And you'll never hear our mainstream media whores make the connection in the mass shootings. Once again, right on cue, our government masters run a drill. Then, there is a school shooting in a gun free zone. Then, the shooter is killed. Then, there is a call for more gun control. Then, it is learned that the shooter was on anti-depressants.

But it's not only shootings. In the past we have witnessed the horrendous crime of Susan Smith, drowning her kids in the back seat of her car backed into a lake. She was on anti-depressants. Andrea Yates drowned her small children in a bathtub. She was on anti-depressants and subsequently acquitted by reason of insanity. There are thousands of other crimes.

These needless and senseless killings all have one common denominator and it's not guns. It's the drugs, but our government is no longer our government. It is bought and paid for. No one has more money than the pharmaceuticals, so the mass drugging will continue. The outrageous bills for the drugs will continue. Senseless killings will continue and, while we are at it, let's throw in dangerous and ineffective vaccines.

Bruce                                                 New World Order News






The fraud to which I am speaking is the claim by the Jewish leaders in Israel that they are direct descendants of the ancient Israelis (the chosen people). 5 minutes worth of research will reveal to anyone that most of these settlers are in no way related to the ancient Israelis. Indeed, they are ashkenazi, who resided in, what is now, Turkey. All of the other Jewish settlers are from other areas of the world, but are also, in no way, related to the original 12 tribes.

Having established this fact, I can now move forward to the subject article. Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, spoke at the UN today, with his same tired old claims about Iranian aggression. It is interesting that those actions he attributes to Iran are actually more appropriate for Israel. Iran has no aggressively attacked anyone in over 200 years. Israel, on the other hand attacks others on a daily basis. Iran has not taken any land from anyone in hundreds of years. Israel, on the other hand, has taken land from their neighbors on a continual basis, and is, as I write this, demolishing Palestinian homes in order to build Israeli homes.

Still not convinced? How about some direct quotes from former Israeli leaders. I have also placed those below. Regardless of how you view the quotes from the Bible concerning Israel, it can be unequivocally shown, it's not them.

Bruce                                    New World Order News

We MUST expel the Arabs and TAKE their place. In each attack a decisive blow must be struck resulting in the destruction of homes and the expulsion of the population.”
- David Ben Gurion, 1937

We MUST USE terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to RID the Galilee of its Arab population.”- David Ben Gurion
"Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best.

Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny IS TO RULE OVER the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron.

The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves."
- Menachem Begin - Israeli Prime Minister 1977-1983



Chilling: Netanyahu Glares at UN Delegates for 45 Seconds for Their 'Deafening Silence' on Iran Deal

Cortney O'Brien | Oct 01, 2015

Cortney O'Brien


At the United Nations General Assembly Thursday in New York City, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu renewed his warning about Iran’s path to a nuclear bomb. Considering the recent passage of the nuclear agreement with Iran, the prime minister’s comments were especially powerful.

Iran is setting up dozens of terror cells,” Netanyahu said. “Imagine what they will do after the sanctions are lifted.”

Unmuzzled,” Iran will “go on the prowl, devouring more and more prey,” he said.

In the wake of the nuclear deal, Netanyahu remarked, Iran is spending billions on weapons and satellites.

Do you think Iran is doing that to advance peace?”

That question was perhaps a direct response to President Obama’s claim on Monday that the Iran Deal will ensure their nuclear program is “peaceful.”

Netanyahu rejected such assurances, saying the agreement does nothing to block Iran’s path to a nuclear weapon.

When bad behavior is awarded, it only gets worse,” he said. “I’m gravely concerned the nuclear deal with Iran will prove to be the marriage certificate of that unholy union.”

Netanyahu acknowledged some "well-intentioned people" believe the deal is the only way to block Iran’s path to the bomb. Yet, “the best intentions don’t prevent the worst outcomes.”

In the most powerful part of his speech, Netanyahu stopped to directly address the nations in attendance.

If Iran’s rulers were working to destroy your countries, perhaps you’d be somewhat less enthusiastic about the deal,” he said. “If Iran’s terror proxies were firing thousands of rockets at your cities, perhaps you’d be more measured in your praise.”

And yet the response from every one of you here, utter silence," he said. "Deafening silence.”

After those remarks, he stood at the podium and glared at the delegates around the room for about one minute.

Watch the chilling moment below:









Over the past month or so I had periodically reported on predictions from some concerning a financial collapse. Those in the mainstream media and our government are using these predictions to proclaim victory in the government's efforts to produce a recovery, but not so fast.

Nothing has really changed. Only the timing remains a mystery, but you can't hide the truth forever. We had previously shown the unemployment rate is not the 5% plus claimed by the government, but actually 30 to 40% as is evidenced by 100 million people discounted by government statisticians. Our government claims there is no inflation, but those of us who have to make purchases for food, shelter and medical care, know better. Now, as is evidenced by the subject article, our government has discontinued reporting the national debt. According to them, the debt has remained the same for 199 days ---- amazing.

This collapse is like none other in history. It is world wide and has been moving slowly, but surely. For the 100 million with no job, it is here. For the other millions working part time, it is here. For the working poor in our larger cities who are homeless, it is here. For the former college students who owe 1 trillion dollars and cannot pay the debt, it is here. For the millions who lost their homes in the 2008 meltdown, it is here. As for the future, more will share in this encroaching and unstoppable collapse.

Bruce                                 New World Order News


199 Days: Treasury Says Debt Has Been Frozen at $18,112,975,000,000

By Terence P. Jeffrey | September 30, 2015 | 11:31 AM EDT

(AP Photo/J. David Ake)

( - The portion of the federal debt that is subject to a legal limit set by Congress closed Monday, Sept. 28, at $18,112,975,000,000, according to the latest Daily Treasury Statement, which was published at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday.

That, according to the Treasury's statements, makes 199 straight days the debt subject to the limit has been frozen at $18,112,975,000,000.

$18,112,975,000,000 is about $25 million below the current legal debt limit of $18,113,000,080,959.35.

Table III-C from the Daily Treasury Statement for Sept. 28, shows that the federal debt subject to the limit started the month at 8,112,975,000,000, started the day at 8,112,975,000,000 and ended the day at 8,112,975,000,000.

On Sept. 10, Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew sent a letter to the leaders of Congress saying he believed the Treasury could continue in a “debt issuance suspension period” through at least the end of October.

That means the Treasury believes it can continue for at least the next month to issue Daily Treasury Statements that show the federal debt subject to the limit beginning and ending each day frozen just below that limit.

The so-called “debt issuance suspension period” Lew declared has allowed the Treasury to claim that the debt subject to the legal limit has been frozen every day for more than half a year even though both the federal deficit and the Treasury’s cash on hand have increased during that period.

At the end of March--the month in which Lew first declared the “debt issuance suspension period”--the Daily Treasury Statement said the federal government had $100,084,000,000 cash on hand. At the same time, the Monthly Treasury Statement for March said that at the end of that month Treasury’s cumulative deficit for fiscal 2015 was $439,473,000,000.

At the end of August, the Daily Treasury Statement said the federal government had $131,787,000,000 cash on hand--$31,703,000,000 more than at the end of March. Yet the Monthly Treasury Statement for August said that at the end of that month the cumulative deficit for the fiscal 2015 was $529,960,000,000—$90,487,000,000 more than at the end of March.

Thus, according to the U.S. Treasury’s official statements, it was able to engage in $90,487,000,000 in additional deficit spending between the end of March and the end of August, while increasing its cash on hand by $31,703,000,000—without increasing at all the debt subject to the legal limit.

Fiscal year 2015 ends today and the Senate this morning passed a considering resolution that will fund the government until Dec. 11--but does not change the debt limit. The House will consider the CR this afternoon.

The Daily Treasury Statement for March 13 was the first to show the debt subject to the limit closing the day at $18,112,975,000,000. Every Daily Treasury Statement since then has reported the same thing: the debt closing the day at $18,112,975,000,000.

Every Daily Treasury Statement since Monday, March 16, has also reported the debt beginning and ending each day at $18,112,975,000,000.

Table III-C on the Daily Treasury Statement for Sept. 28 says the debt began the month of September at $18,112,975,000,000, began the day of Sept. 28 at $18,112,975,000,000, and closed the day of Sept. 28 at $18,112,975,000,000.

On March 13, Treasury Secretary Lew sent an initial letter to House Speaker John Boehner and other congressional leaders informing them that he was planning to declare a “debt issuance suspension period.”

Beginning on Monday, March 16, the outstanding debt of the United States will be at the statutory limit,” Lew said in that letter. “In anticipation of reaching that date, Treasury has suspended until further notice the issue of State and Local Government Series securities, which count against the debt limit.”

Because Congress has not yet acted to raise the debt limit,” Lew said in that letter, “the Treasury Department will have to employ further extraordinary measures to continue to finance the government on a temporary basis. Therefore, beginning on March 16, I plan to declare a ‘debt issuance suspension period’ with respect to investment of the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund and also suspend the daily reinvestment of Treasury securities held by the Government Securities Investment Fund and the Federal Employees’ Retirement System Thrift Savings Plan.”

In his Sept. 10 letter, Lew informed Congress of additional “extraordinary measure” the Treasury was taking to allow it to report that the debt subject to the limit was frozen.

Since my previous letter, I have taken additional action to implement the  extraordinary measures that allow us, on a temporary basis, to continue paying the nation's bills,” said Lew. “Specifically, on August 31, I suspended, as necessary, the daily reinvestment of the portion of the Exchange Stabilization Fund that is invested in Treasury securities.”

Each of the measures employed to date,” said Lew, “is authorized by law, and each has been used during past debt limit impasses.”

The Treasury has also posted Frequently Asked Question sheets that explain the actions the Treasury takes during a “debt issuance suspension period” and their statutory basis.






In the subject article, it has been reported that California authorities are “misplacing” thousands of signatures on petitions calling for the revocation of mandatory vaccines in that State. First they hold a secret meeting. Then, when that meeting was set to table the mandatory vaccines, it was adjourned. Then it was rescheduled. Then they approved it. Then the legislature voted for it. Then the governor signed it. All of this was against the will of a large majority of Californians. Now as Californians are organizing to repeal this law, authorities are trying to block those efforts.

How much of this crap is enough. It is not thoughtful and concerned parents that belong in prison when they oppose this law. It is those lawmakers who spit in the face of our founders when passing unconstitutional legislation. I cannot tell anyone what to do when faced with this mandatory vaccine requirement, but if it were me, no way in hell. Sooner or later, one way or another, those tiny minority with even more tiny brains, have to be confronted and removed.

Below this article, is a video featuring Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. She is a physician and researcher categorically stating there is no such thing as a safe vaccine.

Bruce                                  New World Order News


SB277 Referendum volunteers suspect sabotage from within as panic ensues

Despite the positive social media posts leading up to the deadline, things started to go awry once volunteers began submitting their signatures, with petitioners citing huge discrepancies in various counties and some claiming that they only received credit for a third of what was turned in to referendum managers Donnelly and Lauren Stephens, who were responsible for submitting the petitions to validation companies.

Below are some estimates of the discrepancies:

• San Diego County submitted eight boxes of signatures but only received one in return
• Orange County is missing 6,000 signatures
• San Bernardino County is missing 8,000
• Sacramento County is missing 15,000 – 20,000 signatures

While signature totals are still unknown, only an estimated 100,000 of the potential half a million signatures have been accounted for – meaning somehow, hundreds of thousands of signatures are missing.

The missing signatures have led some volunteers to claim that the referendum was sabotaged, and likely from within, prompting organizers to file a request for an investigation to the California Secretary of State.

The large discrepancies in signature counts is generating panic among volunteers, causing some to point fingers at referendum leaders, with some volunteers alleging that they dropped off many more signatures with Stephens than she turned in to the validation companies.

Stephens reportedly claims that she did not discard any petitions, but she has failed to explain where the signatures have gone, an odd occurrence considering that two weeks prior she publicly announced they were expecting at least 300K signatures – meaning one would imagine she would have noticed that the number of signatures being turned in was far lower than her estimates.

Despite repeated calls to Donnelly and Stephens, they have not returned our request for comment.

While both Donnelly and Stephens have remained eerily silent during the chaos that's recently ensued, although vague, Donnelly finally issued a statement yesterday on the referendum's Facebook page (view the entire post

Never before in my political experience have I witnessed such extensive and determined opposition to a campaign. This opposition was from very powerful special interests, namely the pharmaceutical lobby and a [sic] big pharmaceutical companies. The lengths to which these forces would go knew no bounds. The SB277 Referendum was sabotaged from without and within by powerful forces from its very inception, but we never gave up and we never gave in. ...

Whatever the outcome is of the signatures that dozens of dedicated leaders are turning in today at county Registrar of Voter Offices across the state of California, I am proud to have served in this great cause with such great Americans.

Despite the possible sabotage of the SB277 Referendum, the effort to reclaim your right to medical choice is by no means over. You can keep up with breaking developments on California's forced vaccination law at and, powered by









It has been hard to get at the truth regarding the never ending wars our government is conducting in many areas of the world. It has been equally hard for me, having been raised in the era of the Soviet Union, to look to Russia for a more accurate report on world events, but here we are.

In the following interview, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, answers all of the questions, charges and inaccuracies, carried on a regular basis by our mainstream media whores. Don't get me wrong. I am not ready to sell my belongings and move to Russia, but sometimes it's useful to look to our opponents for a more realistic view of ourselves.

You will note that our media is not even capable of accurately reporting quotes with which they disagree.

Bruce                                      New World Order News


UPDATED: "We know everything" - Putin's interview on American CBS PLUS what was cut from the interview


September 27, 2015

Posted by Kristina Rus

Russian version (translation below)






CBS News


All eyes on Putin



At a time of icy relations with the U.S., Russian President Vladimir Putin gives a rare -- and surprising -- interview to 60 Minutes

The following is a script from "Putin" which aired on September 27, 2015. Charlie Rose is the correspondent. Andy Court, producer.

There aren't many world leaders who have generated as much interest as Russia's Vladimir Putin. All eyes will be on Putin when he speaks at the U.N. tomorrow and meets with President Obama, at a time when he has placed himself and his country in the middle of the most pressing issues of our times. He helped the U.S. and its Western allies broker the nuclear deal with Iran, and now, with a Russian buildup of aircraft, military equipment and personnel in Syria, he has put himself and his country at the center of that civil war and the fight against ISIS.

Now, when his relations with the United States seem to be at a post-Cold War low, suffering under Western economic sanctions imposed on Russia, Putin may be looking for a way to restore his international influence and gain the respect he seeks for his homeland.
Just before his trip to the U.S., Putin invited us to meet him at his state residence outside Moscow where we found him characteristically confident and combative as he made the case that the focus in Syria should be on fighting ISIS rather than removing Syrian President Assad.


Charlie Rose: So you would like to join the United States in the fight against ISIS? That's part of why you're there. Others think that while that may be part of your goal, you're trying to save the Assad administration because they've been losing ground and the war has not been going well for them. And you're there to rescue them.

President Putin: Well, you're right.
We support the legitimate government of Syria.  [Not shown in the RT version and not legible in the CBS version] And it's my deep belief that any actions to the contrary in order to destroy the legitimate government will create a situation which you can witness now in the other countries of the region or in other regions, for instance in Libya where all the state institutions are disintegrated. We see a similar situation in Iraq. And there is no other solution to the Syrian crisis than strengthening the effective government structures and rendering them help in fighting terrorism. But, at the same time, urging them to engage in positive dialogue with the rational [healthy part of - KR] opposition and conduct reform.

Charlie Rose: As you know some of the coalition partners want to see President Assad go first before they will support.

President Putin: I'd like to recommend to them the following. They should send this message to the Syrian people. It's only the Syrian people [Omitted: inside the country - KR] are entitled to decide who [and how] should govern their country and how.

Charlie Rose: President Assad, you support him. Do you support what he is doing in Syria and what is happening to those Syrian people, those many millions of refugees and the hundreds of thousands of people that have been killed, many by his own force?

President Putin: Well, tell me, what do you think about those who support the [armed] opposition and mainly the terrorist organizations only in order to oust Assad without thinking about what will happen to the country after all the government institutions have been demolished? Today, you have repeatedly said that
Assad [Syrian army]  is fighting against his own population [people]. But look at those who are in control of 60 percent of the territory in Syria. It's controlled by either ISIS or by others--

Charlie Rose: Al-Nusra?

President Putin: --such as al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations. They are recognized as terrorist organizations by the United States, by other states and by the United Nations.

Charlie Rose: Are you prepared to put Russian combat troops on the ground in Syria if it's necessary to defeat ISIS?

President Putin: Russia will not participate in any troop operations in the territory of Syria or in any other states. Well, at least we don't plan on it right now. But we are considering intensifying our work with both President Assad and with our partners in other countries.

Charlie Rose: I come back to the problem that many people look at. And they believe that Assad helps ISIS. That his reprehensible conduct against the Syrian people using barrel bombs and worse is a recruiting tool for ISIS and that if he was removed, transitioned, at some point, it would be better in the fight against ISIS, al-Nusra and others.

President Putin: Well, speaking in a professional language of intelligence services I can tell you that this kind of assessment is an "active measure" by enemies of Assad. It is anti-Syrian propaganda.

Charlie Rose: Much is being read into this including this, that this is a new effort for Russia to take a leadership role in the Middle East and that it represents a new strategy by you. Is it?

President Putin: Not really. No. More than 2,000 fighters from
Russia and Ex-Soviet Republics are in the territory of Syria. There is a threat of their return to us. So instead of waiting for their return, we are better off helping Assad fight them on Syrian territory. So this is the most important thing which encourages us and pushes us to provide assistance to Assad. And, in general, we want the situation in the region to stabilize.

Charlie Rose: But your pride in Russia means that you would like to see Russia play a bigger role in the world and this is just one example.

President Putin: Well, it's not the goal in itself. I'm proud of Russia, that's true. And we have something to be proud of, but we do not have any
obsession [fetish] with being a superpower in the international arena.

Charlie Rose: But you are in part a major power because of the nuclear weapons you have. You are a force to be reckoned with.

President Putin: I hope so. I definitely hope so. Otherwise why do we have nuclear weapons at all?

Recent tension between the United States and Russia began after Ukraine's president Yanukovych was overthrown and fled to Russia. Putin responded by annexing Crimea, leading the U.S. and Western allies to impose tough economic sanctions against Russia.

President Putin: Ukraine is a separate and major issue for us. It is our closest neighbor. We've always said that this is our sister country. It's not only a Slavic people [Omitted by CBS: It's people are closest to Russia, the language is very similar - KR]. We have common history, common culture, common religion, and many things in common. What I believe is absolutely unacceptable is the resolution of internal political issues in the former USSR Republics, through "color revolutions," through coup d'états, through unconstitutional removal of power. That is totally unacceptable. Our partners in the United States [Omitted: "are not hiding that they" - KR]  have supported those who ousted Yanukovych.

Charlie Rose: You believe that the United States had something to do with the ousting of Yanukovych, and he had to flee to Russia.

President Putin: I know that for sure.

Charlie Rose: How do you know that for sure?

President Putin:
I know those people who live in Ukraine. [Wrong! He said: Because we have thousands of contacts and thousands of connections with people who live in Ukraine - KR]. We have thousands of contacts with them. We know who and where, when, who exactly met with someone and worked with those who ousted Yanukovych, how they were supported, how much they were paid, how they were trained, where, in which countries, and who those instructors were. We know everything. [Omitted - Frankly speaking our American partners are not hiding this - KR]

For the record, the U.S. government has denied any involvement in the removal of the Ukrainian leader. - added by CBS

Charlie Rose: You respect the sovereignty of Ukraine?

President Putin: Sure. But we want countries to respect the sovereignty of other countries and Ukraine in particular. Respect for sovereignty means to not allow unconstitutional action and coup d'états, the removal of legitimate power.

Charlie Rose: How will the renewal of legitimate power take place in your judgment? How will that come about? And what role will Russia play?

President Putin: Russia has not taken part and is not going to take part in any actions aimed at removing the legitimate government.

Charlie Rose: You have a military presence on the border of Ukraine. And some even argue that there have been Russian troops in Ukraine.

President Putin: Well, you do have a military presence in Europe?

Charlie Rose: Yes.

President Putin: American tactical nuclear weapons are in Europe. Let's not forget that. What does this mean? Does it mean that you've occupied Germany or that you've transformed the occupation forces into NATO forces? And if we have our military forces on our territory, on the border with some state, you believe this is a crime?

What Vladimir Putin thinks about America and about President Obama might surprise you. That, and some insights into his personality, when we come back.


Vladimir Putin has wielded power in Russia for more than 15 years, longer than many czars. He has not only reshaped his own country, but has begun to play a larger role in international affairs, as an occasional ally, but more often foe of U.S. policy.

Presidential candidates have portrayed him as a bully, a gangster or pragmatic opponent who can be bargained with.

One thing we found: a strong personality who will engage in a conversation with blunt talk, charm and wit.

Charlie Rose: You're much talked about in America. There's much conversation. More so than any--

President Putin: Maybe they have nothing else to do in America but to talk about me.

Charlie Rose: No, no, or maybe they're curious people. Or maybe you're an interesting character. Maybe that's what it is. They know of a former KGB agent who came back and got into politics in St. Petersburg and became deputy mayor and then came to Moscow. And the interesting thing is they see these images of you bare-chested on a horse. And they say, "There is a man who carefully cultivates his image of strength."

President Putin: You know, I'm convinced that a person in my position must provide a positive example to people. And those areas where he can do this, he must do this.

Charlie Rose: You enjoy the work, you enjoy representing Russia and you know-- you've been an intelligence officer. Intelligence officers know how to read other people. That's part of the job, yes? Yes?

President Putin: It used to be. Used to be. Now I have a different job and that's been for quite a long time.

Charlie Rose: Somebody in Russia told me there is no such thing as a former KGB man. Once a KGB man, always a KGB man.

President Putin: Well, you know, anything that we do, all this knowledge we acquire, all the experience, we'll have it forever and we'll keep that. And we'll use it somehow. So, in this sense, yes. They're right.

Charlie Rose: A CIA operative once said to me that one of the training you have is you learn the capacity to be liked as well because you have to charm people. You have to charm people, you have to, yes, seduce them. Let me--

President Putin: Well, if the CIA told you then that's the way it is because they are an expert on that.

Charlie Rose: You have a popularity rating in Russia that would make every politician in the world envious. Why are you so popular?

President Putin: There is something that I have in common with every citizen of Russia, the love for our motherland.

Charlie Rose: Many of us were moved by an emotional moment at the time of the World War II memory because of the sacrifices Russia had made. And you were seen with a picture of your father with tears in your eyes.

President Putin: My family suffered very major losses during the Second World War, that's true. In my father's family, there were five brothers. I think four of them died. On my mother's side the picture was pretty much the same. Russia has suffered great losses. And of course we can't forget that. And we must not forget that. Not to put blame on somebody, but to prevent anything like this from happening in the future.

Charlie Rose: You also have said that the worst thing to happen in the last century was the collapse of the Soviet empire. There are those who look at Ukraine, especially Ukraine and Georgia, and they believe that you do not want to recreate the Soviet empire, but you do want to recreate a sphere of influence, which you think Russia deserves because of the relationship that has existed. Why are you smiling? Why?

President Putin: You're making me happy
[actually he said, you are making me smile (laugh) - KR], because we're always suspected of some ambitions. And they always try to distort something. I indeed said that I believe that the collapse of the USSR was a huge tragedy of the 20th century. You know why?

Charlie Rose: Why?

