singing career, it must mean that she is also an expert on the issues. Among other things she has publicly cited Tennessee Senatorial candidate Marsha Blackburn's record on LGBT and women's issues, saying, quote, "These are not MY Tennessee values."

Dear Taylor, I live in Tennessee and you don't speak for me. I doubt that you speak for very many Tennesseans. Sadly, having been exposed to a constant parade of leftists in your profession, you have drunk the “Kool Aid”. The reason the leftists are losing the country is this constant, non-stop, screaming and whining about transgender toilets, racists rants where there is no racism, unverified accusations about white privilege and other nonsensical issues. Most of us in Tennessee and the rest of the nation work for a living. We raise our children, work at our jobs, balance our budgets, keep our homes and vehicles running. We don't care a lick for the issues contrived by people who haven't a clue as to what it's like to struggle with real problems.

You are a great singer having achieved success at an early age. Unfortunately, you have missed the weightier matters experienced by millions of others. You are still a little girl who has missed out. It is sad, because you might be a very nice person. Maybe someday, as has been the experience of others in the entertainment profession, you may lose your popularity and fortune. Then you will, at long last, be forced to deal with those things that have so far eluded you.

Bruce                               New World Order News

Oh Taylor.
Why, why, WHY?
Just when I thought you were the only sane celebrity left in this increasingly mad world of frenzied partisan bullsh*t, you suddenly decide to go all ‘woke’ on me.

As you once sang: ‘Why would you wanna break a perfectly good heart?’
Of course, we all know the answer.

Taylor Swift, who is hugely popular in middle America, hasn’t chosen this moment to abandon her very sensible apolitical stance and come out as a Democrat because she genuinely thought: ‘Oh, I must alienate half my audience today.’
No, she’s done it because the howling Twitter mob hammered her into submission.

Taylor Swift has bowed to years of pressure and made her feelings on politics clear in an Instagram post (top) - coming out as a Democrat and railing against Tennessee Republican senate candidate Marsha Blackburn (above)
‘I’m not going to sit here and go into my political views,’ she said a few years ago, ‘because that’s not what I choose to do. I choose to do music.’

She was right then, and she would be right now.
But such a refreshing attitude from an entertainer is now deemed unacceptable.
Ever since Donald Trump was elected President, Taylor has been roundly abused by vicious trolls on social media for NOT attacking him in public.
She was branded a coward and a traitor, and a dog whistler for white supremacists.
Even mainstream media piled on her, condemning her for her silence.

Marie Claire magazine seethed: ‘We’re still waiting for an explanation of Taylor Swift’s decision to remain apolitical during the 2016 election. Fall of 2016 saw a slew of celebrities get vocally and visibly involved in the political process, supporting candidates and encouraging their fans to get out and vote. Taylor is not required to be open about her politics, of course, but it’s also fair to question her decision to remain silent in what was a particularly contentious and consequential presidential battle.’

The Guardian, Britain’s supposedly most cerebral pro-feminism newspaper, sneered: ‘Taylor Swift: an envoy for Trump’s values’.
And so it went on, with increasingly ferocity.

The message was clear: if Taylor Swift refused to get political, she was a disgrace.
So now she’s got political, bowing to the pressure.

Her Instagram post last night attacking Republican senate candidate Marsha Blackburn read like a Democrat press release, and absolutely nothing like Taylor Swift’s own voice as anyone who studies her previous posts could confirm.
I groaned out loud when I read it.

There was something laudable and valiant about a major star declining to join the rush to join the self-styled ‘rage resistance’.

Now, she’s all in.
She even ‘liked’ a Tumblr meme of herself onstage, kickboxing a shadowy male figure with the word ‘REPUBLICANS’ written across his jacket.
Nothing could possibly please today’s illiberal hate-filled liberals better than violent imagery like that.

Sure enough, all the same people who hated her before for her political silence have now raced to cheer her from the rooftops.
Taylor the enemy is now Taylor the heroine.

Of course, if she’d come out for the Republicans and kicked the Democrats, she’d now be dead to them.
Astonishingly, Taylor Swift’s capitulation to the Twitter mob wasn’t even the worst of the day.
Yesterday, acclaimed astronaut Scott Kelly quoted Sir Winston Churchill as he bemoaned the fall-out from Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court.

He wrote: ‘One of the greatest leaders of modern times, Sir Winston Churchill, said, ‘in victory, magnanimity.” I guess those days are over.’
Within seconds, Kelly was bombarded with shocking abuse.
‘Churchill was a mass murderer and a racist, Scott!’ screamed one tweeter.

Acclaimed astronaut Scott Kelly (left) has apologized for quoting Sir Winston Churchill (right) after being bombarded with shocking abuse on Twitter from people who claim the British wartime leader is a 'racist mass murderer'

The savagery of the reaction disconcerted Kelly so much that he felt compelled to issue a grovelling apology:
‘Did not mean to offend by quoting Churchill,’ he tweeted. ‘I will go and educate myself further on his atrocities, racist views which I do not support.’
Sorry, WHAT?

Sir Winston Churchill almost single-handedly saved the world from the Nazis.
He was recently voted the Greatest Ever Briton in a BBC poll, beating Darwin, Shakespeare, Brunel and Newton.
The notion that Churchill – who was by no means a perfect human being - cannot now be quoted for fear of offending people is so utterly absurd and outrageous it’s almost beyond parody.

For someone like Scott Kelly, who has commanded three International Space Station Expeditions, to be bullied into abject surrender for quoting Churchill is even more extraordinary and lamentable.

Yet, as with Taylor Swift, this is what happens when the Twitter mob decides to issue summary execution to people it disagrees with.
I’ve regularly been on the receiving end of similar cyberspace savagery and it can be an ugly and threatening experience.
But the correct response is to tough it out, and stand by your opinions - not throw the towel in because a bunch of demented narrow-minded freaks hiding behind keyboards scream at you to think what they think.

Taylor Swift should have simply said: ‘I’m not apologising for keeping my counsel about politics. I respect everyone’s right to free political speech, just as I expect people to respect my right not to express political speech.’

Scott Kelly should have said: ‘I’m not apologising for quoting one of the greatest men the world has seen, and a man who stood shoulder-to-shoulder with America to defeat Adolf Hitler.’

Instead, they both gave the Twitter mob their souls on a supine, guilt-and-fear-laden plate and I bet they will both live to regret it.

We live in very strange, dangerous world now where traditional democratic debate based on mutual respect for alternate views has been replaced by furiously indignant self-righteousness.

Anyone who doesn’t share the PC-crazed, virtue-signalling Twitter mob view must be instantly hounded and crushed into simpering white flag pulp.

President Trump is the clear winner when public figures like Taylor Swift and Scott Kelly bow to pressure from the PC-crazed, virtue-signalling Twitter mob
Taylor Swift's emotional speech in Tampa on sexual assault case

Think Kavanaugh should be allowed on the Supreme Court? DEAD.
What these shrieking trolls don’t seem to have yet learned is that the more they do this, the stronger the support for PC-averse populists like Trump becomes.

The President will be thrilled Taylor Swift has come out for the Democrats, because he knows that will enrage and fire up his base.
Just as he was thrilled at the outrage over Kavanaugh because he knew it would help get him elected.

Trump will also be thrilled at the liberal demonization of Churchill, one of his own heroes whose bust resides in the Oval Office.
Because he knows Sir Winston would have despised these hysterical, democracy-destroying numpties even more than he does, which is why Churchill was a winner. 



The subject article covers the government of Japan banning a number of vaccines that are currently mandatory in the United States and has strict regulations in place for other Big Pharma drugs and vaccines in general. Now, Japanese citizens are reaping the benefits. Japanese people live longer, healthier lives than Americans, with babies born in the US twice as likely to die in infancy than those born in Japan.

I have posted number of articles and studies contradicting the pharmaceutical religion that vaccines prevent disease and are safe. It is becoming more and more evident that vaccines do not prevent disease and can cause long term health problems with those who receive them. There are also a number of articles showing that some babies die immediately after receiving vaccines.

The sad conclusion is Americans by the millions will still send their children to receive dozens of vaccines.

Bruce                                              New World Order News

Fact: Japan has the lowest infant mortality rate following ban on mandatory vaccinations, they urge other countries to follow this firm stance
The citizens of Japan are statistically proven to be the healthiest and longest-living people in the world. The country also has the lowest infant mortality rate on the planet. It may come as no surprise to many that the Japanese Government banned a number of vaccines that are currently mandatory in the United States and has strict regulations in place for other Big Pharma drugs and vaccines in general. Japan’s anti-vax policies have long been criticised by vaccine pushers in the US who claim that vaccinating the public “promotes health.”

However, Japanese people live longer, healthier lives than Americans, with babies born in the US twice as likely to die in infancy than those born in Japan. It’s clear to see that Western nations have a lot to learn from the Japanese when it comes to their approach to vaccinations and issues facing public health. The Japanese are vaccine sceptics, to put it simply, and due to adverse reactions suffered by Japanese children, have banned many vaccines.