President Putin: Because, first of all, in an instant 25 million Russian people found themselves beyond the borders of the Russian state, although they were living within the borders of the Soviet Union. Then, all of a sudden, the USSR collapsed -- just overnight, in fact. And it's turned out that in the former Soviet Republics -- 25 million Russian people were living. They were living in a single country. And all of a sudden, they turned out to be outside the borders of the country. You see this is a huge problem. First of all, there were everyday problems, the separation of families, social problems, economic problems. You can't list them all. Do you think it's normal that 25 million Russian people were abroad all of a sudden?
Russia was the biggest divided nation in the world. [ Wrong! He said, Russians are the biggest divided nation in the world today! - KR]  It's not a problem? Well, maybe not for you. But it's a problem for me.

Charlie Rose: There are many people who are critical of Russia, as you know. They say that it's more autocratic and less democratic. They say that political opponents and journalists have been killed and imprisoned in Russia. They say your power is unchallenged. And they say that power and absolute power corrupts absolutely. What do you say to those people who worry about the climate, the atmosphere in Russia?

President Putin: Well, there can be no democracy whatsoever without compliance with the law. Everyone must observe the laws. This is the most important thing which we must bear in mind. As for these tragic events, such as the death of people, including journalists, unfortunately they do occur in all countries of the world. But if they happen in our country, we do the utmost to find the criminals and to punish them. But the most important thing is that we will continue to improve our political system so that every citizen can feel that they do influence the life of the city, of the country and of the society and so that the authorities will feel responsible with regard to those people who trust them during election campaigns.

Charlie Rose: If you, as a leader of this country, insist that the rule of law be adhered to, if you insist that justice be done, if you because of your power, then it could go a long way to eliminating that perception.

President Putin: Well, a lot can be done. But not everyone succeeds with everything from the very start. How long did it take the democratic process to develop in the United States? Do you believe that everything is perfect now from the point of view of democracy in the United States? If everything was perfect there wouldn't be the problem of Ferguson. There would be no abuse by the police. But our task is to see all these problems and to respond properly.

Charlie Rose: So the people who killed Nemtsov will be prosecuted to the fullest?

President Putin: Yes. I said it right away that this is a shame for our history and criminals must be prosecuted and punished.

Charlie Rose: Are you curious about America? More than simply another nation that you have to deal with?

President Putin: Of course we are curious about what's going on. America exerts enormous influence on the situation in the world, as a whole.

Charlie Rose: What do you admire most about America?

President Putin: I like the creativity.

Charlie Rose: Creativity?

President Putin: Creativity when it comes to your tackling problems. Their openness, openness and open-mindedness. Because it allows them to unleash the inner potential of their people. And thanks to that, America has attained such amazing results in developing their country.


At this point the CBS text cuts off, but the video is available on the CBS website above. Below is my translation:

Rose: Let me ask you this, what do you think of president Obama? What's your evaluation of him?

Putin: I don't think I have a right to assess American president. This is a business of American people. 

Rose: Do you think his activities in foreign affairs reflect a weakness?

Putin: Why? I don't think so at all. I think in any country, and in the United States perhaps more then in any other country foreign political factors are used in domestic political battles. And in the Unites States elections are coming up, and often they play the Russian card or some other card.

Rose: Let me ask you this, does he listen to you?

Putin: I thin
k we all listen to each other in some part, in particular in that part which doesn't interfere with our own opinion about what we should or shouldn't do.

Rose: Do you think he considers Russia and equal or you an equal, which is the way you want to be treated?

Putin: Why don't you ask him, he is your president. How can I know what he thinks? (laughs)

Rose: Cause they are curious about you. Are you curious, are you watching the Republican political debates?

Putin: Not daily

Rose: Marco Rubio said some terrible things about you, he said you are a gangster? 

Putin: How can I be a gangster, if I worked for the KGB, it doesn't have anything to do with reality.

Rose: Are people in Russia fearful of you?

Putin: I think that most people in Russia trust me, if they vote for me at elections. This places a huge responsibility. I am thankful for the trust. I feel great
responsibility for what I do and for the results of my work.

Rose: As you know, some have called you a tsar. Does the name fit?

Putin: (laughs) So what? I am called many things, It doesn't matter what you are called by well-wishers or opponents. What matters is what you think yourself as a head of the country, which has entrusted you with such a position as head of Russian Federation. 


The above was not cut from the video, but did not appear in the CBS text. Read this next article to see what was not shown on American TV, but was recorded by Russia Today: 



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What The Media Isn’t Saying About Vaccine Links To Autism


Ken O'Keefe going off on Israel and wars







Unemployment is around 5%. 200,000 jobs are being created every month. There is no inflation. These are just 3 of the hundreds, even thousands of lies, spewed by our government masters on a daily basis.

Now, even their statistics, show all of their claims are total B.S. Despite plunging gas prices, Americans are out of money. Poorly paying jobs, part time jobs or no jobs are the primary reasons for falling retail sales. When one is out of money, he has 2 choices in considering a retail purchase. He can go into debt to make the purchase or he can forgo the purchase altogether. In the past, Americans were going into debt at a record pace. Statistics show that has slowed. Therefore, the fall in retail sales was totally predictable.

This will get worse. There are very few good jobs and those jobs that remain do not even pay enough to support a basic standard of living. The government can play with figures all they want, but math is absolute. When your wallet has no money in it, you cannot buy anything.

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Retail Sales Worst Since 2009 For This Time Of Year

Holiday season is setting up to be a major disappointment

Retail Sales Worst Since 2009 For This Time Of Year

Image Credits: Evan-Amos, Wikimedia Commons.

by Zero Hedge | September 23, 2015

The last time September Retail Sales growth was this weak was 2009, limping aimlessly out of the ‘Great Recession’. With a mere 0.9% year-over-year growth, Johnson-Redbook data seems to confirm what Reuters reports is looming – the weakest U.S. holiday sales season for retailers since the recession. Consultancy firm AlixPartners expects sales to grow 2.8-3.4% during the November-December shopping period compared with 4.4% in 2014, based on analyzing consumer spending trends so far this year, noting (myth-busting for permabulls) dollars saved at the pump are being directed to personal savings or on non-retail activities.
This year is already seeing the worst retail sales growth since the great recession…


And now, as Reuters reports, the holiday season is setting up to be a major disappointment…

Upper middle-class shoppers spooked by a whipsawing stock market and shoppers waiting till the last minute for the best deals could result in the weakest U.S. holiday sales season for retailers since the recession, AlixPartners said.
The consultancy firm said it expects sales to grow 2.8 percent to 3.4 percent during the November-December shopping period compared with 4.4 percent in 2014, based on analyzing consumer spending trends so far this year.
This forecasted increase is on the low end of holiday sales performance since 2010, AlixPartners said in an advanced copy of a report given to Reuters. Holiday sales have averaged 3.9 percent in the last five years, the firm said.
What we are seeing is that consumers’ behavior this year in terms of increased retail sales is fairly muted,” said Noam Paransky, director of AlixPartners’ retail practice and one of the authors of the report.
A lot of the ingredients that drive retail revenue…aren’t there,”he said pointing to slow U.S. economic growth, low inflation and population growth.
U.S. consumer sentiment hit its lowest in a year in early September as households expected slower growth abroad to hit the U.S. economy, a survey released by the University of Michigan showed. Consumers’ expectations for current and future personal finances also took a knock.
Even though unemployment levels are decreasing and gas prices are falling, stagnant wage growth is forcing middle- and low-income consumers to spend prudently, Paransky said.
Dollars saved at the pump are being directed to personal savings or on non-retail activities, such as holidays, instead of discretionary items.

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But lower gas prices were unequivocally good!!???

Charts: Bloomberg





No, not by the U.S. (ISIS was actually trained and supplied by the U.S.) and no, not by Turkey, (they have been attacking the Kurds saying they're ISIS and no, not by Israel, Israel leaves that to the U.S. while they attack totally disarmed civilians in Gaza, and not by NATO. Just recently, ISIS is being attacked by Syria with upgraded military equipment sold to them by Russia.

You may have read the U.S. response to Russia supplying Syria. Government spokesmen have been in a state of panic that Russia may succeed where everyone else has failed. Even a casual observer has to question why the U.S. with seemingly unlimited military power, would be impotent in the face of a rag tag band of fundamentalists. Maybe it's because there's another agenda. If Syria succeeds in getting their country back with Russian assistance, the U.S. wars throughout the middle east may end up as a series of long, bloody and expensive failures.

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Syria confirms receipt of Russian jets to target Isis

Air force takes delivery of fighter planes and reconnaissance aircraft, and US officials say Moscow plans to send 2,000 personnel to airbase near Latakia

Latakia military base

Satellite view of a military base in the Syrian government-controlled city of Latakia. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

Ian Black Middle East editor, and Alec Luhn in Moscow

Tuesday 22 September 2015 15.04 EDT Last modified on Tuesday 22 September 2015 17.41 EDT

Syria has confirmed for the first time that it has received advanced fighter and reconnaissance aircraft from Russia, which the Damascus government says have significantly enhanced its ability to target Islamic State fighters.

The Syrian air force has “taken delivery of at least five fighter planes from Moscow as well as reconnaissance aircraft which allow us to identify targets with great accuracy,” a senior military official told the AFP news agency on Tuesday. Russia has also sent other “sophisticated military equipment” to fight Isis.

A Syrian army officer told the Guardian separately that infantry units were now receiving more accurate satellite images of Isis positions and that airstrikes against them were thus more accurate and frequent, apparently thanks to Russian help.

US officials have reported that Russia now has 28 fighter aircraft in Syria and plans to send 2,000 personnel to an airbase south of the coastal city of Latakia. Russia has started to fly unmanned aircraft over Syria in what appear to be surveillance operations.

There remains uncertainty, however, over how directly the Russians are prepared to get involved in the conflict.

Satellite pictures reported by IHS Janes Intelligence Review on Tuesday show the construction of two new Russian facilities north of Latakia. These “highlight how the rapid buildup of Russia’s expeditionary force in Syria is continuing apace,” it said.

On Monday the Kommersant newspaper in Moscow quoted a soldier at the naval base in the Syrian city of Tartus as saying that the number of Russian specialists there had grown to 1,700.

Four and a half years into a war that has killed an estimated 250,000 people, the arms deliveries represent a significant development. Russia and Iran have backed President Bashar al-Assad from the start while the US and European countries have called for his overthrow and given limited support to rebel groups, which have been eclipsed on the ground by Islamist fighters backed by the Saudis and Turkey or by Isis and Jabhat al-Nusra, al-Qaida’s Syrian affiliate.

The new aircraft, which arrived last Friday, have already been deployed against Isis in Deir Ezzor and Raqqa, the jihadist group’s de facto capital in north-eastern Syria. “Russian weapons are starting to have an effect in Syria,” the official said.

A Syrian army special forces officer said: “In the past two weeks there has been a noticeable increase in the accuracy and frequency of air force strikes. They actually call us now for more targets to hit. We have been receiving new intelligence, more accurate satellite and aerial imaging of Isis positions which we never got before.”

The officer added: “They [the Russians] might supply the weapons, but we will be the ones fighting on the ground.”

The anti-regime Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that at least 38 Isis fighters had been killed in airstrikes on Monday. “The number of raids is growing and the strikes are more precise after the Syrian air force received arms and more efficient planes from Moscow,” said the observatory’s director Rami Abdel Rahman.

Analysts have noted that since the Russian buildup, the Syrian air force has moved from dropping barrel bombs on other rebel-held areas to attacking Isis in Raqqa and Palmyra. On Monday, however, up to 32 civilians were reported killed when Syrian government forces bombarded a rebel-held part of Aleppo.

Western and Arab governments appear confused by Moscow’s moves, having recently hoped that it would take part in diplomatic efforts to end the crisis. Britain’s defence secretary, Michael Fallon, said on Tuesday that the Russian buildup in Syria had further complicated an already complex situation. Unlike the US, the UK has had no direct talks with Russia about the deployment, he said.


Secretary of state John Kerry says the US military has assessed that the type of Russian aircraft in Syria is consistent with protecting their own forces, and calls on Russia and Iran to be helpful in ending the four-year conflict

Saudi Arabia and its Gulf partners called the Russian move an “escalation” and said Syria had no future while Assad was in power. Foreign ministers of the six-member Gulf Cooperation Council urged a political solution to the crisis “without any foreign intervention” – a clear swipe at Russia and Iran.

Western analysts say Vladimir Putin sees an opportunity to both assist the Assad regime and boost Russia’s influence in the region at the expense of the US. Further moves are likely to be set out when Putin addresses the UN general assembly in New York next week. He is due to meet the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan, on Wednesday.

The main significance of the Russian move is that it focuses on Isis, which is increasingly at the heart of western concerns, and portrays Assad as the essential partner in ensuring its defeat.

Russia guesses that the conflicting objectives of all sides in the Syrian conflict – and of their international backers – will ensure that there can be no political solution for the foreseeable future,” said the Soufan Group, a US-based strategic analysis firm. “It is therefore taking advantage of this stalemate to increase the chances of Assad’s survival by inserting a significant military presence, while at the same time boosting its own influence in the broader Middle East.”

Efforts to find a negotiated solution to Syria’s war have repeatedly failed, despite the enormity of a crisis that has forced millions from their homes, many of them now seeking refuge in Europe.

Leonid Isayev, an associate professor of political science at Moscow’s Higher School of Economics, said he believed Russian forces were not taking active part in the conflict but were preparing to do so if Damascus came under threat. Isayev toured government-controlled areas of Syria last week.

Rumours that Russian soldiers are going to fight on the side of Assad are exaggerated,” Isayev told the Guardian. “I don’t disagree that Russian specialists are arriving in Syria, our equipment and weapons are being delivered, that’s a fact. We are modernising the base in Latakia, we are modernising the port in Tartus, and that’s being done to prevent the fall of Damascus because rebels are already in the outskirts and there’s a risk of attack.”

Additional reporting by Ala’a Ebrahim





Several years ago the makers of Tide, Proctor & Gamble, was accused of using a satanic symbol in their logo. At that time I dismissed it as hysteria. Now, some 30 years later, I'm not so sure. Also, back 30 years, the gay lobby ridiculed those who were alleging gays had an agenda and were attempting to recruit non gays into accepting and adopting their lifestyle.

This brings me forward to 2015. The subject video is a commercial from Tide. In it 2, obviously gay men, are going into a church to get married. One has a spot on his shirt which is removed by Tide spot remover.

Here's the question. What is Tide advertising, a spot remover or gay marriage? You see the whole purpose of advertising is to convince the viewer to purchase your product or service or adopt a point of view. Since the commercial has only 30 seconds to accomplish their purpose, no time can be wasted. If you disagree with Tide's position on gay marriage, you need to buy another product and leave the purchase of Proctor and Gamble products to gays. Do we rally need to have the gay agenda promoted thousands of times a day in our media?

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Tide Detergent Ridicules Christianity, Rams Homosexual Agenda Down TV Viewers’ Throats



(Moon Battery)  Every time you turn on the idiot box, it becomes a little more obvious that advertisers consider advancing the cultural Marxist agenda to be at least as important as selling products. Here Tide does its part to attack traditional values and to normalize the depraved concept of homosexual “marriage”:

Obviously this blasphemous ad will alienate if not infuriate consumers who might otherwise buy the product ostensibly being advertised. Parent company P&G doesn’t appear to care.

You can watch TV until your brain turns to Jell-O, but you will never see a commercial that sides with normal, decent Americans against the militant degenerates who rule us through the courts.






Those who follow economic trends in the U.S. place great value on the interest rate set by the Federal Reserve. This past week there was anxiety over whether or not interest rates were going up. In the subject video, Peter Schiff says, once again, the FED cannot raise rates --- ever. The only thing holding up this very fragile economy is interest free money being poured into banks by the Federal Reserve.

In the past, when the FED didn't raise rates, the stock market would go way up. This time it was different. Just today, the DOW was down almost 300 points. So why are the FED rates irrelevant? Because it's too late. The U.S. government acknowledges a debt of around 18 trillion dollars. This will never be paid. If we include the unfunded liabilities and off budget expenses, it balloons to between 100 and 200 trillion dollars. This also, will never be paid. This is the classic definition of bankruptcy.

Here is the flaw in the monetary system. Because the FED gets interest on every dollar, when a dollar gets put into circulation it takes more than that dollar to pay it back. No matter what the debt, there will always be less money in circulation than the debt itself. It can never be paid. Eventually, the creditors will be out of luck and the currency will be worthless.

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The only female Republican candidate for President is Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett Packard. Fiorina has been openly bragging about her tenure at Hewlett Packard. She has implied that as President, she will apply the same business acumen for our nation as she did at HP. The subject article covers Fiorina's tenure at HP and it's not very flattering.

Under her leadership HP went through many changes. She presided over the purchase of Compaq Computer as well as outsourcing many of the manufacturing processes to 3rd world countries previously performed in the U.S. The result was a dramatic fall in the revenue at HP and a rapid decline in the value of common stock. Fiorina was fired. No problem though as she made at least 100 million dollars for herself.

So now she wants to bring that into the Presidency. At first one would shudder at the prospect, but judging from the performance of the past few occupants of the oval office, she would be perfect --- exactly the kind of President we have elected in the recent past.

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Yale professor on Carly Fiorina's business record: She 'destroyed half the wealth of her investors yet still earned almost $100 million'



 Business Insider

By Julie Bort September 16, 2015 3:34 PM

Carly Fiorina

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina.

Carly Fiorina is ready to take on Donald Trump, the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination.

"I think Mr. Trump's going to be hearing quite a lot from me," said Fiorina in an interview with CNBC ahead of the second Republican debate.

"Donald Trump and I are in totally different businesses," said Fiorina. "He's in the entertainment business. And he's also in a privately held business. In the business I was in, we had to report our results publicly, as you well know, in excruciating detail, quarter after quarter after quarter."

She added, "If you file for bankruptcy four times, I think it suggests either lack of judgment or lack of discipline."

So far, no attacks on Trump have stuck. Maybe this one will stick. Maybe people will question Trump's business credentials.

But Fiorina better be careful because her biggest business achievement, CEO of Hewlett-Packard, is widely regarded as a disaster.

She has been frequently called out as one of the "worst" CEOs.

In an article about worst CEOs in USA Today in 2005, Yale business Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld said that Fiorina was "the worst because of her ruthless attack on the essence of this great company. ... She destroyed half the wealth of her investors and yet still earned almost $100 million in total payments for this destructive reign of terror."

Trump is quick-witted, and incisive. He is really good at delivering campaign-ending insults. Fiorina appears ready to serve Trump a softball if she's going to run on her business record.

Stands by his 'worst CEO' comment today

We reached out to Sonnenfeld, who is still at Yale — he's a senior associate dean — who told us he stands by his opinion.

"Yes — I stand by what I said," he said. "The only things I would add are ... the board’s wisdom in her unanimous firing was vindicated by the fact that there has been no exoneration or contrition."

Sonnenfeld also told us that, while Fiorina was at HP, "virtually everything she bought ... has been shuttered or divested." He pointed out — emphasis his — that "She has NEVER been offered another CEO position in the decade since."

He also contends that she was asked to leave Taiwan Semiconductor's board in 2009 "as she only attended 17 percent of their board meetings" — something he has noted publicly before.

Fiorina's campaign has responded by attacking Sonnenfeld's credibility.

A rundown of her business achievements

Prior to her time at HP, she was a rising star at telecom equipment maker Lucent, where she led corporate operations when Lucent spun off from AT&T and then rose to become a top president there.



Carly Fiorina, Republican presidential candidate, looks on at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma May 23, 2015.  ...

(Thomson Reuters)
But even her time a Lucent was controversial,
Arik Hesseldahl of Re/Code points out.

As a sales leader, she was knee-deep in Lucent's aggressive lending practices, loaning money to customers to buy Lucent equipment, Hesseldahl reports. A few years after she left, Lucent crashed big, not helped by $7 billion in loans to customers — some of which were out of business.

A Lucent employee, Joe Russo, who worked under Fiorina at Lucent, recently wrote an article in Fiorina's defense, describing her as a caring executive who was "open, honest and inspiring" and "just plain cool."

Fiorina was HP's CEO from mid-1999 to early 2005, following Lewis Platt. She was famously fired from HP. Fiorina today explains she was hired to transform a somewhat stodgy company and fired when the company resisted her ideas.

The stock plunged between the time she started and the time she left. When she began, the stock was hovering around $55. It was hovering at $19 to $20 when she was fired, after the company had missed a few earnings expectations.

To be fair, her tenure overlapped with the end of the dot-com bubble, and a lot of tech companies had similar stock price drops during that period as well. But HP's stock performance was worse than other big tech companies, such as Cisco, Intel, Microsoft, and Oracle, during her tenure.

She's famous for buying Compaq over the strong objections of some board members. Fiorina led HP into a bitter and public board-level fight over the acquisition of Compaq. She wanted to buy the big PC rival and turn HP into the biggest PC maker.

A faction of the board, led by Walter Hewlett — son of internally revered company co-founder William Hewlett — opposed the buy and launched a proxy fight. Fiorina won the proxy fight, and HP bought Compaq for about $19 billion in 2002.



Carly Fiorina

(Flickr/Gage Skidmore)
The integration of Compaq into HP was not smooth. Key Compaq executives reporting to Fiorina left or were ousted. And Fiorina angered many employees with a massive layoff right after the acquisition,
cutting a reported 30,000 HP jobs.

The acquisition did turn HP into the largest PC maker, though, and it has been consistently in the top three — trading places with Dell and Lenovo periodically — ever since.

Her campaign points out that after the Compaq acquisition, HP's revenue was a lot bigger, as was its cash flow, and it employed a lot more people.

Annual revenue growth declined. Fiorina's campaign says that HP's revenue growth rate climbed from 2% to 9% while she led the company, based on comparing the first quarters of both time periods. Annual revenue growth, when adjusting for foreign currency, declined, reports The Washington Post's Glenn Kessler, from 7% before she started to 3% when she left.

There's another problem with her growth: She bought it. She didn't organically grow HP's business.

As Andrew Ross Sorkin of The New York Times wrote in a column recently: "Here's the problem: Those numbers she is referencing aren’t Hewlett-Packard's profit. They are the company's revenue. And if you make enough acquisitions — especially one the size of Compaq — you can inflate your revenue figures. You can also buy growth."

Growing revenue through acquisitions isn't the worst thing in the world. Businesses do it all the time. It's smart management.

But Fiorina is running on a platform of cutting down the size of the government. There's no smaller nation she can go out and buy to grow the US's GDP.

Here's what she told CNBC: "I'm in favor of revenue-reducing tax reform. The government spends too much money."



(TechShowNetwork / Flickr)
Difficult relations with employees.
 Fiorina was accused of
off-shoring thousands of HP jobs and making the workers who lost their jobs train their overseas replacements.

Fiorina is also known internally as straying from the "HP Way," according to longterm employees. That's the egalitarian, decentralized system that became the company's core culture in its early years, according to the HP Alumni Association.


HP originally helped usher in the open-door, treat-employees-well, Valley culture exemplified by companies such as Google and Facebook today.

Fiorina also has her advocates

Fiorina also has her supporters, people who like her stick-to-her-guns style. In that same article from 2005 about the worst CEOs, Professor S.P. Kothari of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology praised Fiorina's conviction in pursuing her strategy.

A former HP board member has recently come to her defense. Tom Perkins, the long-retired founder of the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, took out a full-page ad in her defense, calling her a visionary.

"Not only did she save the company from the dire straits it was in, she laid the foundation for HP's future growth," he wrote.


Tom Perkins

(Bloomberg TV)
Tom Perkins.

Perkins is a controversial figure, too. He came to HP's board after Fiorina bought Compaq, a company he had invested in. He was a big advocate of the merger — it was a good outcome for him.

In recent years, he has been known for ideas such as comparing the persecution of rich people to the persecution of the Jews by the Nazis. He also once said that rich people should get more votes in elections.

Since her time at HP, Fiorina's business experience consisted primarily of board seats on a handful of companies. She also served as a spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee.






This is another one of those conditions that was rare 100 years ago, but now is common, gluten intolerance. The subject article raises an interesting point. Wheat grown 100 years ago was not sprayed with chemicals like glyphosate. Today it is. Imagine bread, pasta, rolls, cookies, pizza and all the other things that are made from wheat. Now imagine all of these foods are contaminated with, what many countries have labeled, a carcinogenic.

We scarcely go through a day where the pharmaceutical industry doesn't brag about the decline in infectious diseases because of their vaccines. Well, we have exposed the flaw in their arguments before, but what about this? What about all of the new diseases and conditions running out of control, that were unheard of 100 years ago. Monsanto, the makers of Round up, has been a major player in the 21st century poisoning of America.

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Gluten sensitivity or just Roundup? American wheat doused with Roundup before harvest

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June 15, 2015By Ethan Huff

wheat harvest photo(Health Secrets) American wheat doused with Roundup? The mystery behind skyrocketing rates of Celiac disease, gluten intolerance, and other wheat-related illnesses may not have anything to do with wheat or even gluten, but rather the process by which conventional American wheat is grown and harvested.

Unbeknownst to most consumers is the fact that just before harvest, a vast majority of conventional wheat grown in the U.S. is doused in Roundup herbicide, which ends up poisoning your favorite breads, cereals, cakes, and pastries.

Many conventional wheat farmers in America, driven by greed and carelessness, flood their wheat crops with Roundup just before harvest in order to slightly boost yields and reduce harvest time. But the end result is Roundup being absorbed directly into the wheat kernels that end up processed on your dinner plate.

The Healthy Home Economist‘s Sarah Pope explains in a recent article how the pre-harvest application of Roundup is used to dry conventional wheat and make it easier to harvest. This process helps wheat crops release their seeds more quickly, resulting in moderately higher yields.

But according to wheat farmer Keith Lewis, this practice isn’t licensed, though it is quite common in the U.S. When Roundup-sprayed wheat is eventually processed for human consumption, unknown levels of it end up in the final product.

A wheat field often ripens unevenly, thus applying Roundup pre-harvest evens up the greener parts of the field with the more mature,” he explained during a 2012 interview with Dr. William Davis, author of the bestselling book Wheat Belly.

The result is on the less mature areas, Roundup is translocated into the kernels and eventually harvested as such.”


Stop buying corporate America’s wheat products

In her report, Pope highlights a graph that was included in a 2013 study published in the journal Interdisciplinary Toxicology, which clearly illustrates a corresponding increase in both Celiac disease incidence and glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup) use on wheat crops.

Since it first became an option for American wheat farmers in the early 1990s, spraying conventional wheat crops with Roundup just prior to harvest has basically become the norm. The latest U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) figures show that, as of 2012, 99 percent of durum wheat, 97 percent of spring wheat, and 61 percent of winter wheat is doused in herbicides prior to harvest.

Using Roundup on wheat crops throughout the entire growing season and even as a desiccant just prior to harvest may save the farmer money and increase profits, but it is devastating to the health of the consumer who ultimately consumes the glyphosate wheat kernels,” writes Pope.

The reason this is problematic is that Roundup damages several key pathways by which the human body processes and absorbs nutrients. Besides inhibiting cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzymes, which detoxifies the body of foreign chemical compounds, glyphosate damages the gut microbiome, which is responsible for absorbing nutrients.

“… just because Roundup doesn’t kill you immediately doesn’t make it nontoxic,” writes Pope. “In fact, the active ingredient in Roundup lethally disrupts the all important shikimate pathway found in beneficial gut microbes which is responsible for synthesis of critical amino acids.”

In synergy with disruption of the biosynthesis of important amino acids via the shikimate pathway, glyphosate inhibits the cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzymes produced by the gut microbiome. CYP enzymes are critical to human biology because they detoxify the multitude of foreign chemical compounds, xenobiotics, which we are exposed to in our modern environment today.”

The only way to avoid this is to avoid all conventional wheat grown in the U.S., as well as all products made from it. Pope recommends sticking with low gluten, unhybridized Einkorn wheat, or wheat grown in other countries.

Until American farmers wake up to the fact that they are actively poisoning the public with their toxic, glyphosate wheat, it is vital to avoid purchasing all American-grown wheat that is not certified organic.

For more information:




It was bound to happen. After 14 years of pouring their money and blood into the U.S. war on terror, France and Germany are taking the first step in saying they have had enough. Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya and Ukraine have sapped the strength of these once, solid allies. Now, after all this time, there is no end in sight. Add to this, the millions of refugees that are primarily heading to Europe, their very future is at stake.



Meanwhile, Russia is taking the U.S. at their word. The U.S. has said they want to fight ISIS. After a year of “fighting ISIS”, all they have done is bomb the infrastructure of Syria and kill civilians. Now Russia is sending military equipment and personnel to take up this fight. The one difference is they will actually fight ISIS. Europe needs these wars to end so the refugees can survive in their own countries. If the wars continue and expand, as the U.S. government wants, Europe will be overrun.



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Germany To Joins Forces With Russia In Coalition To Defeat ISIS

Submitted by IWB, on September 15th, 2015


by Carol Adl


Germany is moving away from the US anti-Putin alliance and joining forces with Russia in coalition to defeat ISIS

This article originally appeared at DWN, translated by Frank Jakob exclusively for SouthFront

In a surprise move Germany left the anti-Putin-alliance formed by the USA: Germany is now officially welcoming Moscow’s readiness to act in Syria and is starting an initiative together with the Russians and the French to bring an end to the war. This is to stop the constant stream of refugees. Germany has ordered thousands of soldiers into readiness.

Germany - Russia

Germany surprisingly left the alliance formed together with the United States which intended to block Russia’s entry into the Syrian conflict.

Minister of Defence Ursula von der Leyen told Der Spiegel that she welcomed president Putin’s intentions of joining the fight against the extremist organization “Islamic State”. It would be a matter of mutual interests, she said.

A speaker of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs added, Germany would welcome additional efforts of Russia in the fight against IS. Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier even announced the starting of a joint venture between him, Russian foreign minister Lavrov and their French colleague Laurent Fabius with the aim of bringing the Syrian civil war to an end. Lavrov and Fabius are expected to arrive in Berlin this Saturday.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called upon the US-Ministry of Defence to coordinate their efforts with the Russian military. Because both sides are actively invested in Syria it would be paramount for the US to reinstate the previously ceased operational cooperation with Russia, said Lavrov on Friday in Moscow. This was intended to avoid “unintentional incidents”. Russia’s military drills in the Mediterranean would be in accordance to international law. Larvrov explained furthermore, that Russia would keep delivering weapons to the troops of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad to support their struggle against the extremist organization of Islamic State (IS).

Russia already began a diplomatic offensive weeks ago. The Americans did not precisely indicate whether they would support the Russian initiative. Under no circumstances would the US give Russia credit for solving the deadlocked situation, should Russia in fact be successful. Therefore the US-government warned precautionary of a worsening in the refugee crisis should Russia intervene.

Especially the neocons are issuing warnings of any cooperation with Russia in whatever matter. US-President Obama did not clearly state whether the Russian initiative was done in coordination with the White House. Foreign Minister John Kerry went on a surprise visit to Russia in spring which, however, remained without results regarding the Syrian matter. It is likely that the US-government changed their mind in the face of the worsening of the refugee crisis so that they are now willing to cooperate with Russia in the middle east.

German Frank-Walther Steinmeier has long been trying to conciliate behind the curtains and is therefore constantly in touch with his Russian colleague Lavrov. It looks like he is the only one in the German government who realizes that the refugee crisis will get completely out of control if the war in the Middle East continues. Austria and Spain signaled days ago that a Russian participation in the battle against IS was crucial. Russia began expanding its military activities in Syria.

German Minister of Defence Ursula von der Leyen wants to expand the deployment of the Bundeswehr in Iraq. Bundeswehr would be ready to continue its successful work in Kurdish regions in cooperation with the Iraqi government, she told Der Spiegel on Saturday. First steps would already be undertaken. Germany delivered medical supplies, helmets and hazard-protections masks. Up to 100 Bundeswehr soldiers are training Kurdish Peshmerga fighters in northern Iraq. Weapons were also delivered.

Von-der Leyen also ordered thousands of German soldiers into readiness in the wake of the refugee crisis. If this was done because of the refugees or hints of terror threats is still unknown. The order was given to the troops a day before, said a speaker of the ministry on Friday in response to a report by Der Spiegel. Up to 4000 soldiers are under constant readiness to be deployed. Hundreds of soldiers were deployed to help accommodate newly-arrived refugees last weekend. The solders are financially compensated for their services under this deployment order.

Translators comment:

It has been reported that Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called into question the effectiveness of the US-led coalition against Islamic State (IS). According to PNP magazine he stated, that concerned colleagues from within the US-led coalition turned to him. They informed him that the US-military did not give clearances to their fighter pilots even though they clearly located and identified Islamic State positions.





No, it isn't what you've been told or what you think. The secret to keeping your kids safe is to avoid vaccines. The subject video covers all of the main points as to the dangers of the dozens of recommended vaccines.

Almost every State allows parents to sign waivers exempting their children from vaccinations. Just do a search using “vaccination exemption forms” and a number of sites will come up displaying the proper forms for your State.

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As the mainstream media whores parrot the official story on the events of 911 today, those of us who have been shut out of any debate are once again, taking to the air. I have reposted my version of the government fairy tale as well as posting a few of the other questions our government masters and the media whores refuse to answer.

Any unbiased individual who researches the facts will come to the same conclusion as the rest of us ----- IMPOSSIBLE!

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by bzerbel





Once upon a time there were 19 bad men. Some were from Saudi Arabia, some were from the United Arab Emirates, one was from Egypt and one was from Lebanon. One day as they were wandering around Afghanistan, they went into a cave where the mean Osama was living. They all decided it would be fun if they would go to the U.S., learn how to fly Boeing 757′s, go to airports, get on 4 different planes, take them over and fly them into buildings, setting the buildings on fire, thus causing them to collapse. The wise and evil Osama agreed.


But there were problems. One said “how can we get into the U.S. since most of us are on terrorist watch lists”? The wise and evil Osama said, we will pray that Allah will cause those in charge in the U.S. to intervene and allow you into the U.S.  Another said, “Since none of us know how to fly, how will we fly the 4, Boeing 757′s”? The wise and evil Osama said “you will go to the Pensacola Naval Air base and they will teach you how to fly a single engine plane”. “How will we take over the planes’? ” You will each carry a box cutter. Once you show the box cutter, then the several hundred passengers will cower in terror as you take over the planes”.


After they did as they were told and all of the pieces fell into place, they did, indeed take over 4, Boeing 757′s, only carrying box cutters. And after only becoming mildly proficient in flying small engine planes and not being able to perform any complex maneuvers, the pilots miraculously performed aerobatic maneuvers that not even the most experienced jet pilots are able to perform. After they had taken over these 4 planes, they were all allowed to fly these planes around Washington, D.C. and the entire east coast without any challenge from the U.S. military. The wise and evil Osama arranged for NORAD to run a drill at the exact same time, with the exact same scenario, calling for a complete stand down of the U.S. air defense.


Once they crashed their planes into buildings, more miracles happened. The jet fuel from 2 of the planes, normally burning at a maximum at 1800 degrees, magically heated up to almost 3000 degrees and melted not only the 47 steel columns in the core of the buildings, but all of the exterior steel as well. This was being done while people, braving the 3000 degree temperatures, still healthy and alive in the buildings, were begging for help at the blown out windows. Not even their clothes were burned. Then, as if by magic, first one, then the other skyscraper, fell down in 12 seconds.


Meanwhile, the wise and evil Osama had still more miracles planned. The third plane performed an impossible maneuver and crashed only a few feet above the ground into the Pentagon building. Even though the plane was 125 feet wide, it managed to slam into a wall of the building and leave only a 16 foot hole. Then the evil and wise Osama made that plane disappear without a trace of debris. He even managed to preserve a book and a wooden table without any burns right next to the exploding jet fuel. He then arranged for more than 40 cameras that recorded the crash to either malfunction or be taken by the authorities.


But the wise and evil Osama wasn’t through. The fourth plane was still flying around un opposed when brave passengers took over the plane. No, Osama didn’t explain why the brave passengers didn’t resist the evil man with the box cutter in the first place, but no matter. The wise and evil Osama then arranged for cell phone calls to be made from this jet liner flying at 500mph and cruising at 30,000 feet. This was indeed another miracle since this was never done before, nor since. Those brave passengers then decided not to try to fly the plane, they decided to crash it into a field. But the wise and evil Osama performed still another miracle. Even though the 4th plane crashed into a field, the plane’s debris was spread over 5 miles — almost as if the debris came from the sky above and not the ground below.


Oh, but the wise and evil Osama had one more trick up his sleeve. Back in the city, where 2 steel skyscrapers had collapsed in their own footprint due to fire, a third skyscraper in the area also had a moderate fire going in a couple of its’ floors. This time the evil and wise Osama would announce his next evil miracle. He caused both  the BBC and CNN to announced that this 3rd building had collapsed due to fire, even though it would not collapse for another 23 minutes. Then it did collapse, but to show the evil Osama was not totally evil, he arranged for this building with fires almost totally out, to collapse in its’ own footprint, so not to damage the surrounding area.

There is a happy ending. All of the King’s soldiers and all of the King’s police and all of the King’s airport security officers and all of the King’s swat teams and all of the King’s stooges and all of the King’s dupes, lived happily ever after.

The 9/11 WTC Collapses:
Questions the Media Won't Address

[A] = Article contains audio [V] = Article contains video

Unaddressed FACTS:

Unaddressed questions:

Wild conspiracy theory?






The believers in the government fairy tale on the events of 911 2001, that is. The subject video shows the BBC reporter announcing the collapse of Building 7 on 911, 23 minutes before it actually happened.

O.K. , true believers, it's your turn. Explain how that happened.

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Sadly, this headline can apply to a lot of nations, but this one is directed at the war against Libya. The subject video will be a surprise to most. Before our “liberation” Libya was the shining jewel of Africa. Indeed the average Libyan lived a higher standard of living than the average American. There was absolutely no desire on the part of Libyans to replace their government.

So here comes the international bully. Together with their co-conspirators in Europe, the U.S., without any declaration of war, bombed Libya back into the stone age. Their prosperity is gone. Their infrastructure is gone. Peaceful streets are gone. Most medical facilities are gone. Then at the end of the bombing campaign, Gaddafi was captured and murdered. Hillary Clinton remarked, “We came, we saw, he died”. She then laughed.

Now back to the headline--- What if, someday, we begin bombing and they bomb back. Both the Christian and Jewish Bible contains a quote from God in Genesis after Cain is confronted on the murder of his brother. “The blood of your brother cries out from the ground”. No matter how much we try to ignore, justify or dismiss this campaign of killing, it is killing. One day it will come to our door.

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As we wait and see if September is the month for economic collapse I will continue to post interviews from independent economists. Gerald Celente has been incredibly accurate over the past 30 years in his trends forecasting. This is why I periodically continue to post interviews with him

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The subject video covers the common denominator in all of the highly publicized mass shootings. The perpetrators were taking one or more prescription anti depressants. Unfortunately, for those of us who live in a society controlled by big pharma, this fact is never mentioned by the mainstream media.

No, they lead us into a rabbit hole (or 2). “It's the guns”. “It's the Confederate Flag”. The absence of common sense reigns supreme with our rulers. Our mistake is listening to anything they have to say. What if there were no anti-depressants? I'm not going to recommend that just yet, but what was our society like when they didn't exist? Yes, that's right. There were a lot fewer of these mass shooting incidents. And yes, I know there are a lot of factors, but focusing on this connection is a great start. Of course, “they” will never do it and so it continues.

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If only Americans would have studied the government version on the events of 911. Maybe all of this could have been avoided. Maybe the government responsible for the fraudulent story would have been replaced. Maybe some of our government masters would now be in prison – if only.

But no, we are too busy with sports and movie star gossip and TV. So, while we are busy with that, they are busy with this. The “this” to which I refer is the war on terror. Who are the terrorists? They are the Afghans, the Iraqis, the Yemenis, the Libyans, the Syrians, the Ukranians, the Pakistanis, the Somalis and, I almost forgot, the Americans.

Yes, since 911 or government masters have enacted the Patriot Act, the Homeland Security Act, and the Military Commissions Act. They have hired thousands of airport police to search and grope. They have militarized local police and established police check points.

So now, thanks to becoming stooges for a phoney war on terror, European nations are being overwhelmed with millions of refugees created by them and the rest of the NATO nations. Should they collapse as a result of their blind obedience, they have only themselves to blame.

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The Arab world’s wealthiest nations are doing next to nothing for Syria’s refugees


By Ishaan Tharoor September 4 at 12:15 AM 

Migrants hold up a migrant man as a sign of protest against the closure of Keleti Railway Station in Budapest, Hungary, 02 September 2015. (EPA/ZOLTAN BALOGH)

The world has been transfixed in recent weeks by the unfolding refugee crisis in Europe, an influx of migrants unprecedented since World War II. Their plight was chillingly highlighted on Wednesday in the image of a drowned Syrian toddler, his lifeless body lying alone on a Turkish beach.

A fair amount of attention has fallen on the failure of many Western governments to adequately address the burden on Syria's neighboring countries, which are struggling to host the brunt of the roughly 4 million Syrians forced out of the country by its civil war.

Some European countries have been criticized for offering sanctuary only to a small number of refugees, or for discriminating between Muslims and Christians. There's also been a good deal of continental hand-wringing over the general dysfunction of Europe's systems for migration and asylum.

Hundreds of migrants marching west from Budapest

[Europe's refugee crisis is America's problem, too]

Less ire, though, has been directed at another set of stakeholders who almost certainly should be doing more: Saudi Arabia and the wealthy Arab states along the Persian Gulf.

As Amnesty International recently pointed out, the "six Gulf countries -- Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain -- have offered zero resettlement places to Syrian refugees." This claim was echoed by Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch, on






When almost everyone predicts a future event, it almost always follows that the event will not happen – at least not when predicted. IE: Y2K.

So, I've made my position clear, but I would be irresponsible not to cover the other side. There are so many economists coming out publicly concerning an economic crash in this month, that it must be covered. So here it is.

Market analyst, Jerry Robinson, goes into detail in his podcast as to why the economy in the U.S. cannot survive much longer. As I've stated before, the principles he outlines are sound. Predicting the timing, on the other hand, is nothing more than an educated guess.

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PODCAST: Will the Stock Market Crash in September?











These are the words of Jim Sinclaire in the subject video. I have included a brief biography:Mr. James E. Sinclair, also known as Jim has been Chief Executive Officer of Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corp. (formerly, Tan Range Exploration Corporation) since April 30, 2002 and also serves as its President. Mr. Sinclair also serves as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer at Tanzania American International Development Corporation 2000 Ltd. served as Chief Executive Officer of Northwestern Basemetals Company Limited since November 28, 2012.

I cringe whenever someone makes a specific prediction about coming events, but there is little doubt that time is short. September seems to be very much in vogue at this time. Hopefully we will have more time than that. We can't say that we haven't been warned a lot. How many warnings does an empire get before it collapses? History shows empires get a lot. What history doesn't show is which warning is the last.

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Warnings of an approaching crash by winter just shifted into high gear with Jim Sinclair’s statement:

Submitted by IWB, on September 2nd, 2015 “These are times never experienced in financial history. . . .It is very possible that we are going to have a super civilization change. ”

Wall Street will not overcome its erasure of Main Street without a major reset in our society, according to Sinclair, brought about by the dissatisfaction of the middle class. And Sinclair says the elite, the oligarchs, don’t have a clue to what’s happening.

The 1% (of the 1%) live in Lala land; they exist in some other place in space. They have been totally out of touch with the problems of the average consumer. If you don’t have a conscience you can’t grow one; it you don’t have a conscience you don’t know you don’t have it. In other words, a sociopath has no idea that they should feel any other way than the way they do;  competition is the rule, success is why I’m here, I deserve it all and I’m going to get it all – at whatever expense it is — that’s the attitude — attitude running Wall Street, attitude running Washington., attitude running markets. Anybody who for one minute argues against manipulation really simply needs to replay yesterday (August 25 stock market manipulation) in the markets, particularly equity markets.”

What does mean for the man in the street?

The 1 of 1 % has in fact benefited magnificently from all of this [the Fed’s multitrillion dollar casino]…”


Greg Hunter:  “Lloyd Blankfein’s a billionaire, he should have been a greeter at WalMart after AIG and after bad trade; he’s now a billionaire seven years later.”


Jim Sinclair: That’s right, a thousand million, think about it, and a kid boosts a car in the Ghetto, bam, he goes to jail for 20 years, there’s something really wrong…

Yesterday (August 25) was the day confidence was lost…we’re not making it into the winter

Plunge Protection Team Losing Control of Markets-Jim Sinclair






Back in the 1990's a video was produced about all of the people close to the Clinton's who wound up prematurely dead. Many of those “deaths” were ruled suicides. Never mind the fact that the so-called investigations were nothing more than rubber stamps for the Clintons.

It has been said that a leopard never changes his spots. If we can attribute 'leopard” to Bill and Hillary, the most recent suicide fits like a glove.

So here comes Gareth Williams. Gareth Williams, 31, hacked into the event's guest list as it was to be attended by President Clinton, passing it to his friend who was also to be a guest at the party, according to sources speaking on condition of anonymity to the Sun on Sunday.

"The Clinton diary hack came at a time when Williams's work with America was of the most sensitive nature," one source said. "It was a diplomatic nightmare for Sir John Sawers, the new director of MI6 at the time."

Not only did Mr. Williams kill himself, he hacked off his own arms and legs and his head, and then locked himself in a duffel bag. Obviously, this was a suicide.

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Houdini Spy in The Bag & Other Gov Suicides







No, you won't hear or read much about this from the mainstream media whores, but you will in the subject article. Just looking at the EPA limit on mercury in food and comparing that with the amount of mercury contained in many vaccines would show anyone the potential catastrophe now being perpetrated on the American people.

Get this: The EPA limit for mercury contamination in water is 2 parts per billion. Yet, the CDC allows 51,000 parts per billion in a vaccine. So, according to them, if you drink water with 3 parts per billion in water it's harmful, but if you plunge a vaccine containing 51,000 parts per billion into your child's arm, it's healthy.

You have to wonder if all this mercury has affected the brains of those parents who promote this.

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Dementia now striking people in their 40s as mercury from vaccines causes slow, degenerative brain damage

Monday, August 31, 2015 by: David Gutierrez, staff writer
Alzheimer''s, vaccines, mercury exposure

(NaturalNews) Dementia and other neurological brain diseases are striking people younger and younger, according to a new study conducted by researchers from Bournemouth University in England and published in the journal Surgical Neurology International. These diseases have reached levels that are "almost epidemic," the researchers said, and they reached them so quickly that environmental factors must be largely to blame.

"The rate of increase in such a short time suggests a silent or even a 'hidden' epidemic, in which environmental factors must play a major part, not just ageing," lead researcher Colin Pritchard said. "Modern living produces multi-interactional environmental pollution but the changes in human morbidity, including neurological disease is remarkable and points to environmental influences."

Death rates have more than doubled

The researchers compared the rates of neurological brain diseases in 21 Western countries from 1989 to 2010. They found that as of 2010, the average rate of onset for dementia was 10 years earlier than it was in 1989. In addition, deaths from neurological disease had increased significantly in people aged 55 to 74 and had nearly doubled in people aged 75 and older.