The Japanese are well educated on the dangers of over-vaccinating their children and oppose the use of multi-shot vaccinations such as the MMR vaccine. Following a record number of children developing adverse reactions, including meningitis, loss of limbs, and even sudden death, the Japanese government banned the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine from its vaccination program, despite facing serious opposition from Big Pharma.

Despite the fact that it has been blamed in vaccine courts for causing autism, vaccine supporters still deny the correlation between the MMR vaccination and skyrocketing rates of autism spectrum disorder, which now affects at least one in 45 children, with even higher rates of diagnosis among boys. However, the vaccine carries other serious risks in addition to the autism links, which has led to an outright ban of MMR jab in Japan.

The MMR Vaccine’s Tragic History in Japan
The MMR vaccine was introduced in Japan in April 1989, and parents who refused the compulsory vaccine were fined. After three months of analysis, officials realised that one in 900 children developed adverse reactions to the vaccine, a rate that was 2,000 times higher than the expected rate. Officials had hoped to resolve the problem by switching to another version of the vaccine, but the excessive amount of adverse reactions persisted, with one in 1,755 children affected.

Testing of 125 children’s spinal fluid determined that the vaccines had entered one child’s nervous system, with two additional suspected cases. Four years later, in 1993, the government removed the MMR mandate against measles and rubella.

A doctor from Japan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare admitted that the separate, individual doses of measles and rubella cost twice as much to administer and he defended the decision, stating, “but we believe it is worth it.” Furthermore, a member of the health ministry also stated that the ban has not caused an increase in deaths from measles. Japanese officials were also concerned about the MMR vaccine causing additional cases of mumps, citing numerous studies in The Lancet. Mumps and Hepatitis B vaccines are not part of the National Immunisation Program in Japan.

Twice as many infants die in America than in Japan
What Many Parents don’t know about the MMR Vaccine is the list of adverse reactions to the MMR vaccine, straight from Merck’s vaccine package inserts, is long and alarming. A shortened version of the vaccine damage associated with the MMR vaccine includes: vomiting, diarrhoea, anaphylaxis, ear pain, nerve deafness, diabetes, arthritis, myalgia, encephalitis, febrile seizures, pneumonia, and death.

A search of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database shows the following statistics from the United States: Over 75,000 adverse events have been reported from any combination of measles, mumps and rubella vaccines, including, most notably:

78 confirmed deaths
85 confirmed cases of deafness
48 confirmed cases of decreased eye contact
92 confirmed cases of developmental delay
855 confirmed reported cases of autism
116 confirmed cases of intellectual disability
401 reports of speech disorders
276 reports of loss of consciousness
143 confirmed cases of encephalitis
74 confirmed cases of meningitis
111 confirmed cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome
692 confirmed cases of gait disturbance (not being able to walk normally)
748 confirmed cases of hypokinesia (partial or complete loss of muscle movement)
653 reports of hypotonia (poor muscle tone)
4874 reports of seizures, including febrile convulsions and tonic-clonic seizures
1576 cases of cellulitis (a potentially serious skin infection) And finally, in some cases, the vaccine has caused the very diseases it is supposed to prevent, with the following data reported to VAERS:
147 confirmed cases of measles
384 confirmed cases of mumps
29 confirmed cases of rubella

The side effects of vaccinations are vastly under-reported
s acknowledged by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The National Vaccine Information Center estimates that less than one to ten percent of adverse reactions to vaccines are reported. Many of the numbers reported above could, therefore, be multiplied by one hundred to determine a more accurate amount of adverse reactions.

The people of Japan put children s health before big pharma profits and also take a protective stance against other Vaccines. The flu vaccine has also been the subject of controversy in Japan after 100 deaths occurred from the vaccine by the end of 2009.

Japan’s health ministry has been criticised for its cautious stance against vaccines, but so far, government officials have wisely defended their position, citing public safety as the paramount concern. Finally, the Japanese government has also taken a protective stance against vaccines on behalf of its young girls, suspending the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine in 2013 after numerous cases of serious adverse events were reported, with one report citing as many as 1,968 adverse events, 358 of which were classified as serious. Japanese officials were concerned about the well-being of their young citizens, despite having invested $187 million in the program.

Damage payments to only a fraction of the victims who have suffered adverse reactions to the HPV vaccine have reached $6 million. Additionally, since 2011, at least 38 infants have been reported to have died after they had been vaccinated against Haemophilus influenza B and Streptococcus pneumonia, according to records compiled by the health ministry in Japan.

Japanese Officials Speak Out
Japan has been criticised for being behind the times when it comes to vaccination. Vaccine advocates claim that Japan has not kept pace with other developed countries regarding the use of vaccines. Despite listing 110 infectious diseases in a government registry, Japan offers vaccines for only 22 of those. Some Japanese health experts disagree, however. Hiroko Mori, a vaccine researcher, is one of those experts. He was the former head of the infectious disease division at Japan’s National Institute of Public Health. He has noted that Japan has one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world and has advocated for fewer vaccines, stating that the country’s excellent sanitation and nutrition has boosted children’s health:

“Medicine is supposed to be about healing, but babies who cannot speak are being given unnecessary shots because parents are scared. Children are losing their ability to heal naturally. “There are so many people who have suffered side effects. All we are asking is to establish the right to say ‘no.’ The right to choose should be recognized as a fundamental human right.”

Tetsuo Nakayama, Dean of Kitasato University’s Graduate School of Infection Control Sciences, is an expert who supports vaccines, but he, too, acknowledges the risks of vaccination, stating that: “There is no guarantee that your child will not be that one out of 1,000. You have to compare the risks between the side effects and what will happen if you are infected with the disease naturally… Under the existing law, the decision to vaccinate your child or not is basically left up to the parents, but there is not enough information out there for them to make an informed decision.”
Masako Koga, a former representative of the Consumers Union of Japan, has shared his concerns about the ulterior motives behind mass vaccination programs: “Vaccines should only be given to those who need them but that is not happening. The global industry is being driven by a strategy that promotes VPD [vaccine preventable diseases].

“We must put a stop to it. Vaccines have close ties to money. From development to circulation to research on side effects, there are a lot of vested interests involved.”

He also summarised what motivates many parents’ decisions not to vaccinate their children: “There is no knowing who will suffer side effects as a result of vaccination. [Proponents of vaccination] say the chance of suffering a side effect is 1 in a million. For parents, however, that one is everything.”

Japanese officials have made decisions that the value of the health and safety of their citizens comes first and so removed vaccines with dangerous side effects from their national vaccination program. Japan boasts a low infant mortality rate, despite — or perhaps because of — mandating only a fraction of the vaccines required by other developed countries, including the United States. Has your child suffered an adverse reaction to the MMR vaccine or the HPV vaccine, both of which have been removed from Japan’s national vaccination program?

More than 9 billion US dollars have been awarded for vaccine injuries alone last year in the USA and consider that  those are the ones that could afford to take the time and vast sums of money needed to take a case through the entire legal system. When you imagine how difficult and costly it is on your pocket and your health making a claim, whilst also caring for a child with vaccine damage? Imagine how many more cases could have been proven and won, where the system easier to deal with and less costly…
Reprinted from The Healing Oracle.



Decisions, decisions. Most already know our government is run by insaniacs. They lust for war. The only choice not yet determined is with whom? I have posted 3 headlines. In order to read the whole article, just click on the headline.

The first headline covers the upcoming war with Iran. Oh, yes, it will cost billions --- maybe trillions. No matter. We'll just print more money to borrow from the Federal Reserve at interest. The next headline covers a major Naval provocation against China. We can sail a whole bunch of ships right around their territorial waters and maybe we'll get lucky and start some sort of naval battle. And let's not forget Russia. The third headline covers “Mad Dog” Mattis who stated “the US is reviewing a series of potential diplomatic and military options to be taken about it, and that not taking action is “untenable.” He was referring to the unsubstantiated allegation that Russia is producing missiles that violate past treaties.

Well, maybe we can fight all of them. Never mind the fact that these 3 nations have more than 1 ½ billion people. Never mind the fact that 2 of them are nuclear powers with delivery systems that can strike the U.S. with no deterrent. Never mind the fact that we have exhausted our servicemen and women with the 17 years of wars we have been fighting. Never mind the fact that our equipment is worn out and we don't have the resources the replace them.

Bruce                                        New World News


University of Maine offered credits to low IQ students who tried to harass Susan Collins into voting NO on Kavanaugh...

When future generations examine the causes of the collapse of the American empire, the education of American youth will undoubtedly be at the forefront. In the past I have posted articles concerning University credits being given to students for studying Judge Judy or other moronic courses.

Think of it! Our children are being charged enormous amounts of money to take courses which prepare them for absolutely nothing. I don't think most parents are aware of the total deterioration in most American colleges. Then there is the indoctrination of the students along with a new “Red Guard” censorship on hundreds of activities and words. Although I have a number of problems with our current President, I don't think a conservative student should be screamed at or beat up for wearing a Trump hat. How in the world can a talented student have a prayer of learning anything worth while under these conditions?

So now, according to the subject article, students at the University of Maine can get credits for harassing a Senator from their State. Yeah, those students will be in high demand from employers.