These changes were seen in all 21 countries, but the United States fared the worst by far. In the United States, neurological deaths in men older than 74 tripled from 1989 to 2010, and they increased nearly fivefold in women of the same age. More elderly U.S. women are now dying from brain diseases than from cancer for the first time in recorded history.

The researchers' analysis showed that the findings could not simply be explained by improved treatment of other diseases.

"Crucially it is not just because people are living longer to get diseases they previously would not have lived long enough to develop but older people are developing neurological disease more than ever before," Pritchard said.

Instead, a large part of the cause must be environmental changes that have taken place over the past two decades.

"The environmental changes in the last 20 years have seen increases in the human environment of petro-chemicals - air transport- quadrupling of motor vehicles, insecticides and rises in background electro-magnetic-field, and so on.

"These results will not be welcome news as there are many with short-term vested interests that will want to ignore them," he said.

Vaccine connection?

Could mercury exposure from vaccines play a role in the rising rates of early onset dementia? Until 2001, mercury-containing thimerosal was used as a preservative in many childhood vaccines. Even today, the substance is still used in adult vaccines as well as in flu shots given to children and adults.

In a study published in the
Journal of Alzheimer's Disease in 2010, researchers reviewed 100 prior experimental and clinical studies looking at the effects of mercury on cells, animals and humans. They found that long-term
mercury exposure produced many of the same changes seen in Alzheimer's disease, including confusion and impairments to memory and cognitive function.

"Mercury is clearly contributing to neurological problems, whose rate is increasing in parallel with rising levels of
," researcher Richard Deth said. "It seems that the two are tied together."

Aluminum, another common vaccine ingredient, has also been linked to dementia. For example, a 2009 study published in the
American Journal of Epidemiology found that people with the highest aluminum content in their drinking water also had the highest risk of
dementia. Clinical studies have also directly linked aluminum to brain damage.

Both aluminum and mercury are also widely found in the environment due to contamination from other sources. Coal-burning power plants are the world's foremost source of mercury pollution and a major contributor to mercury contamination of fish. Dental fillings are also a major source of human mercury exposure.

Sources for this article include:



HSBC Unable To Make 275,000 Payments

They said it was a “computer glitch”. O.K. The next time you fail to make a payment to a creditor, tell them it was a “computer glitch”. Personally, I prefer “the dog ate my homework”. We may all see a lot of “computer glitches in the months and years to come.

How about this: you ran out of money. Of course I can't prove it, but in view of the turmoil in international markets, the demand for payments in the derivative markets, the $100 billion bond dump from China and the margin calls in international stock markets over the past week, computer glitches doesn't seem as likely as “out of money”.

As it has been in the past, I am sure central banks will quickly print up enough money to cover any losses by large banks, but one of these days, billions of people around the world will decide they no longer want the funny money freshly printed by bankers.

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Bank Holiday: HSBC Unable To Make 275,000 Payments Because Of Bank Glitch

(UK)  Around 275,000 bank payments have been held up by a computer glitch at HSBC – with many people reporting they have not received their monthly salaries.

Some – including customers of other banks – have had to cancel holidays and weekend getaways ahead of the bank holiday.

Salaries that should have arrived in personal accounts overnight have instead got caught up in the national Bacs payment system.

HSBC has said it may not be able to get the delayed payments through by the end of the day.

Matthew Robinson is co-founder of Hove-based translating service UK Techtrans, where the problem has left his eight employees and 100 suppliers unpaid.

Many have had to cancel holidays this weekend, he said.

He told Sky News: “Today has been an absolute calamity.

It affects our business in a bad way and I cannot get through to (HSBC) on their phones.”

Nigel Moore, a sales representative in Exeter who has also had to cancel plans for a long weekend getaway, realised something was wrong when he checked his bank balance at around 5am, adding that there was no communication from HSBC telling him what had happened or what he could do.

He told Sky News: “I’ve got direct debits which are set to go on Tuesday and if I don’t get paid I will incur bank charges as I will significantly be over my overdraft.

This includes my child support payments to my ex-wife and I have not been informed as to whether I will be still liable for that. So not only will I have to sort out bills but have awkward conversations with the CSA (Child Support Agency).”

A Twitter user wrote: “None of my staff have been paid. Cannot get through to them on the phone. Absolute shambles of a bank! Extremely poor performance.”

HSBC said the fault was in information used to process some payments from HSBC business customers, including payments to customers of other banks.

The bank, which has 48 million customers in 72 countries, including 16.1 million in the UK, added: “HSBC apologises for the inconvenience this has caused. We are taking immediate steps to ensure the payments reach beneficiaries as quickly as possible.

We will work with other banks to ensure that customers do not lose out as a result of today’s problems.”

Payment issues were being highlighted on Twitter as early as 7.30am but at that stage HSBC was yet to even realise the glitch, telling customers that it was not aware of any problems.

It also appears from Twitter reports that some HSBC customers are unable to login to their online banking accounts.

The Financial Conduct Authority said it would ensure HSBC did not leave people out of pocket.

The Bacs system deals with transactions worth around £50bn every day.

HSBC customers were advised to call 03457 404 404 for further information.

In June 600,000 payments failed to reach the accounts of RBS customers.

Andrew Tyrie MP, chairman of the Treasury Select Committee, said: “This appears to be yet another serious IT failure by one of the major clearing banks.

It is increasingly clear that most, if not all, of these banks’ IT payments systems need a good deal of investment, and there is a lot to put right.”

He added: “I will be writing to the chief executive of HSBC to obtain an assurance that no customers will lose out from these failures and to ask what is going to be done to prevent a repetition.”





Anytime we, in the U.S., have a recession, stock market collapse or other economic event, a comparison to the great depression of the 1930's is made. There are some similarities and lessons to be learned, but the last 80 years has seen a lot of changes which would make other comparisons impossible.

The subject article makes some good points which can help us as individuals. One point was on the unavailability of money. This has happened to a small degree here in the U.S. During hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters. ATM's quickly shut down and those without cash were out of luck. That is why many recommend keeping cash available outside the banking system. Another point is to have extra items you may want to trade. Food, ammunition, toiletries, medical supplies etc., will be valuable in trading for other items you may need.

Even though this is not 1930, self sufficiency is timeless. If you are one who will be in serious trouble if the system breaks down, even temporarily, then you can be sure, sooner or later, you will be in serious trouble.

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The Day All The ATMs Ran Out Of Cash


(Daniel Jenning)  Money plays such an important role in our lives that most of us could not imagine surviving without it. Yet that is exactly what you need to do if you want to prepare for an economic condition called deflation.

Deflation is the term economists use to describe a “general decline in prices, often caused by a reduction in the supply of money or credit.”[1]A good way to think of deflation is as the opposite of inflation. Inflation occurs when there is too much money in circulation, which destroys its value and raises prices. When deflation occurs, there is too little money available, which often causes prices to collapse and the economy to shut down.

In severe cases of deflation there can be no money available at all not — even at the banks. This nightmare actually occurred during the Great Depression of the 1930s, when there were places in the United States where there was no cash available at all. More recently, it has happened in Greece, where ATMs ran out of cash and where banks placed limits on the amount of money that could be withdrawn.

People had no money to pay bills or buy food for their families. Employers had no money to pay employees, customers had no money to buy goods, and many people were reduced to bartering to survive. During the Great Depression, farmers would pay professionals such as mechanics and doctors with food because they had no money and no credit.

The situation got so bad that in some areas of the country, local governments, chambers of commerce and businesses issued their own currencies — the so-called depression scrip. (See a picture of one here.) The scrip often took the form of pieces of paper that people used as money because there was no government currency available. The scrip was used to pay workers or buy goods.

At one point during the Great Depression, the money shortage got so severe that the US government considered issuing a national scrip as an alternative to the dollar. That plan was eventually dropped and the government solved the crisis by simply printing more dollars.[2]

Many people have known survivors of the Great Depression who liked to keep large amounts of cash on hand. Others would hoard food and other items. Those people developed that habit because they remembered what life without money was like. The fear of the deflation that occurred in the 1930s haunted them all of their lives.

The frightening reality is that the threat of deflation is still real. Some knowledgeable individuals, such as wealth preservation experts Will and Bill Bonner,[3] believe that a sudden deflation leading to a national or international money shortage is still possible today.

The Bonners, who have studied some of the world’s knowledgeable investors such as George Soros, believe that the next financial crisis will begin with a “violent monetary shock” similar to the one that occurred during the Great Depression. They predict that money could suddenly disappear overnight, causing the economy to come to a grinding halt.


What Happens When Money Vanishes

Historical accounts of the Great Depression show us some of the possible effects of such a violent monetary shock. The damage caused by such a violent deflation can include:

The sudden collapse of prices. The Great Depression began with the collapse of stock market prices in 1929. That was preceded by the collapse of agricultural prices in the United States during the 1920s. During that crisis, land prices in rural areas collapsed, causing large numbers of rural banks to fail. When the banks failed, the government liquidated them and their assets, which included lots of foreclosed farmland, an action that further drove prices and made the crisis worse.[4]

Everything you have — your investments, your home and your possessions — could suddenly lose all of its value. We saw this happen during the mortgage bubble of 2007-2008, when many people found themselves “underwater.” That occurs when the amount a home is mortgaged for exceeds the property’s value.

The collapse in prices during the Great Depression particularly hurt farmers who relied on commodity prices. Newsreels from the early 1930s show farmers dumping grain on the ground and pouring out milk because they could not sell them.

Bank runs and the collapse of financial institutions. A bank run or banking panic occurs when all of a bank’s depositors try to take their money out at once. Bank runs often trigger the collapse of financial institutions, which prompts even more bank runs. Between 1930 and 1933 nearly 10,000 banks failed or were suspended.[5] The panic got so bad that President Franklin D. Roosevelt actually suspended all bank transactions in the US between March 6 and March 10, 1933 to prevent further runs in his so-called “bank holiday.”[6]

During the banking crisis of the 1930s, many Americans lost their life savings simply because they were not able to get to the bank fast enough and withdraw their money. Even some wealthy individuals ended up on the streets and in bread lines because they could not get money from the bank.

Massive unemployment. It is a simple and obvious fact that when there is no money, there are no jobs. At the height of the Great Depression in 1933, 24.75 percent of the nation’s labor force, or one in four workers, were unemployed. Around 12.83 million people were out of work at a time when America’s total population was only around 93 million people. That unemployment persisted for years, with 8.1 million Americans still out of work in 1940 in the 11th year of the Great Depression.[7] The unemployment created by the Depression only ended when World War II created “jobs” in the form of the draft and war production.

Hunger and Starvation. Not surprisingly, hunger and in some cases death from starvation can become a problem after deflation. Historians disagree on the number of people who died during the Great Depression.

Massive expansion of government and its power. In his first 100 days in office in 1933, Roosevelt signed 15 major pieces of legislation, several of which established massive new bureaucracies.[8] During the 1920s there were 553,000 civilian employees of the federal government, but by 1940 the federal government had more than 1 million civilian employees.[9] For the first time in American history, the federal government even tried to set prices for products under the National Recovery Act. The government also told farmers what to grow under the Agricultural Adjustment Act. Those laws were so blatantly unconstitutional that the US Supreme Court struck them down in 1935 and 1936.[10]

Increased taxation. When money disappears government gets desperate and imposes more and taxes in an attempt to squeeze more money out of the economy. During the Depression, the maximum income tax rate was raised from 20 percent to 55 percent, gift taxes were increased from .75 percent to 33.5 percent, and new taxes were levied on automobiles, gasoline, telegrams, telephone calls and even checks. By 1934, the United States had the highest tax rates in the world. In 1935 taxes were raised again. Historian Murray Rothbard estimates that the effective tax rate in the United States increased from 16 percent to 29 percent during the Depression.[11]


Why it Could Be Worse Today

If such an event were to occur in today’s world, it could be far worse than the Great Depression.

People were far more self-sufficient in the 1930s, as large numbers of families lived on farms and grew their own food. Even many Americans who lived in town maintained gardens and chicken coops. In those days people also hunted for meat, canned and preserved their own food and baked their own bread. People also sewed their own clothes and fixed their own cars, which gave them a high level of self-sufficiency.

Today, most Americans rely solely on supermarkets for food, and many families no longer even cook. Few people bother to sew, and most of us do not even change the oil in our cars. If our money were to disappear, we would be as helpless as children.

It’s time that we learn the lessons of the Americans who survived the Great Depression. That lesson was to be as self-sufficient as possible so you can survive, no matter what.


Do you believe that what happened during the Great Depression could take place again? Share your thoughts in the section below:















The subject video covers what he has to say today. There are videos out there showing Schiff and a CNBC “expert” arguing about the coming collapse which took place in 2008. The expert ridiculed Schiff and even challenged him to bet on his prediction.

The future proved Schiff was absolutely correct and the paid mouthpieces of the mainstream media were all wrong. In 20+ minutes Schiff predicts the next round of economic downturns. Of course we hope he's wrong, but deep down, I fear he's right.

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I know. I've covered this a number of times, but now that the world's stock markets are collapsing, even the most die hard government apologist is realizing the end is near.

The subject article contains some good advice in preparing for severe economic times. The best part is, if nothing bad happens, you can still use most of the supplies. It's real cheap insurance.

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It Is Time To Kick Prepping Into Overdrive, Because This Stock Market Crash Is Just The Beginning
Submitted by IWB, on August 24th, 2015
By Michael Snyder Speedometer - Public DomainIf you have not been preparing for what is coming, you need to get off your sofa and you need to start prepping right now.  Just remember what happened back in 2008.  That crisis took most people totally by surprise.  Millions of Americans lost their jobs, and because most of them were living paycheck to paycheck, all of a sudden most of them couldn’t pay the rent or the mortgage either.  Large numbers of families that were once living a comfortable middle class lifestyle suddenly found themselves destitute.  Well, this coming crisis is going to be even worse by the time it is all said and done, and it is not just going to be economic in nature.  Over the past two trading days, the Dow has gone down more than a thousand points.  The shaking that so many have warned about has begun.  As this shaking plays out, you and your family will need cash, food, supplies and a whole bunch of other things.  If you do not already have everything prepared, then you need to kick your prepping into overdrive because we are on a very compressed time frame now. But don’t just take my word for it.  A top adviser to former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown named Damian McBride is saying the same thing A former adviser to Gordon Brown has urged people to stock up on canned goods and bottled water as stock markets around the world slide. And he didn’t just speak in generalities.  According to an article in one of the most important newspapers in the UK, McBride is urging his fellow citizens to do some very specific things… Advice on the looming crash, No.1: get hard cash in a safe place now; don’t assume banks & cashpoints will be open, or bank cards will work,” he tweeted.Crash advice No.2: do you have enough bottled water, tinned goods & other essentials at home to live a month indoors? If not, get shopping.Crash advice No.3: agree a rally point with your loved ones in case transport and communication gets cut off; somewhere you can all head to.” All of that is great advice. But I wonder why he is so concerned about people being able to live a month indoors.  Does he know something that the rest of us do not? Others are issuing similar ominous warnings.  The following is an excerpt from a recent article by Chuck Baldwin that seemed to be written with an unusual sense of urgency… I suggest you have a supply of food and water to last at least three months. Many survival experts insist that a six-month supply is the minimum. Personally, I can live a long time on tuna fish or peanut butter. You can purchase MREs from a variety of sources, as well as camp-style packaged food from many sporting goods stores. Of course, bottled water is available everywhere during normal times. Stock up! Distilled water will store longer than spring water. Plus, I suggest you have some water purification tablets or a Katadyn water filter on hand. And, if you are able, prepare to grow your own food. In cold weather climates such as we have here in Montana, people quickly learn how to construct and utilize greenhouses in which to grow food. Canning food is another very helpful hedge against deprivation. If your parents and grandparents lived through the Great Depression as mine did, this was standard operating procedure.Get a generator. Keep a supply of fuel on hand. Stay stocked up on batteries, candles, portable lights, first aid supplies, and toiletries–especially toilet paper and toothpaste. I also suggest you never run out of lighters or matches. You never know when you’ll need to build a fire. If you live in a cold weather climate, you probably already have some sort of wood stove or fireplace. You can read the rest of that outstanding article right here. Similar sentiments were expressed in a recent piece by prepper extraordinaire Daisy Luther Take your money out of the bank ASAP.  If you still keep your money in the bank, go there and remove as much as you can while leaving in enough to pay your bills. Although it wasn’t a market collapse in Greece recently, the banks did close and limit ATM withdrawals.  People went for quite some time without being able to access their money, but were able to have a sense of normalcy by transferring money online to pay bills or using their debit cards to make purchases.  Get your cash out. You don’t want to be at the mercy of the banks. Stock up on supplies.  Make sure you are prepped. If you’re behind on your preparedness efforts and need to do this quickly, you can orderbuckets of emergency food just to have some on hand. (Learn how to build an emergency food supply using freeze dried food HERE) Hit the grocery store or wholesale club and stock up there, too, on  your way home. Load up on fuel.  Fill up your gas tank and fill your extra cans also. Quite often, fuel prices skyrocket in the wake of a market crash. Be prepared for the potential of civil unrest. If the banks put a limit on withdrawals (or close like they did in Greece) you can look for some panic to occur. If the stores dramatically increase prices or close..more panic. Be armed and be prepared to stay safely at home. (Although this article was written during the Ferguson race riots, civil unrest follows a similar pattern regardless of the cause.) Be prepared for the possibility of being unable to pay your bills. If things really go downhill, the middle class and those who are the working poor will be the most strongly affected, as they have been in Greece during that country’s ongoing financial crisis.  This article talks about surviving if you are unable to pay all of your bills. Every family is facing a different set of circumstances, so “prepping” is not going to look the same for everyone.  What may make sense for you may not make sense for me.  But the truth is that we all need to get prepared for what is coming, because time is running out. As I have discussed repeatedly, I have more of a sense of urgency about the last six months of 2015 than I have ever had about any other other specific period of time.  That is why the book that I recently co-authored with survivalist expert Barbara Fix is entitled “Get Prepared NOW“.  The word “NOW” is in larger print than everything else on the front cover because I really wanted to emphasize the urgency of what we are facing. If you think that you can wait until next year to start getting prepared, you are going to be too late. This stock market crash is just the beginning.  Next month we are witnessing a convergence of events that is pretty much unprecedented.  If you would like to learn more, here are some places to get started… -“The Big List Of 33 Things That Are Going To Happen In September 2015 -“The Russian Media Is Talking About What Is Coming In September, But The U.S. Media Has Been Strangely Silent -“The Mystery Of September 23: Why Does 9/23 Keep Popping Up All Over the Place? -“10 Things That Are Going To Happen Within 15 Days Of The End Of The Shemitah The relative stability of the past few years has lulled millions of Americans into a state of complacency. And even our politicians are displaying a stunning level of complacency.  For example, even though our nation is rapidly going down the toilet, Barack Obama has played more than 1,100 hours of golf while he has been in the White House. It is time for all of us to awaken from our slumber, because life in America is about to dramatically change.  



I have learned that when the world media is fixated in one area, there is another area they are trying to hide. This story may be just that. Over the past week, all of the world's media is focused on the slow crash now going on in the world's financial markets. Make no mistake, that is a big deal. This effects everyone. If you use money, you are affected. None-the-less there is the potential of a bigger story. Trends Research publisher, Gerald Celente says when economies crash, they take you to war.
Israel has been salivating to go to war against someone---anyone. They have theorized that Syria, having spent the past few years trying to rid their nation of foreign invaders, would be easy prey. This past week they have launched a limited attack on Syria. This may be a fatal mistake. No, I don't think Syria could defeat Israel in a war. I do think Syria can do serious damage to the Israeli air force with their state of the art, air defense. Syria has a modern air force of their own. They also have thousands of missiles which could be sent to Israel in minutes.
One does not have to make much of a leap to see other nations becoming involved very quickly. Israel may have massive firepower, but what they don't have is a lot of people and a lot of territory. Any war against a major power would very likely destroy Israel unless they use nuclear weapons offensively. And there you have it ----- a nuclear world war 3.

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Syria Shoots Down Israeli Warplane F-16 Bomber, Using Russian S-300 Air Defense System
By Ziad Fadel Global Research, August 23, 2015 Syrian Perspective Region: Middle East & North Africa Theme: US NATO War Agenda   Syria Air Defense  

GR Editor’s Note:

The shooting down of an Israeli warplane by Syria has not been reported by Western and Israeli media sources. According to Sputnik, on August 21, “the Israeli Air Force resumed airstrikes on Western Syria, targeting a government army base at Khan Al-Sheih in Damascus province and another in the al-Quneitra province after a six-hour halt in attacks that followed their multiple air raids over the Golan Heights.” Fars News Agency (FNA) also confirmed the Israeli attacks and the shooting down of an Israeli fighter plane The Syrian air defense system shot down an Israeli warplane violating the Arab country’s air space.The Israeli fighter jet was targeted over the city of Al-Quneitra on Friday.Israel regularly violates the Syrian airspace and it launches missile attacks against the Arab country.On Friday, the Israeli Air Force resumed airstrikes on Western Syria, targeting Brigade 68 Base in Khan Al-Sheih in Damascus province and Brigade 90 Base in the al-Quneitra province after a six hour halt in attacks that followed their multiple air raids over the Golan Heights. *     *     * Yesterday, Friday, August 21, 2015 in the early hours, Damascus time, an Israeli US made F-16 fighter-bomber, flew into Syrian airspace brazenly and fired at Brigade 68 and, then, turned and flew back toward Brigade 90 in Qunaytra in order to insure a safe landing in occupied Palestine if the aircraft was struck.  It was struck.  An SA-9 from the Iftiraas Air Defense Base and an SA-2 near the Khalkhaala AB were fired.  But, the technical wizardry was most on display when an S-300 (SA-10 “Grumble) super-air-defense missile was fired from the Republican Guard base near the Mazza AB at the foot of Qaasiyoon Mountain west of Damascus.  This was done so that the F-16’s electronic countermeasures would first fix on the SA-2 and SA-9 while the S-300 plowed forward to exterminate the vermin inside the Israeli aircraft.   The S-300 vaporized the Israeli bomber.  No evidence was seen of the pilot ejecting.  Instead, eyewitness accounts described a ball of fire over the Golan and the remains scattering into the air over the Huleh Valley in Palestine. Also, the Israelis lost 2 helicopters while flying missions over the Golan Heights in an effort to bolster the sagging morale of the Takfiri rats of Nusra/Alqaeda and Al-Ittihaad Al-Islaami li-Ajnaad Al-Shaam.   The 2 helicopters went down over the area near Qunaytra City and were reportedly shot down by shoulder fired, heat-seeking missiles deployed throughout the Syrian Army.  

Syria’s Right to Self Defense


It had to happen, sooner or later.  The seeming diffidence of the Syrian brass had to transform into a bolder and more pugnacious articulation of Syria’s right to self-defense.  With Russia now inevitably bound to the Syrian government for reasons discussed at length on our website; and Iran, now dazzled by a new role to play in regional politics;  the green light turned on, finally, with Moscow withdrawing all restrictions on the use of advanced weaponry sold to the Syrian military.  If you want to know what the former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, Martin Dempsey, meant when he told Congress Syria had a “robust air defense system”, the Zionists just found out for themselves.

Yesterday, there was despondence after Israel assaulted Qunaytra and killed civilians seated in a public vehicle.  The Israelis also killed one Syrian soldier and wounded several others in the Brigade 68 base. apia: But, the Syrian Army Chief of Staff, in consultation with the president and the Defense Minister, had no intention of letting this episode slide by especially in light of President Putin’s recent meeting with the Turkish ambassador in Moscow during which he flatly told the diplomat that relations with Turkey would be severed if Erdoghan did not stop supporting terrorism.  It also came just after Sergei Lavrov called the Saudi foreign minister an “imbecile” just as the latter was renouncing any intention to treat with the Syrian government.  There is a new belligerency in both Moscow and Teheran and it is being translated into action over Syria.  