Wouldn't it be nice if our government would stop the funding and accreditation to those universities that give credits for ridiculous courses of study? Of course that would only happen in a country that's not heading into the ash bin of history.

Bruce                           New World Order News

The University of Southern Maine briefly offered students an accredited “pop up course” that consisted of traveling to Washington, D.C. to protest Senator Susan Collins in an effort to dissuade her from voting to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Glen Cummings, the president of the university, said Wednesday the course was posted without his knowledge, and was immediately canceled when he learned of it. He added that no university money had yet been spent to organize the Wednesday night trip.

The Maine GOP disseminated an email Wednesday night from a school administrator advertising university credit for traveling to Washington, D.C. to attend the protest. The email links to a form asking students if they are willing to be arrested in the course of the protest

Maine GOP spokeswoman Nina McLaughlin accused the university of partnering with an outside group to organize what she called a “liberal sham.”
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Collins, a pro-choice centrist Republican, is at the center of the weeks-long controversy surrounding Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Along with Senators Jeff Flake of Arizona and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Collins remains undecided on the confirmation vote, which is expected to take place over the weekend.



No, I'm sorry leftists, this isn't about Kavanaugh. Back in 2013, during the State of the Union address of then President, Barack Obama, Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, passed out due to “too much wine”. Get the hypocrisy? It's the same with everything the leftists say. If someone who disagrees with their doctrine does something, it's terrible. If one of their fellow leftists do the exact same thing, it's O.K. In the case of Kavanaugh, there is zero evidence of a drinking problem. In the case of Ginsburg, well, one picture is worth a thousand words.

By the way---- do you remember one of Ginsburg's most famous quotes? “Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of”. So why isn't this racist? Give up? It's not racist when one of their fellow leftists says it. If a conservative says it, it's racist.

To be a leftist is to be a hypocrite.

Bruce                            New World Order News

The 81-year-old Supreme Court Justice blamed her colleague Anthony Kennedy for poorly timed catnap
Kennedy, she said, brought a 'very fine California wine' to dinner that was too good not to indulge in; that's the same excuse she used in 2013
'I vowed this year just sparkling water,' Ginsburg revealed. 'But in the end, the dinner was so delicious, it needed wine to accompany it'
PUBLISHED: 10:06 EDT, 13 February 2015 | UPDATED: 11:17 EDT, 13 February 2015

Ruth Bader Ginsburg says she wasn't '100 percent sober' when she nodded off during President Barack Obama's State of the Union address last month.
The 81-year-old Supreme Court Justice blamed her colleague Anthony Kennedy for poorly timed catnap, telling attendees of a Smithsonian Associates event in Washington, D.C. that he brought a 'very fine California wine' to dinner that was too good not to indulge in.

Blame it on the alcohol: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, center, says she wasn't '100 percent sober' when she nodded off during the president's State of the Union address last month. Ginsburg says that former Justice David Souter used to keep her awake, but now she's sandwiched between Anthony Kennedy, her left, and Stephen Breyer, her right, and 'they’re sort of timid about it'

Even though she passed out, President Barack Obama still gave Justice Ginsburg a hug after his annual speech +2
Snooze fest: President Barack Obama hugs Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the Capitol's House chamber before he delivered his 2015 State of the Union address - which she slept through. Ginsburg also fell asleep during Obama's 2013 speech to a joint session of Congress

'The audience – for the most part – is awake because they’re bobbing up and down all the time and we sit there stone-faced, sober judges,' Ginsburg said at the Georgetown University event on Thursday evening, according to CBS.

'At least I wasn’t 100 percent sober because before we went to the State of the Union we had dinner,' she said.
Ginsburg also fell asleep during Obama's 2013 address to a joint session of Congress. Her excuse then? A 'very good California wine' that Justice Kennedy brought to dinner.

Kennedy's wine apparently got the best of her this year, too, and she again dozed off during the president's televised speech.
'Justice Kennedy brought in … it was an Opus something or other, very fine California wine that Justice Kennedy brought and I vowed this year just sparkling water, stay away from the wine,' Ginsburg revealed on Thursday.
'But in the end, the dinner was so delicious, it needed wine to accompany it,' she said.

After the president's address was over, Ginsburg said one of her granddaughters called her up to let her know that she'd again been caught napping on camera.

'She said, "Bubbe, you were sleeping at the State of the Union," ' Ginsburg recalled.
Justice Antonin Scalia, who was also at last night's event, teasingly told Ginsburg, 'Well, that’s the first intelligent thing you’ve done.'
Ginsburg said that former Justice David Souter used to help keep her awake during the president's lengthy remarks.

'When he was on the court, he was on one side and he had an acute sense of when I was about to [nod off],' Ginsburg said, per The Blaze.
'Now I have Justice Kennedy on one side, Justice Breyer, and they’re sort of timid about it.'

Ruth Bader Ginsburg reveals she wasn't '100 percent sober' when she fell asleep during the State of the Union



I have posted 2 articles from the past 2 days. Both comments are from members of the Trump administration. Both comments threaten acts of war against Russia. The first is from Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke. He said the U.S. could impose a naval blockade on Russia. His reasoning was as follows: “to make sure that their energy does not go to market," .

The second quote comes from U.S. Ambassador to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison. She accused Russia of violating the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty in producing missiles that are banned under the treaty. She went on to say “the U.S. could be forced to "take out" missiles Russia is developing”.

A naval blockade against Russian shipping? A missile and bomber attack on Russian targets? What do these insaniacs think will be the result of these actions. Let me help them. It will be World War 3. This will most likely be a nuclear war. This could be the end of all life on earth.

While the mediawhores are focusing on Kavanaugh, the absolutely insane members of our government are planning World War 3. Yes, they are nuts!

Bruce                               New World Order News

The United States could impose a naval blockade on Russia if necessary to limit its role in controlling global energy supplies, according to a senior US official.

"The United States has that ability, with our Navy, to make sure the sea lanes are open, and, if necessary, to blockade ... to make sure that their energy does not go to market," Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke said Friday at an industry event hosted by the Consumer Energy Alliance.
Zinke underscored that hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, along with the shale energy boom had put the United States in an advantageous position over Russia, by making the country less dependent on foreign energy.

Why on earth is Zinke threatening what would be tantamount to an act of war over Russian energy supply? Is this a coordinated and deliberate message from the Trump administration? 

[Senate Energy And Natural Resources Committee Considers Rep. Ryan Zinke To Be Interior Secretary]
Ryan Zinke: Naval blockade is an option for dealing with Russia
Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke says the U.S. Navy can blockade Russia if needed to keep it from controlling energy supplies in the Middle East as it does in Europe.

The administration of President Donald Trump has fiercely opposed energy projects by Russia, including the Nord Stream II pipeline to Germany, because it would give Moscow leverage over Europe. Trump has been pressuring European countries to purchase more US natural gas and reduce their dependence on Russian energy.

"President Trump has been clear: America has to be energy dominant," Zinke said. "We have re-lit the pilot light of American energy under this President. We are incorporating industry innovation, best science and best practices to improve reliability, safety and environmental stewardship. Our energy strategy is 'all-of-the-above,' leveraging every source of energy to take our nation forward. I am bullish about America's energy future."
The secretary said he believed Russia had asserted itself more forcefully in the Middle East in an effort to control the energy market there.
"Russia is a one trick pony," Zinke said. "I believe the reason they are in the Middle East is they want to broker energy just like they do in Eastern Europe, the southern belly of Europe."

On Iran, the official said, the Trump administration was following a similar strategy in order to squeeze the oil exporter out of the energy market.
PressTV-Trump calls Saudi king to talk oil market

The US president calls the Saudi king to discuss the oil market and Mid-East developments.
"There is the military option, which I would rather not. And there is the economic option," he said. "The economic option on Iran and Russia is, more or less, leveraging and replacing fuels."

"We can do that because ... the United States is the largest producer of oil and gas," Zinke said.
Addressing the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, President Trump indicated that the US was ready to “export our abundant affordable supply of oil, clean coal, and natural gas."

The remarks came after OPEC countries and Russia ignored Trump’s call to bring down oil prices and increase their production to make up for the upcoming US sanctions on Iranian oil exports.

U.S. Ambassador to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison on Tuesday warned that the U.S. could be forced to "take out" missiles Russia is developing that violate a Cold War-era treaty. If completed, the 9M729 Russian missile system could give it the capability to launch a missile strike on Europe with little or no notice, the Associated Press reported.

"It is time now for Russia to come to the table and stop the violations," Hutchison told reporters in Brussels, where US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis would later meet his NATO counterparts. She added that if the system became operational, the U.S. "would then be looking at the capability to take out a missile that could hit any of our countries in Europe and hit America."

The Novator 9M729 missile system
Hutchison also urged Russia to cease development of the missile system, which fits into a class of banned weapons under the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty. 

"There will come a point in the future in which America will determine that it has to move forward with a development phase that is not allowed by the treaty right now," Hutchison said.

Earlier in the day, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg urged Russia to be more transparent, and explain its alleged breaches of the INF Treaty.
She also noted that the US had no intentions of violating the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), adding, however, that it might occur because of Russia. The pact bans countries from developing land-based cruise missiles with a range of between 310 and 3,410 miles. NATO officials have said the nascent Russian system fits into that category, the AP reported.

According to the US, the new Russian 9M729 missile systems violate the conditions of the pact, as they give Russia the possibility of launching a nuclear strike in Europe with little or no notice.

Meanwhile, Russia's Foreign Ministry has said that the 9M729 missiles correspond to Russia's obligations under the INF Treaty and have not been upgraded and tested for the prohibited ranges. Moscow also noted that Washington had never provided any evidence that Russia had violated the agreement because such proof does not exist. Earlier in July, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu claimed that the United States is violating the treaty by deploying in Europe missile defense systems with launchers, which might be used for firing Tomahawk cruise missiles.

Hutchison's comments come a day before Defense Secretary James Mattis was scheduled to meet with other NATO officials. Mattis said he intends to bring up the missile issue during the meeting according to the AP.

Concerns over the missile system mark the latest sign of tensions between Russia and the rest of the world. Most recently, the U.S. imposed sanctions on Russia after the intelligence community determined that Russia interfered in the 2016 election. Multiple Russians have since been charged in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into election meddling.



The subject article and video covers the latest symptom of the upcoming fall of the American empire. I don't blame you if you don't want to read it or view the video. I don't want to post it, but here we are.

As I have pointed out before, history shows this happens to all empires, sooner or later. Our mistake was in thinking that we were exempt – we're not. Of course God could intervene and perform a miracle, but analyzing where we are, it will take a miracle.

Bruce                                                     New World Order News

Kavanaugh’s hearing exposed the serious fact that the US Congress has become too polarized to even govern. What has been done to Kavanaugh is a serious disgrace for if the allegations of Ford are true, then she is at fault for not bringing charges back then and claiming it has defined her life. NOBODY should be allowed to bring any allegations against anyone decades after with no proof. They call them a Cold Case when they cannot solve a murder and Chicago’s track record is that they solve less than even one in six such murders and that is current incidents.

The Kavanaugh vote was strictly down the party line and that demonstrates the problem. The hatred and degree to which a person is attacked goes beyond that person but seriously harms his entire family. This is now becoming a serious deterrent to anyone in the future looking at taking such a post. Will they find someone in your past you just hates you for some reason who now thinks it is pay-back time? The Congress is now far too disconnected from the notion of God, truth, and justice for all. There is a complete breakdown of anything civilized in the country they are supposed to serve. The judiciary, which is traditionally distant from partisan bickering, is now smack in the middle of it. This nonsense that those appointed to the court vote only partisan means that we should simply replace the court with an artificial intelligence system that decides cases based strictly upon the Constitution.

This Congress would NEVER be capable of even writing a Constitution. If they existed in 1776, there would be NO United States. If they would have ever agreed to have a revolution against the King, they would have then turned on each other. Very few would have survived such an event. I personally am fed up with politics. My cousin has the musket that our family used in the American Revolution. If my family, who has fought in every war from the American Revolution onward were alive today, they would seriously wonder what they even fought for.

There is no doubt that historians will look back on the hearing as a turning point in this country when the Decline and Fall of the United States was at least exposed and some will make this event as the tipping point. This has exposed that hatred that is brewing beneath the surface. The computer will no doubt be correct. We have gone way too far to ever return to normality.



No matter! Our government masters say you must have this, so that's it. Maybe they have good reasons? Let's see. They say it helps prevent tooth decay. Even the ADA says the results are minimal at best and only applies to very young children. Even giving them that point, how does drinking it help your teeth? Actually, there are no other reasons.

So what about the element Fluoride? In many rat poisons it's the main ingredient. The Nazis used to put it into the drinking water in the concentration camps as they discovered it makes people more docile. There are warnings on toothpaste advising parents to call poison control if your child eats it.

Fluoride was the main waste product from aluminum smelting. Even in the late 1940's aluminum smelters were forbidden from dumping it into land fills due to its' toxic nature. They then came up with this idea that it will help your teeth if you dump it into municipal water supplies. There is no regulation. The more you drink, the more you get. What other pharmaceutical product says you should take as much as you want?

All across this nation people have petitioned their local government to have this dangerous chemical removed. In some cases they have succeeded, but in way too many, the people are ignored. After all, if someone wants to drink fluoride, let them. Just don't make me drink it. As is the case with way too many issues, our government masters tell us what to do, while ignoring what we want.

Bruce                               New World Order News

Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer
Waking Times

To date, there are at least 53 known international scientific studies concluding that fluoride consumption is harmful to the development of intelligence in children, it impairs their learning and memory capacity. Children are commonly exposed to fluoride from municipal water supplies, dental treatments, environmental pollution, and  in-utero.

Municipal water fluoridation is a state-mandated pharmacological intervention that ostensibly aims to fight dental fluorosis, but this claim is highly contested, and a growing body of research indicates that water fluoridation is linked to lower IQ in children. Medication without consent is a human rights violation.

In 2017, former EPA senior scientist, William Hirzy, PhD noted:
“The significance of this peer reviewed risk analysis is that it indicates there may be no actual safe level of exposure to fluoride. Groups of children with lower exposures to fluoride were compared with groups having higher exposures. Those with higher exposures performed more poorly on IQ tests than those with lower exposures.” ~Former EPA senior scientist, William Hirzy, PhD

Here is a sampling of some of the shocking conclusions from these studies, as documented by The Fluoride Action Network, where a full breakdown on these studies, as well as comments about study methodologies and locations, may be found.

“Chronic exposure to high levels of fluoride in water was observed to be associated with lower intelligence quotient.” ~IQ Study #41: Nagarajappa (2013)

“School children residing in area with higher than normal water fluoride level demonstrated more impaired development of intelligence when compared to school children residing in areas with normal and low water fluoride levels.” ~IQ Study #47: Sebastian (2015)

“[C]hildren residing in areas with higher than normal water fluoride level demonstrated more impaired development of intelligence and moderate [dental fluorosis]. Millions of children including adults around the world are affected by higher level of fluoride concentration through their drinking water and are therefore potentially at risk. It is concluded that for the benefit of the future generation, urgent attention should be paid on this substantial public health problem.” ~IQ Study #50: (Das 2016)

“[S]tudents of the study area have less IQ than students of non-contaminated area, demonstrating that consumption of F also has a major role with the intellectual development of
children.” ~IQ Study #49: Mondal (2016)

“The data from this research may support the hypothesis that excess fluoride in drinking water has toxic effects on the nervous system.” ~IQ Study #48: Khan (2015)

“Fluoride in the drinking water was significantly related with the IQ of children. Along with fluoride, mother’s diet during pregnancy was also found to be significantly related with IQ of children.” ~IQ Study #46: Kundu (2015)

“Results of our field study raise a concern about the safety of elevated systemic exposure to fluoride from high concentrations in the drinking water.While topical fluoride treatment confers benefits of reducing caries incidence, the systemic exposure should not be so high as to impair children’s neurodevelopment especially during the highly vulnerable windows of brain development in utero and during infancy and childhood and may result in permanent brain injury.” ~IQ Study #45: Choi (2015)

“Exposures to fluorine and arsenic are deleterious to the development of intelligence and the development of growth in children” ~IQ Study #43: Bai (2014)

“We observed reduced AChE activity in [the high fluoride area] which may be directly correlate[d] with the reduced intelligence score of the subjects.” ~IQ Study #40: Singh (2013)

“The study found that children residing in a region with a high drinking water F level had lower IQs compared to children living in a low drinking water F region (p<0.001). The differences could not be attributed to confounding educational, economic, social, cultural, and general demographic factors.” ~Karimzade (2014)

“This study indicates that exposure to fluoride is associated with reduced intelligence in children.” ~IQ Study #36: Saxena (2012)

“In conclusion, our study suggested that low levels of fluoride exposure in drinking water had negative effects on children’s intelligence and dental health and confirmed the dose-response relationships between urine fluoride and IQ scores as well as dental fluorosis.” ~IQ Study #35: Ding (2011)

“Based on the findings, chronic exposure to high levels of fluoride can be one of the factors that influence intellectual development.” ~IQ Study #34: Poureslami (2011)

“Previous studies had indicated toward decreased Intelligence in children exposed to high levels of fluoride and our study also confirmed such an effect.” ~IQ Study #32: Shivaprakash (2011)

“Findings of this study suggest that overall IQ levels in children’s exposed to high fluoride level were significantly lower than the low fluoride areas.” ~IQ Study #31: Sudhir (2009)
Cancer’s sneaky, hiding places are finally exposed…

“High exposure to fluoride most definitely has an adverse effect on the development of intelligence in children, in particular on the capability of abstract inference.” ~IQ Study #30: Li (2009)

“This study indicates that exposure to fluoride in drinking water is associated with neurotoxic effects in children.” ~IQ Study #28: Wang (2007)

“In agreement with other studies elsewhere, these findings indicate that children drinking high F water are at risk for impaired development of intelligence.” ~IQ Study #27: Trivedi (2007)