Ziad Fadel, Attorney for 35 years and Supreme Court Certified Interpreter for Arabic/English



Dow plunges over 500 points

Things are heating up in the economies around the world. In this case, “heating up” isn't good. Just this week the Dow has lost over 1000 points. That doesn't mean the crash is imminent, but it does add to the signals that have building for years. As I have said in the past, one day, maybe one day soon, it will all come undone.


So, nobody can claim they weren't warned. The warnings have been coming for years, said by thousands. If those warnings don't register, ask yourself this: with a real national debt of between 100 and 200 trillion dollars, how will it be paid? Let me answer. It can't be paid. When there is unpayable debt, there is bankruptcy.

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Stocks battered in global market rout; Dow plunges over 500 points by  Fortune Editors ,  Reuters August 21, 2015, 1:57 PM EDT Fears about China growth trigger biggest daily percentage drop in nearly four years. World stock markets fell sharply Friday, recording their worst week of the year, as more data pointed to slower growth in China and sent investors scurrying to the safety of bonds and gold. Emerging market assets took another hammering and oil prices saw their longest losing streak in almost 30 years after Chinese factory activity shrank at its fastest pace since the 2009 financial crisis. The Dow Jones industrial average was down 531 points at the close, or 3.1%, adding to a Thursday’s 358-point decline. Other indexes ended the day down sharply. The Dow is now off about 10% from a record closing high seen on May 19, placing it in correction territory, defined as a decline of at least 10% from a recent peak. The broader S&P 500 index suffered its biggest daily percentage drop in nearly four years. The Chinese factory data followed weaker-than-expected data in July, plus turbulent policy changes in the yuan and a brutal stock market plunge. The dollar fell broadly, dropping to a two-month low against the euro, as the Chinese data eroded expectations the Federal Reserve will raise U.S. interest rates next month. The low rates may be distorting valuations and creating asset bubbles. The Fed is in an extremely awkward situation right now,” Robbert van Batenburg, director of flow strategy at Societe Generale. “You have across-the-board competitive currency devaluations that will invoke the deflationary monster here in the U.S.” Thomas Lee, managing partner at Fundstrat Global Advisors in New York, said it was hard to say what was behind the selloff. There’s no shortage of things people can cite, from the movement in currencies, to the weakness in commodities and fears about China,” Lee said. “But at the end of the day if people are trying to take down risk, then it’s going to make sense for them to sell their exposure in equities as well.” Stocks in Europe fell more than 2% in a global rout spurred by a 4-% decline in Shanghai stocks. Major European indices were in correction territory, a decline of 10% or more from their peak. The pan-regional FTSEurofirst fell 3.4% to 1,427.13, its worst day since November 2011, as traders shrugged off euro zone manufacturing and services data in a third straight day of selling. MSCI’s emerging markets index was at its weakest in four years, off 2.17%, while the firm’s all-country world stock index fell 1.99%. Oil fell hard again. U.S. crude was at a more than 6-year low, on track for its eighth straight weekly decline, dropping below the psychologically-important barrier of $40 during the session. Oil’s run of weekly losses is its worst since 1986, when the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries ramped up production and sent it as low as $10 a barrel. The Australian dollar, considered a liquid proxy for China demand, slid to $0.7285 at one point and was last trading at $0.7330, down 0.08%. The perfect storm that has enveloped EM local markets looks set to continue,” Barclays analysts said in a note. Gold, seen as a good asset in difficult times, rose to its highest level in more than a month. Gold was up 0.55% at $1,159.60 an ounce. Yields on safe-haven U.S. Treasuries slipped further, with the benchmark 10-year note rising 12/32 in price, pushing its yield down to 2.0417%. Lower Treasury yields and the stronger euro weighed on the dollar. The greenback traded at 121.97 yen, the lowest in more than five weeks. Against the euro, the dollar fell 1.1% to $1.1364.



These people are amazing. Today, I'm writing about Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Having been raised in Wisconsin with family still living there, I hear a lot of stories about his would be President.

A couple of years ago, Walker pushed through a wage cut for State employees. He has gutted the unions. He wants to eliminate the minimum wage. Now, with cuts of 250 million dollars in the State education budget, Walker has the funds to build a new arena for the Milwaukee Bucks. Yes, billionaire owners, employing millionaire athletes can cash in with money from the working people and school children. Meanwhile, Walker flies around in a private plane and riding in the back of a limousine while running for President. “Let them eat cake”.

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Presidential Candidate Scott Walker Cut $250 Million from Wisconsin Education Budget—Used it Instead to Fund Stadium for Milwaukee Bucks
Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, seeking the Republican nomination for president, is receiving some criticism for his decision to support a new basketball arena after cutting funds for the state’s university system.
It turns out both decisions had the same price tag, at least on the surface: $250 million. Walker approved a state budget that slashed a quarter of a billion dollars from the University of Wisconsin, then followed that up by signing a bill that calls for taxpayers to pay for half the $500-million cost of a new arena for the Milwaukee Bucks. The action was taken under threat from NBA officials that, if it wasn’t done, they would relocate the team to Seattle or Las Vegas. The New York Times’ Michael Powell characterized it as a classic “arena-shakedown…right out of the professional sports owner handbook.” He called its timing “inauspicious.” It is difficult to think of a clearer illustration of a politician’s comically misplaced priorities,” Jordan Weissman wrote at Slate. Although the state is supposed to pay $250 million for the arena, once interest on the bonds is factored in, taxpayers will end up paying closer to $400 million, noted Weissman. Democratic Milwaukee County executive Chris Abele, who worked with Walker and his staff to structure the deal, confessed that he nonetheless opposed it. “If Congress considered a law that would prevent any public financing for sports stadiums, I would support that,” he told the Times. Walker’s cutting of a quarter of a billion dollars from the school system came as he signed the new state budget just 24 hours before announcing his presidential candidacy. The education cut was Walker’s “most damaging and telling attack on the public sector,” according to Bob Peterson, former president of the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association. In addition to the cut, “tenure is no longer protected by state law but instead will be determined by the University’s Board of Regents, most of whom are gubernatorial appointees,” he wrote. “K-12 public schools were particularly decimated. Shortly before the budget’s signing, Wisconsin State Superintendent of Schools Tony Evers publicly requested that Walker veto more than 20 education measures that would undermine the state’s public schools. Walker refused.” A conservative Republican seen as a serious contender for the White House by GOP figures, Walker agreed to the stadium deal despite criticism from fiscal hawks opposed to the idea. The deal also helps the Bucks’ owners, Wesley Edens and Marc Lasry, who “are big donors to the Democratic Party,” according to Powell. “Lasry has bundled tens of thousands of dollars for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, and his hedge fund once employed her daughter, Chelsea,” Powell wrote. The stadium financing could prove especially hard for residents of Milwaukee County, which will have to pay $4 million a year for 20 years on the bonds. “If the county fails to come up with its payments, the state could deduct the money from annual aid to the county,” Powell said. Some state lawmakers, like Assemblyman Jonathan Brostoff, opposed the stadium plan. “We are building an arena for two of the richest people in the U.S.A. and they are just asking for more,” Brostoff told the Times. “If aliens came down and looked at this, they’d say, ‘What the hell are you doing?’ ”       POSTED AUGUST 19, 2015   GERALD CELENTE: COLLAPSE BY YEAR'S END   I know I covered this yesterday, but I had include the video from Gerald Celente. As most of you know, Gerald is the publisher of the Trends Journal. Over the past 30 years, or so, Mr. Celente has an uncanny ability to predict future trends on the basis of current events.
Of course he says, he could be off on the timing. A world wide economic collapse has never happened, so it's hard to time it, but I think most independent observers know it's coming. Personally, it wouldn't break my heart if it didn't come for many years. Probably just wishful thinking.
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  POSTED AUGUST 18, 2015   COLLAPSE IN SEPTEMBER?   The signs are pouring in from around the world. The subject article shows 23 nations that are already experiencing stock market collapses. On top of that, nation after nation reports drastic reductions in production and exports.
So how long? Many economists are saying this September. Others say we may make it to December. I don't know. It's kind of like looking at a terminally ill person and predicting the exact time he dies. And make no mistake, this nation is terminally ill, but I, like most others, continue to make plans for next week, next month and next year. I also know, that one day soon these plans will all go up in a puff of smoke.
If you are one who has made no preparations for a collapsed society to date, I doubt that anything published here will make you change, but maybe? Maybe a few of you will start. Maybe a few of you will store food, get weapons and ammunition, water filtration, medical supplies and a place to get out of potential chaos. ------maybe----
Bruce                            New World Order News   Bad Moon rising: Americans bracing for September shocker Robert Bridge Robert Bridge, originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has worked as an investigative journalist in Russia since 1998. His articles have been featured in many publications, including Russia in Global Affairs, The Drudge Report, Russia Insider and Bridge is the author of the book “Midnight in the American Empire”, which was released in early 2013. Published time: 16 Aug, 2015 11:09Edited time: 17 Aug, 2015 09:32 Get short URL © Brendan McDermid © Brendan McDermid / Reuters Across the vast expanse of the internet, everyone from professional economists to armchair theorists are sounding the alarm that next month may hold some ugly surprises for the global economy. Despite exorbitant executive salaries, record earnings on Wall Street and a surging dollar, an increasing number of forecasters are warning the feel-good data is severely skewered - a bit like a new coat of paint that used-car dealerships use to conceal the fact that a car's engine is shot. Indeed, many experts are giving the rickety US-made jalopy just months before the big collapse begins. Gerald Celente, the founder of Trends Research, who predicted the “panic of 2008,” says the economic earthquake will send reverberations around the world.  

You’re going to see a global stock market crash,” Celente told King World News. “There’s going to be panic on the streets from Wall Street to Shanghai, to the UK down to Brazil.”


You’re going to see one market after another begin to collapse.”

Doug Casey, a successful investor and the head of Casey Research, saw little to be upbeat about in the current economic climate. "With these stupid governments printing trillions and trillions of new currency units," Casey, describing the US Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing program, told Reason magazine in a recent interview, “it's building up to a catastrophe of historic proportions." © Brendan McDermid © Brendan McDermid / Reuters And he certainly does not advise keeping much money in any financial institution. "Most of the banks in the world are bankrupt," he said. In a recent conversation between senior analyst Larry Edelson and Mike Burnick, the Research Director for Weiss Research, Edelson made a stunning prediction, even providing an exact date

for what he predicts will be a “rollercoaster ride through hell.”


On October 7, 2015, the first economic super cycle since 1929 will trigger a global financial crisis of epic proportions. It will bring Europe, Japan and the United States to their knees, sending nearly one billion human beings on a roller-coaster ride through hell for the next five years. A ride like no generation has ever seen. I am 100 percent confident it will hit within the next few months.”

And there are dozens of other such apocalyptic predictions on the health of the global economy that it leaves one feeling dizzy and desperate - something like watching an approaching tidal wave in the full knowledge there is no hope of outrunning it. Meanwhile, confidence in the US economy among Americans dropped sharply in July to its lowest level in 2015, according to a new US Economic Confidence Index rating released by Gallup earlier this month. Perhaps the non-stop onslaught of super-negative news – everything from the Greek tragedy to the Chinese currency devaluation – has got Americans convinced the global economy has entered dangerous waters. Indeed, scratch the shiny surface of the US economy and the wear and rust is immediately apparent. Jeff Berwick, Canadian entrepreneur and editor of The Dollar Vigilante, recently told Gordon T. Long in an interview

: “There’s enough going on in September to have me incredibly curious and concerned about what’s going to happen.”

- Jade Helm 15, an ultra-secret (i.e. no media presence permitted) US military exercise spanning seven Southwestern states is expected to end of September 15; five closed WalMart stores, ostensibly for plumbing work, in the vicinity of the exercises has raised fears that the sprawling facilities will be able to double as some sort of detention centers following the collapse; - Pope Francis is scheduled to address the 70th annual UN General Assembly in New York on September 25; will the Bishop of Rome be in town to offer a divine blessing to Wall Street, which may require a real miracle to escape the fallout from the next downturn? - Last but not least, the US Federal Reserve will hold its Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) on September 16-17, where it is anticipated that Fed chair Janet Yellen will announce an interest rate hike, the first in years, which experts say could possibly trigger economic panic. Indeed, the hysteria over next month has reached such a fever pitch that even  seasoned experts are cracking open their dusty Bible for signposts. The seventh year of the Biblical agricultural cycle - as set down in the Torah – just happens to fall on September 15, 2015. This is a real millennial event, with a so-called tetrad of blood moons (four consecutive lunar eclipses) all falling on Judaic religious days. For those who track such astrological occurrences, a number of major events have occurred at the end of the “7-year business cycle,” as it is now commonly known. In 2008, for example, the world suffered its worst financial crisis in decades, while in September 2001 the United States experienced the worst-ever terror attack on its territory, as well as a massive sell-off on Wall Street when markets reopened on Sept. 17. Whatever the case may be, Americans – increasingly wary of the weak underbelly of their economy - are gearing up for fireworks in September. But even if nothing happens, all that prepping and stockpiling – much like in the runup to the overhyped Y2K non-event - will certainly boost economic performance across the board.

At this point, the US economy can use all the help it can get - even if it comes courtesy of a possible conspiracy theory.
@Robert_Bridge Posted below is a list that I put together of 23 nations around the world where stock market crashes are already happening.  To see the stock market chart for each country, just click the link… 1. Malaysia 2. Brazil 3. Egypt 4. China 5. Indonesia 6. South Korea 7. Turkey 8. Chile 9. Colombia 10. Peru 11. Bulgaria 12. Greece 13. Poland 14. Serbia 15. Slovenia 16. Ukraine 17. Ghana 18. Kenya 19. Morocco 20. Nigeria 21. Singapore 22. Taiwan 23. Thailand    

POSTED AUGUST 17, 2015   TRUMP: AUTISM CAUSED BY VACCINES   Of course those who read these posts know, many scientists and researchers have been screaming this for years, but our government masters and the media whores have been united in ridiculing those who hold this view ----- until now.
Now don't get the impression that I am supporting Donald Trump for President, but I do like the fact that a candidate for President actually speaks his mind. On this subject Trump is speaking the truth, although he still supports the philosophy of multiple vaccines, he has at least acknowledged the probability that the pharmaceutical industry, with the active participation of our government masters, is committing a holocaust to our children.
Isn't it sad that we, the people, have to settle for just a few crumbs from the table of our candidates for public office? Wouldn't be nice if all candidates spoke the truth and did what they promised? Oh, well, we can dream.
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  TARGET COMMITS PC SUICIDE   If you can read the subject article quoting Target spokespeople with out laughing, you are more controlled than I. In their announcement, Target brags about removing all references to gender in their stores. No more boys or girls or ladies or men. No, everything will be “vanilla”.
You would think that after the plunge in sales reported last year, and continuing this year, Target would be smarter. Haven't they lost enough money? Apparently not. Also, the statement, “We heard you, and we agree," is ludicrous. They did no such thing. 99% of the American people are fed up with this PC crap.
So, bye bye Target. It was nice knowing you. If you insist on going down this suicidal path, you will soon join other, once great, retail outlets in bankruptcy. The chat rooms are white hot with potential customers vowing never to shop Target again, but I guess those are not the people you “hear”.
Bruce                                      New World Order News   Target Ditches Gender Labels on Toys, Home and Entertainment by Kathryn Robinson
Target to customers: Our toy aisle is now gender-neutral 3:14 Target is ditching boys' and girls' labels on toys after the store says customers were raising concerns about unnecessary gender-based signs. In an statement posted to their website on Friday, Target announced they were moving away from gendered signs in stores. "Over the past year, guests have raised important questions about a handful of signs in our stores that offer suggestions based on gender," the posting read. Molly Snyder, a spokeswoman for Target, told NBC News the ways that people shop are continually evolving and changing. "We tried to look at what makes sense and what doesn't," Snyder said. For apparel, the signs will stay. But in departments including Toys, Home and Entertainment, Target says suggesting products by gender is "unnecessary."
"We heard you, and we agree," the statement said. "Right now, our teams are working across the store to identify areas where we can phase out gender-based signage to help strike a better balance." The store said they will also remove references to gender by no longer including the use of pink, blue, yellow or green paper on the back walls of shelves. Changes will start to be seen in stores over the next few months, the company announced.  



Over the past 50 years we have watched our nation degenerate into a pseudo democracy controlled by big money and big government. Today, Congress has 9% approval rating. Turned off voters outnumber those who still bother. Nafta, Gatt, the WTO, the wars, TPP, and on and on and on are largely unpopular, and yet, their Congressional approval sails through.

The there was 911. Their story is not only ridiculous, it's impossible. No matter. Now we get the Patriot Act, Homeland Security Act and the Military Commissions Act. We also get groped at the airport, searched on the highways and spied on by the NSA.
Here's a heads up for those who rule us and their pet Yorkies in the media --- it's not Trump. It's YOU! The average American, regardless of their political persuasion, is fed up with all of you. Trump says some things we all feel. He may make a terrible President, but at least he isn't one of you. Put “None of the Above” on the ballot and that would get the most votes. Here's another suggestion for those who rule over us and their pet Yorkies. Go away. Just leave. Get on your private jets and fly to some other place and don't come back. The people don't want you. That's the message. Those who have ignored these signs in other nations in the past have generally lived to regret it.

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The Assault On Donald Trump Shows That Our 2 Party System Is Really A 1 Party System
Submitted by IWB, on August 10th, 2015
  By Michael Snyder Donald Trump CircleWere you sickened by the Republican debate the other night? The hype leading up to the debate was unbelievable. Never before had there been so much interest in a debate this early in an election season, and it turned out to be the most watched program on Fox News ever. A record-shattering 24 million Americans tuned in, and what they witnessed was an expertly orchestrated assault on Donald Trump. From the very first moments, every question that was launched at Trump was an “attack question”. And then the laughable “focus group” that followed was specifically designed to show that “ordinary people” were “changing their minds” about Trump. By the end of the evening, it was abundantly clear that Fox News had purposely intended to try to destroy Trump’s candidacy. And of course Fox News is far from alone. Every mainstream news outlet in the entire country is running anti-Trump news stories every single day. Virtually every other presidential candidate in both parties is attacking him, and virtually every “political expert” from across the political spectrum is trashing his chances of success. So why is this happening? Normally, candidates that are not part of the “establishment” do not pose much of a threat. In order to win elections in this country, especially on a national level, you need name recognition and you need lots and lots of money. Donald Trump has both, and no matter what you may think of him you have to admit that he has star power. And he was never supposed to run for president. You see, the truth is that only members of “the club” are allowed to play. The elite very carefully groom their candidates, and they are usually able to maintain a very tight grip on both major political parties. This two-headed abomination that we call a “two party system” is in reality just a one party system. Yes, many Democrats and many Republicans really do hate one another, but at the end of the day there is very little difference between the two parties. That is why nothing ever really seems to change no matter who gets elected. George W. Bush continued almost all of Bill Clinton’s policies, and Barack Obama has continued almost all of George W. Bush’s policies. When they are running for office, they tell us what they think we want to hear, but once they get to D.C. they do exactly what the establishment wants them to do. Donald Trump, whether you love him or you hate him, is a threat to this system. He is not controlled by the elite, and he does and says all sorts of things that drive the elite absolutely nuts. If he was polling below 5 percent that wouldn’t be a problem. At first, the mainstream media attempted to portray him as a joke that would never get any real support.  But since then, Trump has proven that he is a serious candidate with some very serious ideas about how to fix this country.  Now that he is receiving far, far more support than the establishment choice (Jeb Bush), he must be destroyed. I can promise you right now that the Republican establishment will pull out every dirty trick in the book to keep Donald Trump from getting the Republican nomination. And if Donald Trump runs as an independent, the elite will move heaven and earth to keep him out of the White House. This isn’t even just about Trump.  If Ben Carson starts getting too much support, he will be destroyed too. This is how presidential elections in America work. What we witnessed during the Fox News debate the other night was not an accident. The goal was to make Jeb Bush look good and to make Donald Trump look bad. The following comes from Mike Adams But the one thing that really stood out was the total fraud of what Fox News pulled off. It was clear from the first five minutes that Fox News had pre-arranged softball questions for Jeb Bush to highlight his “heroic actions” and accomplishments. Meanwhile, the kinds of questions directed to Donald Trump were all thinly veiled accusations and insults, designed to attack Trump on issues that had nothing to do with running the country.The typical questions went something like this: (paraphrased)Fox News: “Jeb Bush, how did you get to be such an amazing leader?”Fox News: “Donald Trump, why do you hate women?”As if a debate with totally contrived questions wasn’t enough, Fox News also had a pre-arranged assembly of apparently “ordinary citizens” who were asked, after the debate, how many of them now hated Donald Trump. And even when “the debate” was over, the assault continued. If you have not seen the disgraceful “focus group interview” which Frank Luntz orchestrated, you can check it out below…  I just about fell out of my chair when I saw that. Virtually everyone in the “focus group” that Frank Luntz put together supposedly had a positive view of Donald Trump before the debate, and then almost every single one of them supposedly become Trump haters during the course of the two hour debate. I am sure that they were hoping that everybody in the viewing public would “come to their senses” and become Jeb Bush supporters. But of course post-debate polling shows that is not happening at all. The Drudge Report conducted a flash poll immediately following the debate, and a whopping 44.67 percent of those that responded said that Trump won the debate. Ted Cruz was in second place with 14.31 percent. Jeb Bush got a measly 2.07 percent. A Newsmax survey came up with similar results… Donald Trump: 38 percent Ted Cruz: 15.5 percent Neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson: 10.2 percent Florida Sen. Marco Rubio: 9.7 percent Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul: 9.3 percent Ohio Gov. John Kasich: 4.9 percent Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker: 4.5 percent Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee: 3.5 percent Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush: 2.5 percent New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie: 1.4 percent And a survey conducted by Time Magazine also produced similar findings. Donald Trump got 47 percent, Ben Carson was in second place with 11 percent, and Jeb Bush got 4 percent. But Donald Trump is not going to be the Republican nominee. Unless something goes horribly, horribly wrong for the Republican establishment, Jeb Bush is going to be the nominee. We have a system that is deeply, deeply broken and that does not reflect the will of the people. This was illustrated by one of the questions that Trump was asked during the debate  

BAIER: Mr. Trump, it’s not just your past support for single-payer health care. You’ve also supported a host of other liberal policies….You’ve also donated to several Democratic candidates, Hillary Clinton included, and Nancy Pelosi. You explained away those donations saying you did that to get business-related favors. And you said recently, quote, “When you give, they do whatever the hell you want them to do.”


TRUMP: You’d better believe it.

BAIER: — they do? TRUMP: If I ask them, if I need them, you know, most of the people on this stage I’ve given to, just so you understand, a lot of money.  

TRUMP: I will tell you that our system is broken. I gave to many people, before this, before two months ago, I was a businessman. I give to everybody. When they call, I give. And do you know what? When I need something from them two years later, three years later, I call them, they are there for me. And that’s a broken system.

The really amazing thing is that nobody up on that stage disputed that what Trump was saying was true. It is very well understood by our politicians that when they get big checks from the elite for their campaigns that certain things are expected from them in return. Our government does not reflect the will of the people and it hasn’t for a very long time. Instead, it reflects the will of the elite, and the American people are getting sick and tired of it. Right now, surveys show that Donald Trump has far more support than any other Republican candidate. But he is not going to be the Republican nominee. The Republican establishment will make sure of that. There is still the possibility that Trump could run as an independent. That would be an extremely tough road, but on Sunday he sounded very open to the possibility The political hurricane that is Donald Trump didn’t recede over the weekend, even in the face of a rising tide of criticism from Republican rivals about his attack on Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.