“Exposure to high levels of fluoride is likely to cause a certain level of harm to a child’s level of intelligence.” ~IQ Study #26: Fan (2007)

“Based on the findings of this study, exposure of children to high levels of fluoride may carry the risk of impaired development of intelligence.” ~IQ Study #25: Seraj (2006)

“High fluoride burden has a definite effect on the intellectual and physical development of children.” ~IQ Study #24: Wang (2005)

“The findings of this study thus replicate those of earlier studies and suggest that a real relationship exists between fluoride exposure and intelligence.” ~IQ Study #18: Lu (2000)

“These results show that water improvement and defluoridation can improve the mental and physical development of children in a fluorosis area.“ ~IQ Study #16: Yao (1997)

“The results of the intelligence tests show that a high level of fluoride influences children’s IQ, which is consistent with some previous data. It is worth mentioning that the higher the degree of dental fluorosis, the more negative the impact on the children’s intelligence level. This is an issue which merits utmost attention.” ~IQ Study #15: Yao (1996)

“The results show that a high fluoride intake has a clear influence on the IQ of preschool children, manifesting itself primarily as damage to performance intelligence.” ~IQ Study #13: Wang (1996)

“A high fluoride intake was associated with a lower intelligence.” ~IQ Study #11: Li (1995)

“The results show that the level of intelligence of primary and secondary students from the high fluoride area and that of primary and secondary students from the non-high fluoride area had very significant differences, proving that high fluoride has adverse effects on the mental development of students. The higher the water fluoride is, the lower the level of IQ.” ~IQ Study #7: An (1992)

“The results of this study indicate that there is significant difference between the intellectual ability of the 7–14 year old children from the [fluorosis] endemic area and those of the control, and moreover that the average IQ of the children from the endemic area is clearly lower.” ~IQ Study #4: Chen (1991)



Empire Of Lies: Are "We, The People" Useful Idiots In The Digital Age?

Tyler Durden
Wed, 09/26/2018 - 22:30

Authored by John Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute,

“Back in the heyday of the old Soviet Union, a phrase evolved to describe gullible western intellectuals who came to visit Russia and failed to notice the human and other costs of building a communist utopia. The phrase was “useful idiots” and it applied to a good many people who should have known better. I now propose a new, analogous term more appropriate for the age in which we live: useful hypocrites. That’s you and me, folks, and it’s how the masters of the digital universe see us. And they have pretty good reasons for seeing us that way. They hear us whingeing about privacy, security, surveillance, etc., but notice that despite our complaints and suspicions, we appear to do nothing about it. In other words, we say one thing and do another, which is as good a working definition of hypocrisy as one could hope for.”—John Naughton, The Guardian

“Who needs direct repression,” asked philosopher Slavoj Zizek, “when one can convince the chicken to walk freely into the slaughterhouse?”
In an Orwellian age where war equals peace, surveillance equals safety, and tolerance equals intolerance of uncomfortable truths and politically incorrect ideas, “we the people” have gotten very good at walking freely into the slaughterhouse, all the while convincing ourselves that the prison walls enclosing us within the American police state are there for our protection.

Call it doublespeak, call it hypocrisy, call it delusion, call it whatever you like, but the fact remains that while we claim to value freedom, privacy, individuality, equality, diversity, accountability, and government transparency, our actions and those of our government rulers contradict these much-vaunted principles at every turn.

For instance, we claim to disdain the jaded mindset of the Washington elite, and yet we continue to re-elect politicians who lie, cheat and steal. 
We claim to disapprove of the endless wars that drain our resources and spread thin our military, and yet we repeatedly buy into the idea that patriotism equals supporting the military. 

We claim to chafe at taxpayer-funded pork barrel legislation for roads to nowhere, documentaries on food fights, and studies of mountain lions running on treadmills, and yet we pay our taxes meekly and without raising a fuss of any kind.

We claim to object to the militarization of our local police forces and their increasingly battlefield mindset, and yet we do little more than shrug our shoulders over SWAT team raids and police shootings of unarmed citizens.

And then there’s our supposed love-hate affair with technology, which sees us bristling at the government’s efforts to monitor our internet activities, listen in on our phone calls, read our emails, track our every movement, and punish us for what we say on social media, and yet we keep using these very same technologies all the while doing nothing about the government’s encroachments on our rights.

This contradiction is backed up by a Pew Research Center study, which finds that “Americans say they are deeply concerned about privacy on the web and their cellphones. They say they do not trust Internet companies or the government to protect it. Yet they keep using the services and handing over their personal information.”

Let me get this straight: the government continues to betray our trust, invade our privacy, and abuse our rights, and we keep going back for more?
Sure we do.
After all, the alternative—taking a stand, raising a ruckus, demanding change, refusing to cooperate, engaging in civil disobedience—is not only a lot of work but can be downright dangerous.

What we fail to realize, however, is that by tacitly allowing these violations to continue, we not only empower the tyrant but we feed the monster.
In this way, what starts off as small, occasional encroachments on our rights, justified in the name of greater safety, becomes routine, wide-ranging abuses so entrenched as to make reform all but impossible.

We saw this happen with the police and their build-up of military arsenal, ostensibly to fight the war on drugs. The result: atransformation of America’s law enforcement agencies into extensions of the military, populated with battle-hardened soldiers who view “we the people” as enemy combatants.
The same thing happened with the government’s so-called efforts to get tough on crime by passing endless laws outlawing all manner of activities. The result: an explosion of laws criminalizing everything from parenting decisions and fishing to gardening and living off the grid.

And then there were the private prisons, marketed as a way to lower the government’s cost of locking up criminals. Only it turns out that private prisons actually cost the taxpayer more money and place profit incentives on jailing more Americans, resulting in the largest prison population in the world.
Are you starting to notice a pattern yet?

The government lures us in with a scheme to make our lives better, our families safer, and our communities more secure, and then once we buy into it, they slam the trap closed.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about red light cameras, DNA databases, surveillance cameras, or zero tolerance policies: they all result in “we the people” being turned into Enemy Number One.
In this way, the government campaign to spy on our phone calls, letters and emails was sold to the American people as a necessary tool in the war on terror.

Instead of targeting terrorists, however, the government has turned usinto potential terrorists, so that if we dare say the wrong thing in a phone call, letter, email or on the internet, especially social media, we end up investigated, charged and possibly jailed.
If you happen to be one of the 1.31 billion individuals who use Facebook or one of the 255 million who tweet their personal and political views on Twitter, you might want to pay close attention.

This criminalization of free speech, which is exactly what the government’s prosecution of those who say the “wrong” thing using an electronic medium amounts to, was at the heart of Elonis v. United States, a case that wrestled with where the government can draw the line when it comes to expressive speech that is protected and permissible versus speech that could be interpreted as connoting a criminal intent.
The case arose after Anthony Elonis, an aspiring rap artist, used personal material from his life as source material and inspiration for rap lyrics which he then shared on Facebook.

For instance, shortly after Elonis’ wife left him and he was fired from his job, his lyrics included references to killing his ex-wife, shooting a classroom of kindergarten children, and blowing up an FBI agent who had opened an investigation into his postings. 
Despite the fact that Elonis routinely accompanied his Facebook posts with disclaimers that his lyrics were fictitious, and that he was using such writings as an outlet for his frustrations, he was charged with making unlawful threats (although it was never proven that he intended to threaten anyone) and sentenced to 44 months in jail.

Elonis is not the only Facebook user to be targeted for prosecution based on the content of his posts.
In a similar case that made its way through the courts only to be rebuffed by the Supreme Court, Brandon Raub, a decorated Marine, was arrested by a swarm of FBI, Secret Service agents and local police and forcibly detained in a psychiatric ward because of controversial song lyrics and political views posted on his Facebook page. He was eventually released after a circuit court judge dismissed the charges against him as unfounded. 
Rapper Jamal Knox and Rashee Beasley were sentenced to jail terms of up to six years for a YouTube video calling on listeners to “kill these cops ‘cause they don’t do us no good.” Although the rapper contended that he had no intention of bringing harm to the police, he was convicted of making terroristic threats and intimidation of witnesses.

And then there was Franklin Delano Jeffries II, an Iraq war veteran, who, in the midst of a contentious custody battle for his daughter,shared a music video on YouTube and Facebook in which he sings about the judge in his case, “Take my child and I’ll take your life.” Despite his insistence that the lyrics were just a way for him to vent his frustrations with the legal battle, Jeffries was convicted of communicating threats and sentenced to 18 months in jail.
The common thread running through all of these cases is the use of social media to voice frustration, grievances, and anger, sometimes using language that is overtly violent.

The question the U.S. Supreme Court was asked to decide in Elonis is whether this activity, in the absence of any overt intention of committing a crime, rises to the level of a “true threat” or whether it is, as I would contend, protected First Amendment activity. (The Supreme Court has defined a “true threat” as “statements where the speaker means to communicate a serious expression of an intent to commit an act of unlawful violence to a particular individual or group of individuals.”)

In an 8-1 decision that concerned itself more with “criminal-law principles concerning intent rather than the First Amendment’s protection of free speech,” the Court ruled that prosecutors had not proven that Elonis intended to harm anyone beyond the words he used and context.

That was three years ago.
Despite the Supreme Court’s ruling in Elonis, Corporate America has now taken the lead in policing expressive activity online, with social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube using their formidable dominance in the field to censor, penalize and regulate speech and behavior online by suspending and/or banning users whose content violated the companies’ so-called community standards for obscenity, violence, hate speech, discrimination, etc.
Make no mistake: this is fascism.

This is fascism with a smile.
As Bertram Gross, former presidential advisor, noted in his chilling book Friendly Fascism: The New Face of Power in America, “Anyone looking for black shirts, mass parties, or men on horseback will miss the telltale clues of creeping fascism. . . . In America, it would be super modern and multi-ethnic—as American as Madison Avenue, executive luncheons, credit cards, and apple pie. It would be fascism with a smile. As a warning against its cosmetic façade, subtle manipulation, and velvet gloves, I call it friendly fascism. What scares me most is its subtle appeal.”

The subtle appeal of this particular brand of fascism is its self-righteous claim to fighting the evils of our day (intolerance, hatred, violence) using the weapons of Corporate America.

Be warned, however: it is only a matter of time before these weapons are used more broadly, taking aim at anything that stands in its quest for greater profit, control and power.

This is what fascism looks like in a modern context, with corporations flexing their muscles to censor and silence expressive activity under the pretext that it is taking place within a private environment subject to corporate rules as opposed to activity that takes place within a public or government forum that might be subject to the First Amendment’s protection of “controversial” and/or politically incorrect speech.

Alex Jones was just the beginning.
Jones, the majordomo of conspiracy theorists who spawned an empire built on alternative news, was banned from Facebook for posting content that violates the social media site’s “Community Standards,”which prohibit posts that can be construed as bullying or hateful. 

According to The Washington Post, Twitter suspended over 70 million accounts over the course of two months to “reduce the flow of misinformation on the platform.” Among those temporarily suspended was Daniel McAdams, Executive Director of the Ron Paul Institute.

Rightly contending that tech companies are just extensions of the government, former Texas congressman Ron Paul believes that social media networks under the control of Google, Apple, Twitter and Facebook are working with the U.S. government to silence dissent. “You get accused of treasonous activity and treasonous speech because in an empire of lies the truth is treason,” Paul declared. “Challenging the status quo is what they can’t stand and it unnerves them, so they have to silence people.”

Curiously enough, you know who has yet to be suspended? President Trump.

Twitter’s rationale for not suspending world leaders such as Trump, whom critics claim routinely violate the social media giant’s rules, is because “Blocking a world leader from Twitter or removing their controversial Tweets, would hide important information people should be able to see and debate. It would also not silence that leader, but it would certainly hamper necessary discussion around their words and actions.”

Frankly, all individuals, whether or not they are world leaders, should be entitled to have their thoughts and ideas aired openly, pitted against those who might disagree with them, and debated widely, especially in a forum like the internet.

Why does this matter?
The internet and social media have taken the place of the historic public square, which has slowly been crowded out by shopping malls and parking lots.
As such, these cyber “public squares” may be the only forum left for citizens to freely speak their minds and exercise their First Amendment rights, especially in the wake of legislation that limits access to our elected representatives. 

Unfortunately, the internet has become a tool for the government—and its corporate partners—to monitor, control and punish the populace for behavior and speech that may be controversial but are far from criminal.

Indeed, the government, a master in the art of violence, intrusion, surveillance and criminalizing harmless activities, has repeatedly attempted to clamp down on First Amendment activity on the web and in social media under the various guises of fighting terrorism, discouraging cyberbullying, and combatting violence.

Police and prosecutors have also targeted “anonymous” postings and messages on forums and websites, arguing that such anonymity encourages everything from cyber-bullying to terrorism, and have attempted to prosecute those who use anonymity for commercial or personal purposes.
We would do well to tread cautiously in how much authority we give the Corporate Police State to criminalize free speech activities and chill what has become a vital free speech forum. 

Not only are social media and the Internet critical forums for individuals to freely share information and express their ideas, but they also serve as release valves to those who may be angry, seething, alienated or otherwise discontented. 

Without an outlet for their pent-up anger and frustration, these thoughts and emotions fester in secret, which is where most violent acts are born.
In the same way, free speech in the public square—whether it’s the internet, the plaza in front of the U.S. Supreme Court or a college campus—brings people together to express their grievances and challenge oppressive government regimes. 
Without it, democracy becomes stagnant and atrophied.

Likewise, as I make clear in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, if free speech is not vigilantly protected, democracy is more likely to drift toward fear, repression, and violence. In such a scenario, we will find ourselves threatened with an even more pernicious injury than violence itself: the loss of liberty.

More speech, not less, is the remedy.



Yes, I've tried very hard to avoid commenting on this ridiculous circus perpetrated by the leftists concerning the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court. I would be more than happy to engage in a debate about the qualifications for this man to serve on the Court, but I refuse to sink into the gutter which would be more appropriate in a Bevis and Butthead cartoon than on the floor of the U.S. Senate.

Anyway--- for those who want to catch up on all the “National Enquirer” type of salacious garbage I have included several links to today's articles.

I have written many times about the degradation of our nation. Back in the 1980's another Supreme Court nominee, Robert Bork, who was himself rejected by the Senate, wrote a book entitled “Slouching Towards Gomorrah”. I don't know if he knew the title was prophetic. If our nation's leaders are comprised of leftists, completely out of touch with reality, lurching from one illogical hysteric to another and neocons who also, are completely out of touch, threatening World War 3 on a daily basis, against a number of different nations, for no logical reason whatsoever, then we are indeed, doomed.

Bruce                                     New World Order News


You Might Live In a Nation Founded by Geniuses but Run By Idiots If -

The subject article was written by comedian, Jeff Foxworthy. There isn't much I can add, but I do have a couple of thoughts. It might be funny if --- it wasn't true. It might be funny if --- it didn't foretell the end of our nation. It might be funny if ---- Americans would pay attention to these nation ending events and kick all of the bureaucrats out and demand a new government which serves under the Constitution and not instead of it.

These problems are no accident. Our government masters don't give two hoots in hell about the people they are supposed to serve. These contradictions are just a confirmation of that. The bureaucrats are there for themselves. They want money (your money) and power. Allowing them to remain in power is like fueling a life threatening cancer. Eventually, the cancer wins.

Bruce                                New World Order News

By Jeff Foxworthy:

If plastic water bottles are okay, but plastic bags are banned, — you might live in a nation (state) that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, but not for entering and remaining in the country illegally — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

If you have to get your parents’ permission to go on a field trip or to take an aspirin in school, but not to get an abortion — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

If you MUST show your identification to board an airplane, cash a check, buy liquor, or check out a library book and rent a video, but not to vote for who runs the government — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

If the government wants to prevent stable, law-abiding citizens from owning gun magazines that hold more than ten rounds, but gives twenty F-16 fighter jets to the crazy new leaders in Egypt — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

If, in the nation’s largest city, you can buy two 16-ounce sodas, but not one 24-ounce soda, because 24-ounces of a sugary drink might make you fat — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

If an 80-year-old woman who is confined to a wheelchair or a three-year-old girl can be strip-searched by the TSA at the airport, but a woman in a burka or a hijab is only subject to having her neck and head searched — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

If your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

If a seven-year-old boy can be thrown out of school for saying his teacher is “cute” but hosting a sexual exploration or diversity class in grade school is perfectly acceptable — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

If hard work and success are met with higher taxes and more government regulation and intrusion while not working is rewarded with Food Stamps, WIC checks, Medicaid benefits, subsidized housing, and free cell phones — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

If you pay your mortgage faithfully, denying yourself the newest big-screen TV, while your neighbor buys iPhones, time shares, a wall-sized do-it-all plasma screen TV and new cars, and the government forgives his debt when he defaults on his mortgage — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

If being stripped of your Constitutional right to defend yourself makes you more “safe” according to the government — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.




Those who have studied the history of Israel know official government statements from the Israeli government are often lies ---- just like our government. Anyway, the official position from the Israeli government on the downing of the Russian communication plane was that Israeli jets did not shadow the Russian plane and were already back in Israel at the time of the shootdown.

Well, radar images from a Russian S400 taken during the incident shows this story to be a lie. An Israel jet was clearly in back of the Russian plane and the Israeli jets were still in Syrian territory at the time of the shootdown.

So this is just another lie to justify the unjustifiable attack on another nation who did not attack Israel. On this site there is a video on the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty back in 1967. The attack lasted for 2 hours and many U.S. servicemen were killed. Lifeboats were shot up and sailors were machine gunned while in the water. Even back then, Israel said it was a case of mistaken identity. Then Israel denies they have nuclear weapons, the technology of which was stolen from us. Israeli soldiers shoot unarmed Palestinian demonstrators. Their justification is the soldiers fear for their safety, even though those whom they shoot have no ability to endanger anyone in Israel. Back in 1947, when the agreement to form the nation of Israel was signed, Israel agreed to allow “the right of return” for Palestinians displaced from their land by Israeli settlers. After the nation was formed, they reneged on that promise.