Instead, the celebrity billionaire insisted in a string of interviews on Sunday TV shows that he had done nothing wrong, that “only a deviant” would interpret his words in an offensive way, and that he is leaving open the possibility of running an independent campaign for the White House if the GOP doesn’t treat him “fairly.”

I do have leverage and I like having leverage,” Trump declared on CBS’ Face the Nation on a morning that also included interviews with ABC’s This Week, CNN’s State of the Union and NBC’s Meet the Press. This is a scenario that I discussed in my previous article entitled “Republican Operatives Plot To Sabotage Trump – But That Could Turn Him Into Their Worst Nightmare“.  Personally, I believe that Donald Trump will decide to run as an independent when it becomes clear to him that the Republican establishment is going to prevent him from winning the nomination at all costs. But I could be wrong.    



No, not 700 MPH, 7000 MPH. I have, in the past, speculated about the philosophy of the U.S. Military regarding the approach to a possible World War III. Judging from the approach in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and all the others, the military is convinced that a large navy is the key to successful operations. It has been said that the military wants to fight the next war with the weapons of the past.

It is true that ever since the Korean war our air force and navy has been largely unopposed. It is also true that every conflict the U.S. Has pursued has been against 3rd world nations. Most of the offensive attacks from the air originate from air craft carriers --- and that's the flaw. According to sources, the top speed of an air craft carrier is 56 MPH, and of course that is on the straight away and not into turns. Should the U.S. enter against a first world nation, the results could be radically different.
Here comes the Chinese anti-ship missile, DF-21D Dong Feng. It goes up to 7000 mph with a range of 1200 miles. The Russians also have state of the art anti-ship missiles. Even Iran has some. The subject article mentions this, but then focuses on the U.S. Developing a missile like this, not on developing a defense from this missile. Using today's technology, it is hard to imagine the U.S. fleet surviving very long in a conflict. The missiles and torpedoes are way too fast and way too accurate and way too prolific. It does no good for the U.S. to sink the few ships the Chinese have only to see most of the U.S. air and sea power neutralized by them. Then what, nuclear war?

Bruce                                      New World Order News   Pentagon Outranged by Chinese Anti-Ship Missiles, Scrambles to Save Face © Flickr/ Stuart Rankin Military & Intelligence 22:25 06.08.2015(updated 04:28 07.08.2015) Get short URL 1710754464 Desperate to compete with China’s long-range anti-ship missiles, the US Navy is considering one of two options: forge ahead with the expensive, but state-of-the-art LRASM, or upgrade the Cold War-era Tomahawk, a missile never intended for naval warfare. Beijing unveiled its DF-21D Dong Feng "carrier killer" missile in 2014. Rumored to be capable of traveling at Mach 10 – or ten times the speed of sound – with an effective range of 1,200 miles, the Navy has expressed concern that the weapon could pose a major threat to US aircraft carriers in the event of conflict. On Wednesday, US Deputy Chief of Naval Operations Joseph Aucoin outlined the Pentagon’s plan for how best to counter the Dong Feng. Target in sight for Lockheed Martin's LRASM stealth standoff missile. © Lockheed Martin DARPA's Anti-Ship Missile Still Less Deadly Than Chinese ‘Carrier Killer’ One option is the Tomahawk missile. Introduced in the 1970s, that weapon is now produced by US defense contracting firm Raytheon. While it has proven remarkably reliable during its nearly 40 years of service, much of the Tomahawk’s success is based on stationary, land-based targets. Except for a single model now out of service, the Tomahawk is not designed for mobile, floating targets, and would have to receive a significant upgrade before they could be any match against the Chinese Navy. The other option is Lockheed Martin’s Long Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRASM), which the Pentagon’s research arm DARPA called "a leap ahead in US surface warfare capability." The LRASM boasts the capability of operating either independently or with remote guidance, and can survive GPS jamming. To decide between the two, Aucoin told reporters at the Center for Strategic and International Studies that he wants "a competition to get the best munition." "What I would like to see happen is take those capabilities that we need and start inserting those into a Block IV [Tomahawk], and [compare that] to what we have with LRASM Increment 1, and have those two compete for the next-generation strike weapon," Aucoin said, according to Breaking Defense. The U.S. Navy warship USS John McCain, an Arleigh-Burke class destroyer. File photo © AP Photo/ Bullit Marquez US Successfully Tests Anti-Ballistic Missile System in Pacific Even if the Tomahawk turns out to be the better long-term option, Aucoin said the Navy would still purchase LRASMs to fill the “urgent operational need” in the short-term. It could be a neck-and-neck race. Tomahawks are relatively cheap, compared to the approximate $2 million price tag for each LRASM. Tomahawks also have a longer range and feature a larger payload. But the LRASMs are durable, and that could prove much more effective against the Chinese Navy. While Tomahawks may work well against low-tech adversaries like the self-proclaimed Islamic State terrorist group, they could be easily shot out of the sky by more sophisticated defense systems. That means, accounting for loss, more Tomahawks would be needed to do the job that could be accomplished by a single LRASM. Even if LRASM and Tomahawk are the main competitors, there are, of course, a couple of other options being considered by the US Navy. "Another option in the mix is [Norwegian firm] Kongsberg’s Naval Strike Missile, which as about the same range and coast as LRASM, but is already in production," Bryan Clark, former top aide to the Chief of Naval Operations, said, according to Breaking Defense. Chinese dredging vessels are purportedly seen in the waters around Mischief Reef in the disputed Spratly Islands in the South China Sea, in this file still image from video taken by a P-8A Poseidon surveillance aircraft and provided by the United States Navy on May 21, 2015 © REUTERS/ US Navy Crying Wolf in South China Sea: US Beating Drums Over Chinese 'Threat' There is also the possible the Pentagon could modify the SM-6 Standard Missile anti-missile defense system to take on offensive capabilities. Still, those cost roughly twice as much as a LRASM, and would only serve as more of a backup in a combat situation. Whatever the US Navy decides, LRASM isn’t expected to be deployed for another three years. If that’s the immediate, short-term option, no wonder the US is so nervous about the Dong Feng


  Friday, July 31, 2015
Bombshell: CDC destroyed vaccine documents, Congressman reveals; CDC whistleblower case is back   By Jon Rappoport

“…the [CDC] co-authors scheduled a meeting to destroy documents related to the [MMR vaccine] study. The remaining four co-authors all met and brought a big garbage can into the meeting room and reviewed and went through all the hard copy documents that we had thought we should discard and put them in a huge garbage can.” (William Thompson, CDC researcher)

On July 29, US Congressman Bill Posey made his last stand on the floor of the House. Granted five minutes to speak, he laid bare the lying of the CDC in a now-famous 2004 study that exonerated the MMR vaccine and claimed it had no connection to autism.

“No connection to autism” was the lie.

Congressman Posey read a statement from long-time CDC researcher William Thompson, one of the authors of the 2004 Pediatrics study designed to determine, once and for all, whether the Measles-Mumps-Rubella vaccine could cause autism.

Thompson saw and participated in violating the protocol of the study. He was there. He helped his co-authors destroy documents that would have shown an MMR-autism link.

You can see a rush transcript of Congressman Posey’s remarks here (on the website), which includes his reading of a statement from whistleblower Thompson.

Posey pleads with his colleagues for a Congressional investigation.

Of note: two of the CDC researchers on the infamous 2004 study, who according to Thompson, destroyed vital documents, are Coleen Boyle and Frank DeStefano. They are both high-ranking executives at the CDC in the area of vaccine safety. 

This calls into question every single CDC study, under their tenure, that claims vaccines are safe.
  CDC whistleblower Thompson’s statement, which Posey read on the House floor, includes this bombshell:
However, because I [Thompson] assumed it [destroying the documents] was illegal and would violate both FOIA and DOJ requests, I kept hard copies of all documents in my office and I retained all associated computer files. I believe we intentionally withheld controversial findings from the final draft of the Pediatrics paper.Thompson has the smoking-gun documents. So does Congressman Posey. I believe others do as well.

So: publish them. Publish them now.

There are lawsuits to be filed. Eleven years have passed since the CDC committed its crime of concealing the MMR vaccine-autism connection. How many parents, never informed of the truth, have permitted their children to receive this vaccine? How many children have been struck down by the vaccine?

The lawsuits should be filed against the CDC and the individual authors of the 2004 study. Lawyers must depose every CDC employee who had knowledge of the crime.

And what about the fact that the MMR vaccine is one of the shots that has been mandated, by law, in California, in other states, and in Australia? Mandating neurological destruction of children is a crime that must be investigated and punished. If these states (and other countries) insist on keeping the MMR on their schedules, they are guilty parties.

Here, for background, are earlier articles I wrote about whistleblower Thompson, starting when the story broke in the summer of 2014.

Understand what we are dealing with here, in terms of public exposure: the author of a peer-reviewed and published study; the author who has worked for many years at the CDC; the author who participated in destruction of vital documents; the author has come forward and admitted his crime and the crime of his colleagues. This kind of confession never happens.

But it did happen.

And this story and what it means must not die, no matter how major media outlets try to spin it or ignore it.

Parents who are, in ignorance, allowing their children to receive the MMR vaccine, must be informed. They must know what is going on. They must know the danger to their children.

Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand, Germany, France, India, China, South Africa…wherever the MMR vaccine is given…parents must be made aware they’re gambling with their children’s lives.

Government officials anywhere in the world who make this continuing crime possible are liable.

So are manufacturers of the MMR.

Get busy. Expose the truth.

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.



Incongruities in the News — Paul Craig Roberts Pollard is a hero to Israel, not to America, and it is Pollard who is released. Manning, Snowden, and Assange are heroes to America, and they continue to be confined. By -   Pollard is a hero to Israel, not to America, and it is Pollard who is released. Manning, Snowden, and Assange are heroes to America, and they continue to be confined. by Paul Craig Roberts Jonathan Pollard, a paid spy for Israel described by Michael D. Shear as “one of the country’s most notorious spies,” has been pardoned from his life sentence. It strikes me as hypocritical for the US government to sentence anyone to prison for spying when the government itself spies on everyone everywhere. All Americans including members of the House and Senate, congressional staff, military officers, foreign governments including the leaders of Washington’s closest allies, and foreign businesses are spied upon. No one is exempt from Washington’s spying. Washington claims that its worldwide spying does no harm. So how did the very limited spying of one person—Pollard—a civilian employee of Naval intelligence do so much harm as to warrant a life sentence? What some of us would like to see is a life sentence for NSA. What disturbs me about the case is that it is Pollard, who spied for a foreign country, who is released. In contrast, Manning and Snowden who spied for the American people are locked away, Manning in a federal prison and Snowden in his Russian exile. Julian Assange, who merely did his job as a journalist and made available to newspapers documents leaked to him, is confined to the Ecuadoran embassy in London.  It seems to me that if Pollard who spied for Israel can be set free, so ought to be Manning, Snowden, and Assange who spied for the American people and reported the illegal activities of the US government and the dangerous impact of Washington’s illegal activities on the liberty of Americans. Pollard is a hero to Israel, not to America, and it is Pollard who is released. Manning, Snowden, and Assange are heroes to America, and they continue to be confined. * * * The Dutch or the Europeans, whoever it is that has responsibility for investigating the downing of the Malaysian airliner, MH-17, is unable to get a report released. What does this tell us? It tells me that the facts don’t support the propaganda that Russia is responsible. You can bet your last dollar that if there was any evidence of Russia’s responsibility, the report would have been out long ago. Only Russia has complied with the evidentiary requirements of the investigation, turning over all evidence in its possession. Washington refuses to release the information from its spy satellite that was directly overhead at the moment of the airliner’s destruction, and Kiev refuses to release its communications with the airliner that directed the airliner to change course and to fly over a combat zone.. In place of the withheld report, there are planted “leaks” in the media claiming that the report has concluded that Russia is responsible. These “leaks” make news everywhere, but the denials of the false leaks by the investigators never receive the same media attention. Apparently, there is still a mite of integrity left in the Dutch. Washington can block the report but not completely falsify it.So now Washington is pushing a UN International Tribunal on the airliner crash in hopes of getting the result Washington wants. A person can’t help but wonder why Russia did not conduct the investigation, inviting in the European governments with complete access to all available information. The remains of the airliner fell on territory friendly to Russia. If Russia had conducted the investigation, we would have transparency. Instead, what we have is a report that can’t be issued and Washington calling for a new investigation that it can fully control. To prevent Russia’s frame-up, Russia had to veto today (July 29) the resolution in the UN. Now Russia is accused by the West speaking with one voice of hiding its complicity in the attack on the airliner and opposing justice for Malaysia. At some point the Russian government needs to understand that its faith in the West is a mistake and that when Russia relies on Western good will Russia cuts its own throat. * * * We have an economic recovery, allegedly, one ongoing since June, 2009. Tell that to the millions of “discouraged workers” who have been unable to find a job, have given up looking for nonexistent jobs, and are not counted as among the unemployed as measured by the fake 5.3% rate of unemployment. The stock market, not too far below its highs, is used as evidence of recovery. However, the stock market is supported by companies buying back their own shares and by the liquidity that the Federal Reserve has poured into the financial system. Dan Strumpet reported in the Wall Street Journal that a mere six companies account for more than all of the gain in market-capitalization in the S&P 500. How’s that? We have a recovery in which a mere six companies participate—Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook, Gilead, and Walt Disney Company. Sounds like a rip-roaring recovery. In the second quarter of this year the US economy contracted by 1.4%. Second quarter durable goods orders, minus commercial aircraft orders which are placed years ahead and do not reflect the state of the present economy, are in annual decline. Second quarter new home sales fell 7.3%. And Wall Street still hypes hope and recovery. * * * Mike Huckabee, one of the Republican morons running for president described the US agreement with Iran regarding Iran’s nuclear energy program as “marching the Israelis to the door of the oven.” In other words, according to Huckabee, Obama has launched the Second Holocaust. Rand Paul, the libertarian hope, is not far behind Huckabee in his groveling before Israel: My suggestion is: let’s cut out the middleman. Let’s elect Netanyahu or the Chicago gambling king Sheldon Adelson President of the United States and be done with it. Sheldon Adelson billionaire and Israeli wife Miriam, gear up to back Netanyahu, defense hawks.Sheldon Adelson billionaire and Israeli wife Miriam, gear up to back Netanyahu, defense hawks. This explanation of the Iran agreement, if correct, means that the Iranian One Percent sold out Iran in order to join forces with the One Percent in the West. * * * As for Bill Clinton, so for the British Lords. sex, not mass murder and war crimes, is the punishable offense. * * * For those dwindling numbers of progressives and liberals who still wear their gullibility on their sleeves by believing in government, digest this: And what do we make of this? * * * The other day I heard the BBC presstitute Will Grant patronizing Cuba’s newspaper Granma. The presstitute, a mouthpiece for Washington and London, was telling the Cuban journalists that now that relations were normalized with the West, Granma had to toe the Western propaganda line or remain an outcast in the journalism world. The Cuban journalists made an effort to defend their integrity, but one senses that the allure of foreign travel, conferences and awards will spell the death knell of the newspaper associated with the Cuban Revolution. Of course, the Cuban Revolution itself is finished, as the money pouring in from abroad will reconstruct Cuba and make Cuba into a profitable foreign enterprise of the corporatocracy. * * * Obama was recently in Ethiopia where he warned the Ethiopian government against violating the rights of journalists. If only Obama had the same sympathy for American journalists. Instead, Obama threatens American journalists with indictments if they do not rat on their whistleblower sources. * * * The recent bombings in Turkey. Are the bombings a false flag operation so that Turkey can do what it wants to do anyway? So often bombings are the work of “security” forces. The bombings are used to blame those whom the security forces wish to discredit. The Tsar’s secret police used bombings in order to arrest labor agitators. As Operation Gladio revealed, Western intelligence services bombed women and children in Europe in order to blame communists and thus reduce their vote in elections False flag attacks are common throughout history. Those who expose them are labeled “conspiracy theorists” in order to protect governments’ secret agendas from exposure. The gullibility of the population ensures the government’s success. Paul Craig Roberts blogs at :



We were told Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. We were told Assad gassed his own people. We were told Qaddafi was brutalizing his people and they wanted him to go. We were told Afghanistan supported the attacks of 911. We are told ISIS needs to be bombed in any country where we say they are. We are told Russia has invaded Ukraine.

It turns out Saddam did not have weapons of mass destruction, Assad did not gas his own people, Qaddafi was not brutalizing his people, the Afghan government tried to give Osama Bin Laden back to the U.S., ISIS is a creation of elements of the U.S. Government and Russia has not invaded Ukraine.

Almost 14 years after the beginning of the so-called war on terror, all of the wars continue and the countries are decimated. Millions have been rendered homeless making these desperate hoards seek refuge in western nations. This crisis was created by us. Since the nations attacked can no longer function, those still alive are looking to the west to support them. Just today, Obama’s answer was to increase the bombing in Syria.

Bruce              New World Order News

 Migrant flow to Europe is result of US, EU military ops in Middle East – Czech president
Published time: 2 Aug, 2015 21:00
Edited time: 3 Aug, 2015 12:17
Jungle" near Calais, France, August 2, 2015 © Pascal Rossignol / Reuters

The flow of immigrants to Europe stems from the Western states’ military interventions in Iraq, Libya and Syria, which have contributed to the emergence of terrorist groups in the Middle East, Czech President Milosh Zeman told local media.

“The current wave of migration [to Europe] is rooted in the crazy [US] idea to launch an intervention in Iraq, which allegedly had weapons of mass destruction, but nothing was found,” Zeman said in a video interview  with the Czech Repubic’s Blesk newspaper published on Sunday.

On top of this, the US’ desire to “restore order” in Libya and Syria only resulted in the escalation of conflicts in both countries and the emergence of terrorist organizations, prompting people to flee the area, Zeman said.

He added that not only the US was to blame for the migrant chaos, but its Western allies that helped to “coordinate operations in Libya” as well.

He announced his intention to speak at the regular session of the UN General Assembly later this year and propose that the UN create military units to destroy terrorist training camps.

READ MORE: Police use force to separate pro and anti-migrant rallies at British Eurotunnel terminal

Zeman also lashed out at immigrants on Sunday after tensions at a refugee detention center in the Czech Republic’s northeast prompted police to use tear gas. About 100 illegal immigrants waiting for deportation staged a demonstration on Friday, damaging the building of the center, according to local authorities.

"No one invited you here. But now you are here, you must respect our rules, as we respect the rules when we go to your country," the president said.

According to police, 3,018 illegal migrants have been intercepted by Czech law enforcement so far in 2015. The figure is almost 50% higher than in the first half of 2014.

Meanwhile, late on Saturday, about two hundred migrants, according to AP estimates, once again stormed the Eurotunnel terminal near the French port town of Calais in a bid to reach the UK. Police reportedly stopped the crowd by using a chemical irritant. More than a hundred attempts to enter the tunnel have been documented by security forces in this week alone. A man was fatally hit by a truck during one of attempts.

READ MORE: Sweden’s 3rd largest city hit by multiple blasts, police plead for help to tackle violence spike

The chaos in Calais, where thousands of migrants have been making nightly attempts to access the Eurotunnel terminal, has shown “a system that is breaking down,” Morgan Johansson, the Swedish justice and migration minister, told BBC Radio 4’s World This Weekend.

He accused Britain of failing to “take the responsibility that they should,” and criticized Prime Minister David Cameron for the wording he uses with regard to migrants.

“I hear what he is saying about ‘illegal immigrants’ and ‘swarms’ and I think he is trying to divide people, that that is not a constructive way.”

The refugee camp set up near Calais, dubbed the “Jungle,” houses up to 10,000 immigrants. Xavier Bertrand, French MP and mayor of the northern city of Saint-Quentin, who is familiar with the situation, told RT the conditions at the camp “are severe.”

British Home Secretary Theresa May and French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve have stressed that resolving the crisis and stopping the flow of immigrants is their “top priority,” Britain’s Sunday Telegraph and France’s Journal du Dimanche reported. The two top officials also urged to the EU to “address this problem at root.”

“We must break the link between crossing the Mediterranean and achieving settlement in Europe for economic reasons,” they added.

Under the Le Touquet treaty signed in 2003, the British border was moved to French Calais and British border control was stationed at French ferry terminals. This was done as part of an effort to close the infamous Sangatte refugee camp and stop the flow of illegal immigrants from reaching the UK to claim asylum.

French officials have made calls to scrap the agreement and move the border back to Dover and Folkestone. No official steps, however, have yet been taken.  

In 2014, the UK received 31,400 asylum applications, while 63,100 were submitted to France and 81,300 to Sweden, according to data provided by the British Red Cross

POSTED JULY 31, 2015


No, it’s not Iran. The NPT, to which I refer, is the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. 189 nations have signed this treaty, but one nuclear power has refused. Give up? It’s Israel. It has been rumored that if Israel deems it’s security is in danger from an attack, it will use nuclear weapons. It’s amazing how much they have complained about other nations even having the capacity to produce a nuclear weapon, while stockpiling them themselves.

The subject article covers this subject. It puts forth the position that in order to reduce tensions in the middle east, Israel must be compelled to follow the same rules as everyone else. Given the seizure of lands not belonging to Israel and its’ eagerness to use space age weapons on stone age people, their use of their nuclear weapons will happen sooner or later.

Many of those who follow the Bible see the end of the age culminating with a world war centered in the middle east. Whether it’s true or not, it’s not Israel’s job to turn it into a reality. Furthermore, it is our job, here in the U.S., to curtail their ability to start an apocalypse.

Bruce                                      New World Order News

Iran has signed a historic nuclear deal – now it’s Israel’s turn
Javad Zarif

Friday 31 July 2015 06.34 EDT
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We – Iran and its interlocutors in the group of nations known as the P5+1 – have finally achieved the shared objective of turning the Iranian nuclear programme from an unnecessary crisis into a platform for cooperation on nuclear non-proliferation and beyond. The nuclear deal reached in Vienna this month is not a ceiling but a solid foundation on which we must build. The joint comprehensive plan of action, as the accord is officially known, cements Iran’s status as a zone free of nuclear weapons. Now it is high time that we expand that zone to encompass the entire

Iran’s push for a ban on weapons of mass destruction in its regional neighbourhood has been consistent. The fact that it precedes Saddam Hussein’s systematic use of WMDs against Iran (never reciprocated in kind) is evidence of the depth of my country’s commitment to this noble cause. And while Iran has received the support of some of its Arab friends in this endeavour, Israel – home to the Middle East’s only nuclear weapons programme – has been the holdout. In the light of the historic nuclear deal, we must address this challenge head on.

One of the many ironies of history is that non-nuclear-weapon states, like Iran, have actually done far more for the cause of non-proliferation in practice than nuclear-weapon states have done on paper. Iran and other nuclear have-nots have genuinely “walked the walk” in seeking to consolidate the non-proliferation regime. Meanwhile, states actually possessing these destructive weapons have hardly even “talked the talk”, while completely brushing off their disarmament obligations under the non-proliferation treaty (NPT) and customary international law.

That is to say nothing of countries outside the NPT, or Israel, with an undeclared nuclear arsenal and a declared disdain towards non-proliferation, notwithstanding its absurd and alarmist campaign against the Iranian nuclear deal.

Today, in light of the Vienna deal, it is high time that the nuclear “haves” remedied the gap by adopting serious disarmament measures and reinforcing the non-proliferation regime.

It is time for the “haves” to finally come to terms with a crucial reality; we live in a globalised security environment. The cold war era asymmetry between states that possess nuclear weapons and those that don’t is no longer remotely tolerable.