Our government should have reigned in this “spoiled brat” long ago. Now Russia may have to do it. The only question which remains for us is, are you willing to send your sons or daughters to die for a war started by Israel?

Bruce                                     New World Order News


Data captured by Russia’s S-400 system proves Israeli jets were responsible for the downing of the Russian plane, the Defense Ministry said, adding that the Syrian missile changed its course shortly before hitting the Il-20.

Data gleaned from the S-400 air defense system deployed at the Russian Khmeimim air base in Syria’s Latakia province has revealed that the Syrian anti-air missile was, in fact, targeting an Israeli F-16 jet before it abruptly altered its course and eventually hit the Russian aircraft. This, and the position of all the aircraft at the moment of the September 17 incident, proves that an Israeli jet was de facto using the larger Il-20 as a cover, the Russian Defense Ministry spokesman, Major General Igor Konashenkov told journalists at Monday's news briefing.

Radar data of the Russian S-400 air defense system showing position of 4 Israeli F-16 jets (yellow), the Syrian air defense missile (red), and the Russian Il-20 plane (green) at the time of its downing on September 17, 2018 © Ministry of Defense

The radar images revealed at the briefing “clearly showed the direction of the flight of the S-200 missile launched by the Syrian air defense system, as well as the locations of the Russian and Israeli aircraft,” Konashenkov said, adding that “it is quite clear that the missile was targeting the Israeli jet.”

However, the missile then suddenly changed its course and “locked on a target with a larger radar cross-section and slower speed,” which was the Russian reconnaissance plane coming in for landing. The Israeli jet, which effectively used the Il-20 as a cover from the attack, then also abruptly changed its altitude and the flight direction, Konashenkov said.

Russian MOD: New Data shows Syrian anti-air missile was, in fact, targeting an Israeli F-16 jet before it abruptly altered its course and eventually hit the Russian aircraft: "An Israeli jet was de facto using the larger Il-20 as a cover"

The Israeli aircraft then continued to patrol the area off the Syrian coast, the radar data shows, refuting the claims by the Israeli Defense Forces that their planes had already returned to Israeli airspace at the moment of the incident.

[© Russian Defense Ministry] ‘Criminal negligence’ or disregard to Russia-Israel ties: MoD details chronology of Il-20 downing
“Today’s data does not just suggest but prove that the blame for the tragic [downing] of the Russian Il-20 airplane lies entirely with the Israeli Air Force,” the major general told journalists. All Israel’s “claims about its alleged noninvolvement in this tragedy that claimed lives of 15 Russian servicemen are false,” he added.

Earlier, the Russian MoD presented a minute-by-minute timeline of the Il-20 downing. It said that the Israeli Air Force gave the Russian side less than a minute's warning before their air raid, leaving virtually no time for any safety maneuvers. Moreover, the Israelis misinformed the Russians about the location of their targets.

Israel expressed its condolences to Russia over the tragedy but repeatedly denied responsibility while pinning the blame on Damascus. On Sunday, the Israeli Defense Force said that the Israeli planes “did not hide behind any aircraft and… the Israeli aircraft were in Israeli airspace at the time of the downing of the Russian plane.”
Following the incident, Russia decided to supply an S-300 air-defense system to the Syrian military.

The Israeli security cabinet to convene tomorrow morning for an update regarding the crisis with Russia. After the meeting Netanyahu will depart for arak 
Russian President Vladimir Putin called the move an “adequate” measure, aimed at “preventing any potential threat” to the lives of Russian service personnel deployed to Syria, in phone exchange with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.



I really don't want to jump on the “attack Trump” train being run by the leftists. As I have said in the past, this is a “gang war”. The Democrats (the leftists) and the Republicans (the neocons) are in a war for control of the government. Neither one of them care a lick for the average person. This is why, no matter who gets into power, they break all of their promises and do what has always been done – lots of corruption, with no punishment, endless wars, anything Israel wants, Israel gets, runaway spending and lies, lies, lies. They both do it and will never stop.

So back to Trump – The reason he was elected is, those of us naive voters thought, he was an “outsider” and he would put and end to the looting of America. Here are some of some of the things he said and then did the opposite. He said he was going to end the endless foreign adventures. He said he would prosecute Hillary Clinton. He said he would build the wall. He said he would repeal Obamacare. He said he would bring experts into the government.

During a debate he accused the Washington politicians of “talk, talk, talk and no action. Well, I guess he fits right in. The subject article is just another example of his weak leadership. Just yesterday he was bragging that the release of the unredacted  documents related the the FBI’s surveillance of former campaign adviser Carter Page, would be one of the highlights of his Presidency. If that is true, then his “about face” would qualify as one of the “lowlights” of his Presidency. He could have fired Jeff sessions and didn't. He could have fired any of those in the Justice Department defying his Executive order to release the  documents related the the FBI’s surveillance of former campaign adviser Carter Page and didn't. He could have ordered those Mayors and others who have committed criminal offenses in aiding and abetting illegal immigrants to be arrested and didn't. He could have fired Mueller after having devoted millions of taxpayer dollars to a politicized witch hunt and didn't. He could order our troops in Afghanistan and Syria and Iraq home and didn't. He could have cut off Saudi Arabia when it became evident that they were implementing a holocaust and didn't. He could have stopped Israel from repeatedly attacking Syria to provoke war and didn't. He could have supported Robert Kennedy Jr. in his research on the vaccine fraud in this country and didn't. He could have conducted a real investigation into vote fraud and didn't. In fact, during the campaign, he justifiably attacked government statistics as being fraudulent, but now promotes them. After 911, he said, on the record, that buildings could not have fallen due to fire, but today, not a peep.

He is a weak leader. I know, his supporters always say “just wait” it's coming. What's coming? Let me answer. Nothing. Nothing has come and nothing will come. I've said it before and it is more true today than ever. Our government is controlled by criminals. Those who aren't criminals, serve them. Thomas Jefferson said that when the central government gets to this point, it is the duty of the people to replace it under the Constitution. They have to go ---- all of them. No more investigations. No more broken promises. No more crooks getting away with murder. No more wars spilling our blood and spending our money. They have to go.

Bruce                                                    New World Order News

President Donald Trump has delayed his order to declassify documents related the the FBI’s surveillance of former campaign adviser Carter Page, and asked the Department of Justice to review the documents first.

Trump said on Friday that he met with the Department of Justice, who felt that releasing the documents could have a perceived negative impact on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing ‘Russiagate’ probe, and has received calls from allies asking that the documents not be released, due to their sensitive intelligence content.

I met with the DOJ concerning the declassification of various UNREDACTED documents. They agreed to release them but stated that so doing may have a perceived negative impact on the Russia probe. Also, key Allies’ called to ask not to release. Therefore, the Inspector General.....

....has been asked to review these documents on an expedited basis. I believe he will move quickly on this (and hopefully other things which he is looking at). In the end I can always declassify if it proves necessary. Speed is very important to me - and everyone!

The president said that he expects the Department’s Inspector General to “move quickly” on reviewing the documents, and warned that regardless of what the DOJ says, he “can always declassify if it proves necessary.”

Trump’s original order to declassify - issued Monday - instructed the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) and the Department of Justice – including the FBI – to immediately declassify pages 10-12 and 17-34 of the June 2017 application to the FISA court, used to justify surveillance of Carter Page, as well as “all FBI reports of interviews prepared in connection with all Carter Page FISA applications.”

FISA warrants are usually used to request surveillance of foreign spies within the United States.
Trump’s declassification order also applied to FBI interviews with Bruce Ohr, a former DOJ official who met with British spy Christopher Steele, author of the notorious and unverified “Trump dossier” funded by Hillary Clinton’s campaign through the opposition research firm Fusion GPS. Ohr’s wife, Nellie, was employed by Fusion GPS at the time.

It also applied to text messages of former FBI Director James Comey and Assistant Director Andrew McCabe, as well as former FBI agent Peter Strzok and former FBI lawyer Lisa Page, related to the Russia investigation.

Strzok and Page, who had been having an affair at the time, exchanged a series of anti-Trump text messages in 2016, as they both worked on the FBI’s investigation of the Trump campaign.

A June report by Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz found that Page and Strzok’s text conversation was “not only indicative of a biased state of mind but, even more seriously, implies a willingness to take official action to impact the presidential candidate’s electoral prospects.”
Democrats and the intelligence community have both opposed declassifying the documents, saying that would interfere with Mueller’s ongoing probe into the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia, and expose sources and methods.

Trump's Republican allies have argued that the documents will show that the FBI’s (and later, Mueller’s) investigation was built on shaky foundations. House Intelligence Committee chair Rep. Devin Nunes (R-California) has said that the documents will expose an FBI plot to work against Trump.
Speaking to Fox News host Sean Hannity on Tuesday, Nunes said that Americans are being “force-fed Kool-Aid”regarding the alleged collusion, and that releasing the documents would finally dispel the myth of collusion.  

Trump has broad authority to declassify government documents at a time of his choosing.



Of course the mediawhores are barely covering this story. No, it's Kavanaugh and football and what does Lebron James think of Trump? Fortunately, very few of us pay any attention to the mediawhores. There is real news, however. We are on the brink of world war 3. The shootdown of the Russian communication plane has put Putin in a no-win position. He had to respond and he is.

Over the next week, Russia has declared a no-fly zone over Syria. This is a message to Israel. Obviously, if Russia follows through on their warning, and war breaks out, Israel itself will be in jeopardy. Never fear, they have us to fight for them. Never mind our own borders, we have to protect Israel's --- wherever they might be. Never mind our exploding deficit, we'll spend more fighting wars with no purpose and no end. Never mind the potential for nuclear war, we love war that much. Why are we in Syria again?

Bruce                                    New World Order News

Category: World News
 Wednesday, 19 September 2018 12:28
 *** BULLETIN ***
The Russian government has informed Israel that, as a consequence of their actions which resulted in the shoot-down of a Russia IL-20 Electronic Intelligence aircraft, Russia is imposing a NO FLY ZONE for Israeli military aircraft around Syria.  
This No Fly zone will be from Flight level 000 to Flight Level 190 until September 26.
Any Israeli military aircraft operating outside the sovereign territory of Israel in violation of this No Fly Zone risks being shot down.
The Russian government has instructed 14 Russian Naval Vessels in the Mediterranean to begin enforcing this immediately.
This is a developing story . . . check back for updates.
UPDATE 12:44 PM EDT --
Russia has issued a Notice to Airmen and Mariners (NOTAM) for the airspace around Israel being CLOSED below 19,000 feet . . . for a Russian Naval Missile "Exercise."
Here is the official NOTAM:
The RESULT of this is interesting:  If Israeli war planes fly below 19,000 feet, they risk being shot down by Russian Naval Vessels "accidentally" during this "exercise."   In order to avoid that, the Israeli planes must fly above 19,000 feet, which makes them sitting ducks for Syria's old S-200 anti-aircraft missile defenses.
The Israelis really screwed the pooch when they had their fighter jets hide behind the Russian IL-20 to launch missiles at Syria.  When the Syrian air defenses saw those missiles coming in, they locked onto the Russian IL-20 which was much bigger than the Israeli fighter jets which actually launched the missiles.
The Israelis knew exactly what they were doing because they did not inform Russia of their pending attack via the Hotline between the two countries until ONE MINUTE before the Israeli planes launched their missiles.
UPDATE 12:55 EDT --
This morning, Russia asked Iran for permission to station Russian fighter Jets, bobers and refueling tankers at the Nojeh Military Air Base in northwestern Iran as seen on the map below:
This positioning of such equipment will allow Russia full air superiority over ALL of Syria 24/7.
 *** BULLETIN ***
With the Russians having imposed a "NO-FLY" Zone against Israel, they are now unable to attack this shipment for at least a week without having their war planes shot down.  And in that week, the S-300 systems can be installed, set-up, tested, and made active  . . . . which then allows Syria to shoot down planes as far away as INSIDE ISRAEL.
This was a "Red Line" for the Israelis a year ago, and their sneaky actions which caused a Russian plane to be accidentally shot down, have now come back to bite them in the ass.  With these new S-300 systems, Israel will no longer be able to attack Syria with impunity.
This is, by far, the largest escalation of events inside Syria in recent memory.  This is a DISASTER for Israel; and they've brought it upon themselves.
The United States Navy has notified all its vessels and aircraft of the following NO-FLY zones near Syria:



The subject article covers hundreds of parents in that New Mexico community who are employed at Los Alamos Labs and the Los Alamos National Laboratory, where extensive research is done on vaccines, rejecting vaccination for themselves and their children.

I would like to revisit my contention that we are witnessing a “gang war” in our federal government. One of the things that gangs do is “shakedown”. Our government gang diverts large amounts of taxpayer money to the pharmaceutical industry. They add some legitimacy by producing some useful medications. They also produce some that are worthless and some that are harmful. Doctors are largely forbidden to choose natural herbs in place of accepted drugs. Due to patent protection, many of the drugs are extremely expensive. Again, taxpayers are required to fund those payments to the drug companies through Medicare, Medicaid and Obamacare. This includes vaccines.

Vaccination is a multi-billion dollar cash cow for the pharmaceutical cabal. In many jurisdictions your children are required to have multiple vaccines. Some parents who have refused have been charged with crimes. Some have had their children taken away. Others have had their children kicked out of school. If damage is done by the vaccine, the victim is forced to seek redress from a government program, which the taxpayers pay for. This is racketeering. This is how organized crime works. Give us large amounts of money. There will be no competition. Failure to pay will result in compliance by force. Failure to purchase our product from us can result in charges and penalties.

Back to the article---- it looks like many of these educated parents are frightened enough of the potential damage from vaccines, that they have risked the wrath of our government in order to protect themselves and their children.

Bruce                                     New World Order News

Welcome to Los Alamos, New Mexico, where our country’s most scientifically literate families are avoiding vaccines like the plague. Meanwhile, the infected “vaxxers” are all throwing poisoned fits, wondering why all the “sheeple” aren’t following the rest of the “herd” like they’ve been summoned to do by the script-fed mass media and the morally corrupted CDC. Could this phenomenon be gaining momentum because hundreds of parents in that New Mexico community are employed at Los Alamos Labs and the Los Alamos National Laboratory, where extensive research is done on vaccines?

Science geniuses are opting out of vaccines – why?

Wait, isn’t it a cold hard fact that America has “settled the science” on vaccines? Didn’t the CDC swear up and down that Polio, Shingles, Smallpox and Influenza (seasonal flu) can all be avoided by injecting aluminum, mercury and African Green Monkey kidney cells into the muscle tissue in your arm? Hold on a second, did you still think the CDC removed mercury from all childhood vaccines? They didn’t. That was a bold-faced lie. The mercury-laced flu shot is highly recommended by the CDC for all pregnant women and infants just six months young.

Should you be wondering right now why the Rotavirus vaccine called Rotateq is laced with two strains of a deadly pig virus called circovirus? Yes, you should be very concerned. These facts are just a few solid reasons why people who study vaccines do NOT get injected with them, nor do they have their brilliant children get jabbed with known neurotoxins.

Mother Nature's micronutrient secret: Organic Broccoli Sprout Capsules now available, delivering 280mg of high-density nutrition, including the extraordinary "sulforaphane" and "glucosinolate" nutrients found only in cruciferous healing foods. Every lot laboratory tested. See availability here.
Maybe the scientists in Los Alamos all know that the flu vaccine is responsible for the most adverse events (horrific side effects), and that the vaccine industry’s secret court has settled more of these cases than from the damage caused by any other immunization concocted in America. The flu shot is a totally experimental scam and is highly dangerous, and most scientifically literate citizens of this country know. The difference is that certain scientists are paid to document lies about vaccines and the subsequent research, and they’re also paid big bucks to spread propaganda. That, my friends, is why science geniuses opt out of vaccines.

The Superintendent of Los Alamos schools takes notice of the HIGH RATE of parents keeping vaccine needles out of their children’s arms
Several top scientists in Santa Fe are keeping their kids from getting vaccinated and these statistics are among the highest in America. Obviously, the science of vaccines is not settled. In fact, the so-called “safety and efficacy” of vaccines is under intense scrutiny, especially as of late, given that the vaccine industry has paid out over $3 billion in damages to injured families, and because vaccines have been proven to spread disease more often than they prevent it. Ever heard of the massive polio outbreaks in India? We can all thank Bill Gates for that.
Media scares, though, are in full swing, because it’s only fear that outweighs common sense. After all, who in their right mind would want their baby or themselves injected with over 50,000 parts-per-million of mercury, when the EPA warns pregnant mothers that 1/25,000 of that much mercury contaminates drinking water?

The real disease in America is spreading like wildfire, and the only cure is education. That “disease” is the lie that all vaccines are “safe and effective.” The children of Santa Fe are being spared because their parents are scientifically literate. Maybe they’re all smart enough to ignore the lying news on CNN, and in the propaganda machine newspapers known as the “WashPo” rag and the failing New York Times.
Pro-vaxxers infected by emotions plead for all children to be injected with known neurotoxins and heavy metal poisons, just like their kids
There’s a new extremist religion in America called “pro-vaccine.” These folks damn-to-hell anyone who doesn’t bow down to the vaccine alter and have their kids infected and injected with genetically modified blood and cells from human abortions, monkeys, pigs, dogs, eagles, salmonella, and yes, deadly E. coli (found in multiple meningococcal vaccines).

Most people who are adamant about vaccines have no clue what’s in them today. They don’t know the true investigative history of vaccines either. The media starts frenzies about measles “outbreaks” when the measles is easy to beat back with a normal immune system that’s not compromised by vaccines. Most vaccines are much more dangerous than the infectious diseases they are purported to prevent.

Look into natural immune boosters like garlic, oil of oregano, medicinal mushrooms, licorice root, cinnamon, colloidal silver, vitamin D, vitamin C, and of course, elderberry for the flu. There are no side effects or deaths reported from natural remedies, folks. Just remember that.