For too long, it has been assumed that the insane concept of mutually assured destruction would sustain stability and non-proliferation. Nothing could be further from the truth. The prevalence of this deterrence doctrine in international relations has been the primary driving force behind the temptation by some countries to acquire nuclear weapons, and by others to engage in expanding and beefing up the strength of their nuclear arsenals. All this in blatant violation of the disarmament objectives set by the international community.

It is imperative that we change this dangerous and erroneous security paradigm and move toward a better, safer and fairer arrangement. I sincerely believe that the nuclear agreement between my country – a non-nuclear-weapon state – and the P5+1 (which control almost all nuclear warheads on Earth) is symbolically significant enough to kickstart this paradigm shift and mark the beginning of a new era for the non-proliferation regime.

One step in the right direction would be to start negotiations for a weapons elimination treaty, backed by a robust monitoring and compliance-verification mechanism.

This could, in an initial phase, occasion the de-alerting of nuclear arsenals (removing warheads from delivery vehicles to reduce the risk of use) and subsequently engender the progressive disarmament by all countries possessing such WMDs. It is certainly a feasible goal to start this global project with a robust, universal and really genuine push to establish a WMD-free zone in the Middle East, if the relevant powers finally come to deem it not just a noble cause but a strategic imperative.

    One step in the right direction would be to start negotiating a weapons elimination treaty

Such a new treaty would revive and complement the NPT for nuclear “haves”. It would codify disarmament obligations for nuclear-armed regimes that are not party to the NPT – but that are nonetheless bound – politically, by the international non-proliferation regime and, legally, by preemptory norms of customary international law to disarm.

Iran, in its national capacity and as current chairman of the Non-Aligned Movement, is prepared to work with the international community to achieve these goals, knowing full well that, along the way, it will probably run into many hurdles raised by the sceptics of peace and diplomacy. But we must endeavour to convince and persist, as we did in Vienna

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Most are aware of the recently released videos showing employees of Planned Parenthood admitting their organization makes millions of dollars selling the body parts of aborted babies. Surely there must be broken laws somewhere. Well, here we go again. If our government and corporate masters cannot get what they want through the vote, or if they cannot get what they want through the laws they write, if they cannot find a rule or guideline or policy to enforce their will, there is always a judge.

So here comes The Los Angeles Superior Court of California. I tried as hard as I could, but I couldn’t get the name or names of any judge involved in this decision. I guess courage is no longer a requisite to serve as a judge.

No, we don’t care about babies being killed for their parts. No, we don’t care about a charity deceiving women about their purpose. No, we don’t care about the public’s right to know about this barbaric and immoral policy and no, after we issue this injunction, we would prefer to hide behind the name, The Los Angeles Superior Court of California, and not identify ourselves. Yes, we are proud of this America. An America ruled by men and not by law. An America where killing babies is not only allowed, but encouraged and profitable. That’s the America, we, your rulers, love.

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Judge blocks group from releasing more Planned Parenthood videos… President: We will not be defeated by extremists
Submitted by IWB, on July 30th, 2015

Judge blocks group from releasing more Planned Parenthood videos…

The pro-life group behind a series of undercover Planned Parenthoodvideos accused the bioservice firm StemExpress late Wednesday of trying to “cover up this illegal baby parts trade” after the company obtained a court order blocking the release of footage.

The Los Angeles Superior Court issued a temporary injunction Tuesday stopping the Center for Medical Progress from releasing any video showing three officials from StemExpress, a company that transfers fetal tissue from abortions performed at Planned Parenthood and other clinics to medical researchers.

A company spokesman told the Associated Press that StemExpress is “grateful its rights have been vindicated in a court of law,” but the centersaid in a statement that the court threw out most of the company’s request.


President: We will not be defeated by extremists…

Planned Parenthood has been a trusted nonprofit provider of women’s health care for nearly a century. Each year, 2.7 million people come to our health centers for high-quality, nonjudgmental, compassionate care.

Since our very beginning, our health centers, providers and patients have come under outrageous attacks, political and otherwise. These attacks are not about us. They are about the ability of women across the country to access health care. Period.

The most recent attacks in this decades-long campaign represent a new low.

These extremists created a fake business, made apparently misleadingcorporate filings and then used false government identifications to gain access to Planned Parenthood’s medical and research staff with the agenda of secretly filming without consent — then heavily edited the footage to make false and absurd assertions about our standards and services. They spent three years doing everything they could — not to uncover wrongdoing, but rather to create it. They failed.


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The subject article covers a, largely ignored, subject. That would be the real Abraham Lincoln. If ever there was an example of successful propaganda, the accepted image of Abraham Lincoln qualifies perfectly.

The article just doesn’t say Lincoln was a racist, it publishes his own quotes made in public. His speech in the 4th Lincoln Douglas debate, in Charleston, Illinois, leaves little doubt. Indeed, Lincoln’s wife’s family were, themselves, slave owners.

It’s a little frustrating when one has spent years studying history, only to learn, much was not entirely true. Maybe the quote of Walter Benjamin was correct. “History is written by the victors”.

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Lincoln the Racist (Or: Steven Spielberg, Call Your Office)

By Thomas DiLorenzo

November 10, 2012
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by Thomas J. DiLorenzo

Recently by Thomas DiLorenzo: The Forgotten Men You Should KnowAbout


"Who freed the slaves? To the extent that they were ever u2018freed,' they were freed by the Thirteenth Amendment, which was authored and pressured into existence not by Lincoln but by the great emancipators nobody knows, the abolitionists and congressional leaders who created the climate and generated the pressure that goaded, prodded, drove, forced Lincoln into glory by associating him with a policy that he adamantly opposed for at least fifty-four of his fifty-six years of his life."

Lerone Bennett, Jr., Forced into Glory: Abraham Lincoln' s White Dream, p. 19

Let me introduce you to Lerone Bennett, Jr. who was the executive editor of Ebony magazine for several decades (beginning in 1958) and the author of many books, including a biography of Martin Luther King, Jr. (What Manner of Man: A Biography of Martin Luther King) and Forced into Glory: Abraham Lincoln's White Dream. Bennett is a graduate of Morehouse College in Atlanta and authored hundreds of articles on African-American history and culture during his career at Ebony. He spent more than twenty years researching and writing Forced into Glory, a scathing critique of Abraham Lincoln based on mountains of truths.

Forced into Glory, published in 2000, was mostly ignored by the Lincoln cult, although there were a few timid "reviews" by reviewers that have never done one-thousandth of the research that Lerone Bennett did on the subject. As a black man, he was spared the mantra of being "linked to extremist hate groups" by the lily-white leftists at the Southern Poverty Law Center, the preeminent hate group of the hardcore Left. He was also spared that hate group's normally automatic insinuation that any critic of Lincoln must secretly wish that slavery had never ended. They mostly sat back and hoped that he would go away.

Lerone Bennett, Jr. contends that it is almost impossible for the average citizen to know much of anything about Lincoln despite the fact that literally thousands of books have been written about him. "A century of lies" is how he describes Lincoln "scholarship." He provides thousands of documented facts to make his case.

On the subject of Steven Spielberg's new movie on Lincoln, which is entirely about Lincoln's supposed role in lobbying for the Thirteenth Amendment that ended slavery, Bennett points out: "There is a pleasant fiction that Lincoln . . . became a flaming advocate of the amendment and used the power of his office to buy votes to ensure its passage. There is no evidence, as David H. Donald has noted, to support that fiction . . ." To the extent that Lincoln did finally and hesitatingly support the amendment, Bennett argues that it was he who was literally forced into it by other politicians, not the other way around as portrayed in the Spielberg film. (David Donald, by the way, is the preeminent Lincoln scholar of our day and Pulitzer prize-winning Lincoln biographer).

On the issue of the Emancipation Proclamation, Bennett correctly points out that "J.G. Randall, who has been called u2018the greatest Lincoln scholar of all time,' said the Proclamation itself did not free a single slave" since it only applied to rebel territory and specifically exempted areas of the U.S. such as the entire state of West Virginia where the U.S. Army was in control at the time. (James G. Randall was indeed the most prolific Lincoln scholar of all time and the academic mentor of David Donald at the University of Illinois).

Lerone Bennett is understandably outraged at how the Lincoln cult has covered up Lincoln's racism for over a century, pretending that he was not a man of his time. He quotes Lincoln as saying in the first Lincoln-Douglas debate in Ottawa, Illinois, for example, that he denied "to set the niggers and white people to marrying together" (Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, vol. 3, p. 20). In Forced into Glory Bennett shows that Lincoln rather compulsively used the N-word; was a huge fan of "black face" minstrel shows; was famous for his racist jokes; and that many of his White House appointees were shocked at his racist language.

Lincoln did not hesitate to broadcast his racist views publicly, either. Bennett quotes his speech during a debate with Douglas in Charleston, Illinois on September 18, 1858 (Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, vol. 3, pp. 145-146):

"I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races, that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will for ever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race."

Bennett documents that Lincoln stated publicly that "America was made for the White people and not for the Negroes" (p. 211), and "at least twenty-one times, he said publicly that he was opposed to equal rights for Blacks." "What I would most desire would be the separation of the white and black races," said Lincoln (Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, vol. 2, p. 521).

Reading through Forced into Glory, one gets the clear impression that Bennett got angrier and angrier at the non-stop excuse-making, lying, cover-ups, and fabrications of the "Lincoln scholars." He never takes his eye of the ball, however, and is relentless in throwing facts in the faces of the Lincoln cultists.

As a member of the Illinois legislature Lincoln urged the legislature "to appropriate money for colonization in order to remove Negroes from the state and prevent miscegenation" (p. 228). As president, Lincoln toiled endlessly with plans to "colonize" (i.e., deport) all of the black people out of America. This is what Bennett calls Lincoln's "White Dream," and more recent research of the very best caliber supports him. I refer to the book Colonization after Emancipation by Phillip Magness of American University and Sebastian Page of Oxford University that, using records from the American and British national archives, proves that until his dying day Lincoln was negotiating with Great Britain and other foreign governments to deport all of the soon-to-be-freed slaves out of the U.S.

The Lincoln cult, which has fabricated excuses for everything, argued for years that Lincoln mysteriously abandoned his obsession with "colonization" sometime around 1863. Magness and Page prove this to be the nonsense that it is.

In Illinois, the state constitution was amended in 1848 to prohibit free black people from residing in the state. Lincoln supported it. He also supported the Illinois Black Codes, under which "Illinois Blacks had no legal rights. White people were bound to respect." "None of this disturbed Lincoln," writes Bennett.

Bennett also points out the clear historical fact that Lincoln strongly supported the Fugitive Slave Act which forced Northerners to hunt down runaway slaves and return them to their owners. He admittedly never said a word about slavery in public until he was in his fifties, while everyone else in the nation was screaming about the issue. When he did oppose slavery, Bennett points out, it was always in the abstract, accompanied by some statement to the effect that he didn't know what could be done about it. And as a presidential candidate he never opposed Southern slavery, only the extension of slavery into the territories, explaining that "we" wanted to preserve the Territories "for free White people" (Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, vol. 3, p. 311). In Bennett's own words: "One must never forget that Lincoln always spoke in tongues or in a private code when he was talking about slavery or Negroes. And although he said or seemed to say that slavery was wrong, he always qualified the assertion in the same speech or in a succeeding speech, saying either that slavery was wrong in an abstract sense or that it was wrong in so far as it sought to spread itself." He was a master politician, after all, which as Murray Rothbard once said, means that he was a masterful liar, conniver, and manipulator.

All of these truths, and many more, have been ignored, swept under the rug, or buried under thousands of pages of excuses by the Lincoln cult over the past century and more in books and in films like the new Lincoln film by Steven Spielberg. After spending a quarter of a century researching and writing on the subject, Lerone Bennett, Jr. concluded that "Lincoln is theology, not historiology. He is a faith, he is a church, he is a religion, and he has his own priests and acolytes, most of whom have a vested interest in u2018the great emancipator' and who are passionately opposed to anybody telling the truth about him" (p. 114). And "with rare exceptions, you can't believe what any major Lincoln scholar tells you about Abraham Lincoln and race." Amen, Brother Lerone.

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In 2002, Hedges was part of a group of eight reporters at The New York Times awarded the Pulitzer Prize for the paper's coverage of global terrorism. He also received the Amnesty International Global Award for Human Rights Journalism in 2002.[6] He has taught at Columbia University, New York University, Princeton University[5] and the University of Toronto. He currently teaches prisoners at a maximum-security prison in New Jersey.[6] He has described himself as a socialist. There is much more to his biography, but I don’t want to take up the whole post with that.

The subject video covers Hedges’ conviction that the American empire is over and it’s all downhill from there -- a really depressing view. I doubt that many can honestly argue with him. What is missing and is always missing from the “doom and gloom” assessments is a solution.

I’ve posted it before, but for those who haven’t seen it, here it is. The President could issue an order requiring all foreign companies exporting goods or services to the U.S. to adhere to our standards for wages, safety and environment. This would immediately cause an explosion in manufacturing here in the U.S. The next order would be recalling all military forces engaged in non declared wars around the world. On top of that, ordering the closure of foreign military bases and bringing those troops and support staff home. This would save approximately 1 trillion dollars annually. Yes, it’s that easy, and no, they will never, ever do it, but never fear, an American collapse will do it anyway.

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I know. When I read this from the subject article, I thought I was seeing things, but former assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Paul Craig Roberts explains it very well. The war between the States from 1861 - 1865 was never a civil war, as the southern States had no intention of taking over the government in Washington. The war was a war of secession. Despite promises made to the southern States granting them permission to secede if desired, prior to the signing of the Constitution in 1787, when those States voted for secession, the Northern States invaded the South.

Now on to the issue of slavery. I have posted 2 maps below. One is the list of free and slave States in 1861. The second is a map of Union and Confederate States in 1861. You will note that Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland and Delaware are slave States. They are also Union States. If the war was fought over slavery, why would those 4 States fight against the Confederacy?

The most frustrating thing today isn’t debating the issues. It’s having to educate people on basic facts before engaging in debates. Far too often these debates degenerate into childish name calling complete with vulgarities and cursing. We, as a people, cannot hope to overcome those who would control every aspect of our lives if, we insist on wallowing in ignorance.

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Paul Craig Roberts
Institute for Political Economy

Falsifying History In Behalf Of Agendas
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Falsifying History In Behalf Of Agendas
Paul Craig Roberts

In an article on April 13 ( ) I used the so-called Civil War and the myths with which court historians have encumbered that war to show how history is falsified in order to serve agendas. I pointed out that it was a war of secession, not a civil war as the South was not fighting the North for control of the government in Washington. As for the matter of slavery, all of Lincoln’s statements prove that he was neither for the blacks nor against slavery. Yet he has been turned into a civil rights hero, and a war of northern aggression, whose purpose Lincoln stated over and over was “to preserve the union” (the empire), has been converted into a war to free the slaves.

As for the Emancipation Proclamation, Lincoln said it was “a practical war measure” that would help in defeating the South and would convince Europe, which was considering recognizing the Confederacy, that Washington was motivated by “something more than ambition.” The proclamation only freed slaves in the Confederacy, not in the Union. As Lincoln’s Secretary of State put it: “we emancipated slaves where we cannot reach them and hold them in bondage where we can set them free.”

A few readers took exception to the truth and misconstrued a statement of historical facts as a racist defense of slavery. In an article on , the well-known African-American, Walter Williams, points out that the war was about money, not slavery. Just as Jews who tell the truth about Israel’s policies are called “self-hating Jews,” will Walter Williams be called a “self-hating black?” Invective is used as a defense against truth.

Racist explanations can be very misleading. For example, it is now a given that the police are racists because they kill without cause black Americans and almost always get away with it. Here is a case of a true fact being dangerously misconstrued. In actual fact, the police kill more whites than blacks, and they get away with these murders also. So how is race the explanation?

The real explanation is that the police have been militarized and trained to view the public as enemy who must first be subdued with force and then questioned. This is the reason that so many innocent people, of every race, are brutalized and killed. No doubt some police are racists, but overall their attitude toward the public is a brutal attitude toward all races, genders, and ages. The police are a danger to everyone, not only to blacks.

We see the same kind of mistake made with the Confederate Battle Flag. Reading some of the accounts of the recent Charleston church shootings, I got the impression that the Confederate Battle Flag, not Dylann Roof, was responsible for the murders. Those declaring the flag to be a “symbol of hate” might be correct. Possibly it is a symbol of their hatred of the “white South,” a hatred that dates from the mischaracterization of what is called the “Civil War.” As one commentator pointed out, if flying over slavery for four years makes the Confederate flag a symbol of hate, what does that make the U.S. flag, which flew over slavery for 88 years?

Flags on a battlefield are information devices to show soldiers where their lines are. In the days of black powder, battles produced enormous clouds of smoke that obscured the line between opposing forces. In the first battle of Bull Run confusion resulted from the similarity of the flags. Thus, the Confederate Battle Flag was born. It had nothing to do with hate.

Americans born into the centralized state are unaware that their forebears regarded themselves principally as residents of states, and not as Americans. Their loyalty was to their state. When Robert E. Lee was offered command in the Union Army, he declined on the grounds that he was a Virginian and could not go to war against his native country of Virginia.

A nonsensical myth has been created that Southerners made blacks into slaves because Southerners are racist. The fact of the matter is that slaves were brought to the new world as a labor force for large scale agriculture. The first slaves were whites sentenced to slavery under European penal codes. Encyclopedia Virginia reports that “convict laborers could be purchased for a lower price than indentured white or enslaved African laborers, and because they already existed outside society’s rules, they could be more easily exploited.”

White slavery also took the form of indentured servants in which whites served under contract as slaves for a limited time. Native Indians were enslaved. But whites and native Indians proved to be unsatisfactory labor forces for large scale agriculture. The whites had no resistance to malaria and yellow fever. It was discovered that some Africans did, and Africans were also accustomed to hot climates. Favored by superior survivability, Africans became the labor force of choice.

Slaves were more prominent in the Southern colonies than in the north, because the land in the South was more suitable for large scale agriculture. By the time of the American Revolution, the South was specialized in agriculture, and slavery was an inherited institution that long pre-dated both the United States and the Confederate States of America. The percentage of slave owners in the population was very small, because slavery was associated with large land holdings that produced export crops.

The motive behind slavery was to have a labor force in order to exploit the land. Those with large land holdings wanted labor and did not care about its color. Trial and error revealed that some Africans had superior survivability to malaria, and thus Africans became the labor force of choice. There was no free labor market. The expanding frontier offered poor whites land of their own, which they preferred to wages as agricultural workers.

A racist explanation of slavery and the Confederacy satisfies some agendas, but it is ahistorical.

Explanations are not justifications. Every institution, every vice, every virtue, and language itself has roots. Every institution and every cause has vested interests defending them. There have been a few efforts, such as the French Revolution and the Bolshevik Revolution, to remake the world in a day by casting off all existing institutions, but these attempts came a cropper.

Constant charges of racism can both create and perpetuate racism, just as the constant propaganda out of Washington is creating Islamophobia and Russophobia in the American population. We should be careful about the words we use and reject agenda-driven explanations.

Readers are forever asking me, “what can we do.” The answer is always the same. We can’t do anything unless we are informed.

POSTED JULY 24, 2015


Ordinarily, I wouldn’t touch a story like this with a 10 foot pole, but......... Now that we have exposed the continual and constant lies of our government, we need to reexamine everything they have said. They said the Battleship Maine was blown up by the Spanish in Havana harbor. They said the Lusitania  wasn’t carrying weapons to the British. They said no one in the U.S. government knew about the pending attack on Pearl Harbor. They said North Vietnamese gunboats attacked a U.S. warship in the Gulf of Tonkin. They said more than 80 men, women and children committed suicide at Waco, TX, by burning themselves to death. They said a man using a rental truck filled with fertilizer, demolished a building in Oklahoma City, causing the windows in that building to blow out towards the truck. They said Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. And..... they said Hitler and Eva Braun committed suicide at the end of World War II.

The subject article makes some very good points regarding Hitler’s alleged suicide. Considering how many high ranking Nazis escaped from Germany, it is totally possible that Hitler could do the same. We must also look at the terms of surrender for Japan. The chief military officer, Tojo, was tried and hanged, but the ruler of Japan, Hirohito, was never tried and was allowed to remain emperor until his death.

So what do I believe? In view of the pathological lying from our government in, well just about everything, I believe Hitler did not die back in 1945. Indeed, many Nazis were pardoned and many more were brought to the U.S. to help with scientific research. Several days ago I put forth the opinion that Germany actually won the war (Please read the whole story). If that makes some sense, then allowing Hitler to live in obscurity also makes sense.

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FBI: Hitler Didn’t Die, Fled To Argentina – Stunning Admission
The unbelievable truth is hidden in plain sight. Hitler fled to Argentina after World War 2, and all of the details are available to view on the FBI’s own website.

Posted on June 19, 2015 by Sean Adl-Tabatabai in Bizarre // 92 Comments
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The website reveals the following:


And as if that news wasn’t bizarre enough, a photo has emerged recently which purports to show an elderly 95-year-old Hitler posing with his girlfriend in Brazil in 1984.


Red Flag News reports:

Newly declassified FBI documents prove that the government knew Hitler was alive and well, and living in the Andes Mountains long after World War II.

On April 30 1945, Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his underground bunker. His body was later discovered and identified by the Soviets before being rushed back to Russia. Is it really possible that the Soviets have been lying all this time, and that history has purposely been rewritten?

No one thought so until the release of the FBI documents. It seems that it is possible that the most hated man in history escaped war torn Germany and lived a bucolic and peaceful life in the beautiful foothills of the Andes Mountains.

The Intelligence Community Knew.

Recently released FBI documents are beginning to show that not only was Hitler and Eva Braun’s suicide faked, the infamous pair might have had help from the director of the OSS himself, Allen Dulles.

In one FBI document from Los Angles, it is revealed that the agency was well aware of a mysterious submarine making its way up the Argentinian coast dropping off high level Nazi officials. What is even more astonishing is the fact that the FBI knew he was in fact living in the foothills of the Andes.

Who is the Mysterious Informant?

In a Los Angeles letter to the Bureau in August of 1945, an unidentified informant agreed to exchange information for political asylum. What he told agents was stunning.

The informant not only knew Hitler was in Argentina, he was one of the confirmed four men who had met the German submarine. Apparently, two submarines had landed on the Argentinian coast, and Hitler with Eva Braun was on board the second.

The Argentinian government not only welcomed the former German dictator, but also aided in his hiding. The informant went on to not only give detailed directions to the villages that Hitler and his party had passed through, but also credible physical details concerning Hitler.

While for obvious reasons the informant is never named in the FBI papers, he was credible enough to be believed by some agents.

The FBI Tried to Hide Hitler’s Whereabouts.

Even with a detailed physical description and directions the FBI still did not follow up on these new leads. Even with evidence placing the German sub U-530 on the Argentinian coast shortly before finally surrounding, and plenty of eye witness accounts of German official being dropped off, no one investigated.

Even More Evidence is Found:

Along with the FBI documents detailing an eye witness account of Hitler’s whereabouts in Argentina, more evidence is coming to light to help prove that Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun did not die in that bunker.

In 1945, the Naval Attaché in Buenos Aires informed Washington there was a high probability that Hitler and Eva Braun had just arrived in Argentina. This coincides with the sightings of the submarine U-530. Added proof comes in the form of newspaper articles detailing the construction of a Bavarian styled mansion in the foothills of the Andes Mountains.

Further proof comes in the form of architect Alejandro Bustillo who wrote about his design and construction of Hitler’s new home which was financed by earlier wealthy German immigrants.

Irrefutable Evidence that Hitler Escaped:

Perhaps the most damming evidence that Hitler did survive the fall of Germany lies in Russia. With the Soviet occupation of Germany, Hitler’s supposed remains were quickly hidden and sent off to Russia, never to be seen again. That is until 2009, when an archeologist from Connecticut State, Nicholas Bellatoni was allowed to perform DNA testing on one of the skull fragments recovered.

What he discovered set off a reaction through the intelligence and scholarly communities. Not only did the DNA not match any recorded samples thought to be Hitler’s, they did not match Eva Braun’s familiar DNA either. So the question is, what did the Soviets discover in the bunker, and where is Hitler?

Even former general and President Dwight D. Eisenhower wrote to Washington.

It was not only General Eisenhower who was concerned over Hitler’s compete disappearance, Stalin also expressed his concerns. In 1945, the Stars and Stripes newspaper quoted then General Eisenhower as believing that the real possibility existed of Hitler living safely and comfortably in Argentina.

Is it Possible?

With all of the new found evidence coming to light, it is possible and even likely that not only did Hitler escape from Germany; he had the help of the international intelligence community. Released FBI documents prove that they were not only aware of Hitler’s presence in Argentina; they were also helping to cover it up.

It would not be the first time the OSS helped a high ranking Nazi official to escape punishment and capture. Look at the story of Adolf Eichmann who was located in Argentina in the 1960’s.

Did Hitler escape to Argentina? The answer is yes.

POSTED JULY 23, 2015


It’s been done before. In 1936, the newly elected minority government of the National Socialists led by Adolf Hitler, was desperate to increase and consolidate power. Then came the burning of the Reichstag. The German government quickly blamed Bolshevik terrorists for the fire. An outraged Bundestag, backed by an outraged public supported Hitler’s anti terrorist legislation. Under the facade of fighting terrorism, Hitler was able to increase his power while making opposition to his government illegal. The rest is history.

The subject 10 minute video covers the collapse of the 3 steel skyscrapers on 911. It quickly shows the government explanation of those collapses was impossible. Oh, and there is so much more, but that can be covered in other posts. Just like the Nazis, this government has used the fraud of 911 to increase and consolidate power. Here are a few examples: The Patriot Act(s), The Homeland Security Act, The Military Commissions Act, The formation of the TSA, the militarization of local police, The War in Iraq, The war in Afghanistan, The war against Libya, the launching of killer drones around the world, The NSA surveillance program, and implementation of roadside checkpoints up to 100 miles from the U.S. border.

In any criminal investigation, the question of “Qui Bono” (who gains) is asked. If you are a high up member of the U.S. government or government contractor, you have gained much. I have found that there are 2 kinds of people who go along with the government story of 911. The first are those who work for the government and cannot or will not question anything the government says or does. The second are those who have not studied the facts at all. It is sad how many people will argue about 911 without knowing anything about it. Building 7 is a good example.

So, just like Germany in 1936, the United States people have been duped. And just like 1936 Germany, we are now a police state, with a large destructive war to follow.

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When one comes in contact with an individual totally devoid of all moral character, it is easy to understand that, that person’s life is one scandal after another. Yes, I am referring to our, almost President, John McCain.

The subject article written by Jeffrey St. Clair and Alexander Cockburn brings to light another scandal as well as an example of hypocrisy from Senator McCain. It has been said that the worth of a people can be judged by examining those individuals celebrated as heros.

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July 20, 2015
The Horrors of John McCain: War Hero or War Criminal?

by Jeffrey St. Clair - Alexander Cockburn


The race-baiting panjandrum of Manhattan, Donald Trump, is currently taking flak from the media and politicians for deprecating John McCain’s status as a “war hero”. Trump’s rhetoric is typically bombastic, but this time he may have struck a nerve. Here is a piece that Cockburn and I wrote in 1999 about a psychiatric evaluation of McCain underwent while a prisoner of war in North Vietnam. The psych0logical portrait drawn by Spanish psychiatrist Fernando Barral is that of a deeply narcissistic personality, cold, hardened and largely devoid of human empathy, a man who seemed to view the bombing of civilian populations as a kind of sport. These aggressive personality traits have also characterized his nasty political career.–JSC

The top war-monger in Congress has been Senator John McCain, Republican from Arizona, seeker of the Republican presidential nomination. In one rhetorical bombing run after another, McCain has bellowed for “lights out in Belgrade” and for NATO to “cream” the Serbs. At the start of May he began declaiming in the US senate for the NATO forces to use “any means necessary” to destroy Serbia.

McCain is often called a “war hero”, a title adorning an unlovely resume starting with a father who was an admiral and graduation fifth from the bottom at the US Naval Academy, where he earned the nickname “McNasty”. McCain flew 23 bombing missions over North Vietnam, each averaging about half an hour, total time ten hours and thirty minutes. For these brief excursions the admiral’s son was awared two Silver Stars, two Legions of Merit, two Distinguished Flying Crosses, three Bronze Stars, the Vietnamese Legion of Honor and three Purple Hearts. US Veteran Dispatch calculates our hero earned a medal an hour, which is pretty good going. McCain was shot down over Hanoi on October 26, 1967 and parachuted into Truc Boch Lake, whence he was hauled by Vietnamese, and put in prison.

A couple of years later he was interviewed in prison camp by Fernando Barral, a Spanish psychiatrist living in Cuba. The interview appeared in Granma on January 24, 1970.

Barral’s evaluation of McCain is quoted by Amy Silverman, author of many excellent pieces on McCain in the Phoenix-based New Times weekly. Here’s how Barral described “the personality of the prisoner who is responsible for many criminal bombings of the people.” Barral goes on, “He (McCain) showed himself to be intellectually alert during the interview. From a morale point of view he is not in traumatic shock. He was able to be sarcastic, and even humorous, indicative of psychic equilibrium. From the moral and ideological point of view he showed us he is an insensitive individual without human depth,who does not show the slightest concern, who does not appear to have thought about the criminal acts he committed against a population from the absolute impunity of his airplane, and that nevertheless those people saved his life, fed him, and looked after his health and he is now healthy and strong. I believe that he has bombed densely populated places for sport. I noted that he was hardened, that he spoke of banal things as if he were at a cocktail party.”

McCain is deeply loved by the press. As Silverman puts it, “As long as he’s the noble outsider, McCain can get away with anything it seems – the Keating Five, a drug stealing wife, nasy jokes about Chelsea Clinton – and the pundits will gurgle and coo.”

Indeed they will. William Safire, Maureen Dowd, Russell Baker, the New Yorker, the New York Times Magazine, Vanity Fair, have all slobbered over McCain in empurpled prose. The culmination was a love poem from Mike Wallace in 60 Minutes, who managed to avoid any inconvenient mention of McCain’s close relationship with S & L fraudster Charles Keating, with whom the senator and his kids romped on Bahamian beaches. McCain was similarly spared scrutiny for his astonishing claim that he knew nothing of his wife’s scandalous dealings. His vicious temper has escaped rebuke.

McCain’s escape from the Keating debacle was nothing short of miraculous, probably the activity for which he most deserves a medal. After all, he took more than $100,000 in campaign contributions from the swindler Keating between 1982 and 1988, while simultaneously log-rolling for Keating on Captitol Hill. In the same period McCain took nine trips to Keating’s place in the Bahamas. When the muck began to rise, McCain threw Keating over the side, hastily reimbursed him for the trips and suddenly developed a profound interest in campaign finance reform.

The pundits love McCain because of his grandstanding on soft money’s baneful role in politics, thus garnering for himself a reputation for willingness to court the enmity of his colleagues.

In fact colleagues in the Senate regard McCain as a mere grandstander. They know that he already has a big war chest left over from his last senatorial campaign, plus torrents of pac money from the corporations that crave his indulgence, as chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee. Communications companies (US West, Bell South, ATT, Bell Atlantic), have been particularly effusive in McCain’s treasury, as have banks, military contractors and UPS. They also know he has a rich wife and the certain knowledge that his supposed hopes for an ending to soft money spending will never receive any practical legislative application.

McCain is the kind of Republican that liberals love: solid military credentials as a former POW, ever ready with acceptable sound-bites on campaign finance reform and other cherished issues. Thus it was that McCain drew enthusiastic plaudits last year when he rose in the Senate chamber to denounce theinsertion of $200 million worth of pork in the military construction portion of the defense authorisation bill. Eloquently, he spoke of the 11,200 service families on food stamps, the lack of modern weapons supplied to the military, the declining levels of readiness in the armed forces. Bravely, he laid the blame at the doors of his colleagues: “I could find only one commonality to these projects, and that is that 90 percent of them happened to be in the state or districts of members of the Appropriations Committees.” Sternly, in tones befitting a Cato or a Cicero, the senator urged his colleagues to ponder their sacred duty to uphold the defense of the Republic rather than frittering away the public purse on such frivolous expenditure: “We live in avery dangerous world. We will have some serious foreign policy crises. I am not sure we have the military that is capable of meeting some of these foreseeable threats, but I know that what we are doing with this $200 million will not do a single thing to improve our ability to meet that threat.”

In the gallery, partisans of pork-free spending silently cheered while those who hoped to profit from portions of the $200 million gnashed their teeth in chagrin. Yet, such emotions were misplaced on either side. This was vintage McCain. Had he wished to follow words with deeds, he could have called for a roll-call on the items he had just denounced so fervently. That way the looters and gougers would have had to place their infamy on the record. But, no, McCain simply sat down and allowed the offending expenditure to be authorised in the anonymous babble of a voice vote (“All those in favor say Aye”). Had McCain really had the courage of his alleged convictions he could have filibustered the entire $250 billion authorisation bill, but, inevitably, no such bravery was in evidence. Instead, when the $250 billion finally came to a vote, he ^voted for it.

This miserable display provides useful insights into the reason for McCain’s ineffectiveness on issues such as campaign finance that have garnered him so much favorable publcity. A conservative Senate staffer offers these observations on McCain’s fundamental weakness of character: “The real question is why this Senator did not use the strong leverage he has to insist that his ‘ethical’ position be incorporated into a major bill? After all, Senator McCain couched his concerns in issues of the highest national importance: readiness, modernization, and the military’s ability to defeat the threats we face (whatever they are). “Pragmatism is the most commonly heard excuse. If McCain had made a pain out of himself in insisting on keeping the unneeded and wasteful pork out of the Milcon Authorization bill, some people would argue he would have lost comity with his Senate colleagues. They wouldn’t respect him anymore; they would have been angry with him, because he kept them up late (it was about 10:30 pm), and they would have been embarrassed by his showing them up as pork-meisters. This would weaken his ability to get things done.

“This argument assumes politics in the US Senate is a popularity contest: if you want to get anything done around here, you have to go along and get along. Well, this place is a popularity contest, but it is supposed to be one with the voters, not one’s colleagues. Besides, this place doesn’t really operate that way. Here, they have contempt for fluffy show pieces. Show them you mean business, and you’re someone who has to be dealt with (rather than a talk-only type), and you’ll begin to get some results. Get ready for a fight, though, because they are some on the other side who are no push-overs. Obviously, Mr. McCain was not prepared to make that investment.”

This article appeared in the May 1999 edition of CounterPunch magazine.

Alexander Cockburn’s Guillotined! and A Colossal Wreck are available from CounterPunch. Jeffrey St. Clair is editor of CounterPunch. His new book is Killing Trayvons: an Anthology of American Violence (with JoAnn Wypijewski and Kevin Alexander Gray). He can be reached at:

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It's been more than 40 years, but this story won’t go away. Recently, Donald Trump remarked that John McCain isn’t a hero just because he got shot down, but there is so much more.

The subject article covers the cover up  of the story concerning those prisoners left behind in Vietnam led by John McCain. There is also the accident caused by McCain on the USS Forrestal leading to the death of 27 sailors and the wounding of another 100. While a prisoner in North Vietnam, it has been reported that McCain gave vital information enabling the North Vietnamese to more effectively shoot down American planes. Let’s not forget McCain’s rapid rise in the Navy was largely due to the influence of his father Admiral John S. McCain, who himself was responsible for the cover up of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty killing 34 Americans and wounding another 174.

As if all of this isn’t bad enough, we can’t forget his first wife. When he left for Vietnam, he was married to a former beauty queen. When he returned, he discovered his wife was terribly disfigured in an accident. No problem for McCain,he would begin to use his celebrity to troll for other more desirable women. Finally, in 1980, he cut her lose and married a much younger woman with a pile of money. And of course, let’s run him for President.

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McCain and the POW cover-up
The 'war hero' candidate buried information about POWs left behind in Vietnam
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John McCain

Sydney H. Schanberg won the Pulitzer Prize in 1975 for international reporting “at great risk” from Vietnam and Cambodia. After the war he served as city editor of the New York Times. The Academy Award-winning film “The Killing Fields” was based on his book “The Death and Life of Dith Pran.” Schanberg was a journalist for 50 years.

This is an expanded version of a story that appeared in the Oct. 6, 2008, issue of The Nation. Research support was provided by the Investigative Fund of The Nation Institute.

By Sydney H. Schanberg

The Nation – John McCain, who has risen to political prominence on his image as a Vietnam POW war hero, has, inexplicably, worked very hard to hide from the public stunning information about American prisoners in Vietnam who, unlike him, didn’t return home. Throughout his Senate career, McCain has quietly sponsored and pushed into federal law a set of prohibitions that keep the most revealing information about these men buried as classified documents. Thus the war hero who people would logically imagine as a determined crusader for the interests of POWs and their families became instead the strange champion of hiding the evidence and closing the books.

Almost as striking is the manner in which the mainstream press has shied from reporting the POW story and McCain’s role in it, even as the Republican Party has made McCain’s military service the focus of his presidential campaign. Reporters who had covered the Vietnam War turned their heads and walked in other directions. McCain doesn’t talk about the missing men, and the press never asks him about them.

The sum of the secrets McCain has sought to hide is not small. There exists a telling mass of official documents, radio intercepts, witness depositions, satellite photos of rescue symbols that pilots were trained to use, electronic messages from the ground containing the individual code numbers given to airmen, a rescue mission by a special forces unit that was aborted twice by Washington – and even sworn testimony by two Defense secretaries that “men were left behind.” This imposing body of evidence suggests that a large number – the documents indicate probably hundreds – of the U.S. prisoners held by Vietnam were not returned when the peace treaty was signed in January 1973 and Hanoi released 591 men, among them Navy combat pilot John S. McCain.

Mass of Evidence

The Pentagon had been withholding significant information from POW families for years. What’s more, the Pentagon’s POW/MIA operation had been publicly shamed by internal whistleblowers and POW families for holding back documents as part of a policy of “debunking” POW intelligence even when the information was obviously credible.

The pressure from the families and Vietnam veterans finally forced the creation, in late 1991, of a Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs. The chairman was John Kerry. McCain, as a former POW, was its most pivotal member. In the end, the committee became part of the debunking machine.

One of the sharpest critics of the Pentagon’s performance was an insider, Air Force Lieut. Gen. Eugene Tighe, who headed the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) during the 1970s. He openly challenged the Pentagon’s position that no live prisoners existed, saying that the evidence proved otherwise. McCain was a bitter opponent of Tighe, who was eventually pushed into retirement.

Included in the evidence that McCain and his government allies suppressed or sought to discredit is a transcript of a senior North Vietnamese general’s briefing of the Hanoi politburo, discovered in Soviet archives by an American scholar in 1993. The briefing took place only four months before the 1973 peace accords. The general, Tran Van Quang, told the politburo members that Hanoi was holding 1,205 American prisoners but would keep many of them at war’s end as leverage to ensure getting war reparations from Washington.

Throughout the Paris negotiations, the North Vietnamese tied the prisoner issue tightly to the issue of reparations. They were adamant in refusing to deal with them separately. Finally, in a February 2, 1973, formal letter to Hanoi’s premier, Pham Van Dong, Nixon pledged $3.25 billion in “postwar reconstruction” aid “without any political conditions.” But he also attached to the letter a codicil that said the aid would be implemented by each party “in accordance with its own constitutional provisions.” That meant Congress would have to approve the appropriation, and Nixon and Kissinger knew well that Congress was in no mood to do so. The North Vietnamese, whether or not they immediately understood the double-talk in the letter, remained skeptical about the reparations promise being honored – and it never was. Hanoi thus appears to have held back prisoners – just as it had done when the French were defeated at Dien Bien Phu in 1954 and withdrew their forces from Vietnam. In that case, France paid ransoms for prisoners and brought them home.

In a private briefing in 1992, high-level CIA officials told me that as the years passed and the ransom never came, it became more and more difficult for either government to admit that it knew from the start about the unacknowledged prisoners. Those prisoners had not only become useless as bargaining chips but also posed a risk to Hanoi’s desire to be accepted into the international community. The CIA officials said their intelligence indicated strongly that the remaining men – those who had not died from illness or hard labor or torture – were eventually executed.

My own research, detailed below, has convinced me that it is not likely that more than a few – if any – are alive in captivity today. (That CIA briefing at the agency’s Langley, Virginia, headquarters was conducted “off the record,” but because the evidence from my own reporting since then has brought me to the same conclusion, I felt there was no longer any point in not writing about the meeting.)

For many reasons, including the absence of a political constituency for the missing men other than their families and some veterans’ groups, very few Americans are aware of the POW story and of McCain’s role in keeping it out of public view and denying the existence of abandoned POWs. That is because McCain has hardly been alone in his campaign to hide the scandal.

The Arizona senator, now the Republican candidate for president, has actually been following the lead of every White House since Richard Nixon’s and thus of every CIA director, Pentagon chief and national security advisor, not to mention Dick Cheney, who was George H. W. Bush’s defense secretary. Their biggest accomplice has been an indolent press, particularly in Washington.

Read WND’s related story, “POW case haunts McCain’s image as war hero”

McCain’s Role

An early and critical McCain secrecy move involved 1990 legislation that started in the House of Representatives. A brief and simple document, it was called “the Truth Bill” and would have compelled complete transparency about prisoners and missing men. Its core sentence reads: “[The] head of each department or agency which holds or receives any records and information, including live-sighting reports, which have been correlated or possibly correlated to United States personnel listed as prisoner of war or missing in action from World War II, the Korean conflict and the Vietnam conflict, shall make available to the public all such records held or received by that department or agency.”

Bitterly opposed by the Pentagon (and thus McCain), the bill went nowhere. Reintroduced the following year, it again disappeared. But a few months later, a new measure, known as “the McCain Bill,” suddenly appeared. By creating a bureaucratic maze from which only a fraction of the documents could emerge – only records that revealed no POW secrets – it turned the Truth Bill on its head. (See one example, when the Pentagon cited McCain’s bill in rejecting a FOIA request.) The McCain bill became law in 1991 and remains so today. So crushing to transparency are its provisions that it actually spells out for the Pentagon and other agencies several rationales, scenarios and justifications for not releasing any information at all – even about prisoners discovered alive in captivity. Later that year, the Senate Select Committee was created, where Kerry and McCain ultimately worked together to bury evidence.

McCain was also instrumental in amending the Missing Service Personnel Act, which had been strengthened in 1995 by POW advocates to include criminal penalties, saying: “Any government official who knowingly and willfully withholds from the file of a missing person any information relating to the disappearance or whereabouts and status of a missing person shall be fined as provided in Title 18 or imprisoned not more than one year or both.” A year later, in a closed House-Senate conference on an unrelated military bill, McCain, at the behest of the Pentagon, attached a crippling amendment to the act, stripping out its only enforcement teeth, the criminal penalties, and reducing the obligations of commanders in the field to speedily search for missing men and to report the incidents to the Pentagon.

About the relaxation of POW/MIA obligations on commanders in the field, a public McCain memo said: “This transfers the bureaucracy involved out of the [battle] field to Washington.” He wrote that the original legislation, if left intact, “would accomplish nothing but create new jobs for lawyers and turn military commanders into clerks.”

McCain argued that keeping the criminal penalties would have made it impossible for the Pentagon to find staffers willing to work on POW/MIA matters. That’s an odd argument to make. Were staffers only “willing to work” if they were allowed to conceal POW records? By eviscerating the law, McCain gave his stamp of approval to the government policy of debunking the existence of live POWs.

McCain has insisted again and again that all the evidence – documents, witnesses, satellite photos, two Pentagon chiefs’ sworn testimony, aborted rescue missions, ransom offers apparently scorned – has been woven together by unscrupulous deceivers to create an insidious and unpatriotic myth. He calls it the “bizarre rantings of the MIA hobbyists.” He has regularly vilified those who keep trying to pry out classified documents as “hoaxers,” charlatans,” “conspiracy theorists” and “dime-store Rambos.”

Some of McCain’s fellow captives at Hoa Lo prison in Hanoi didn’t share his views about prisoners left behind. Before he died of leukemia in 1999, retired Col. Ted Guy, a highly admired POW and one of the most dogged resisters in the camps, wrote an angry open letter to the senator in an MIA newsletter – a response to McCain’s stream of insults hurled at MIA activists. Guy wrote: “John, does this [the insults] include Senator Bob Smith [a New Hampshire Republican and activist on POW issues] and other concerned elected officials? Does this include the families of the missing where there is overwhelming evidence that their loved ones were ‘last known alive’? Does this include some of your fellow POWs?”

It’s not clear whether the taped confession McCain gave to his captors to avoid further torture has played a role in his post-war behavior in the Senate. That confession was played endlessly over the prison loudspeaker system at Hoa Lo – to try to break down other prisoners – and was broadcast over Hanoi’s state radio. Reportedly, he confessed to being a war criminal who had bombed civilian targets. The Pentagon has a copy of the confession but will not release it. Also, no outsider I know of has ever seen a non-redacted copy of the debriefing of McCain when he returned from captivity, which is classified but could be made public by McCain. (See the Pentagon’s rejection of my attempt to obtain records of this debriefing.)

All humans have breaking points. Many men undergoing torture give confessions, often telling huge lies so their fakery will be understood by their comrades and their country. Few will fault them. But it was McCain who apparently felt he had disgraced himself and his military family. His father, John S. McCain II, was a highly regarded rear admiral then serving as commander of all US forces in the Pacific. His grandfather was also a rear admiral.

In his bestselling 1999 autobiography, Faith of My Fathers, McCain says he felt bad throughout his captivity because he knew he was being treated more leniently than his fellow POWs, owing to his high-ranking father and thus his propaganda value. Other prisoners at Hoa Lo say his captors considered him a prize catch and called him the “Crown Prince,” something McCain acknowledges in the book.

Also in this memoir, McCain expresses guilt at having broken under torture and given the confession. “I felt faithless and couldn’t control my despair,” he writes, revealing that he made two “feeble” attempts at suicide. (In later years, he said he tried to hang himself with his shirt and guards intervened.) Tellingly, he says he lived in “dread” that his father would find out about the confession. “I still wince,” he writes, “when I recall wondering if my father had heard of my disgrace.”

He says that when he returned home, he told his father about the confession, but “never discussed it at length” – and the admiral, who died in 1981, didn’t indicate he had heard anything about it before. But he had. In the 1999 memoir, the senator writes: “I only recently learned that the tape … had been broadcast outside the prison and had come to the attention of my father.”

Is McCain haunted by these memories? Does he suppress POW information because its surfacing would rekindle his feelings of shame? On this subject, all I have are questions.

Many stories have been written about McCain’s explosive temper, so volcanic that colleagues are loathe to speak openly about it. One veteran congressman who has observed him over the years asked for confidentiality and made this brief comment: “This is a man not at peace with himself.”

He was certainly far from calm on the Senate POW committee. He browbeat expert witnesses who came with information about unreturned POWs. Family members who have personally faced McCain and pressed him to end the secrecy also have been treated to his legendary temper. He has screamed at them, insulted them, brought women to tears. Mostly his responses to them have been versions of: How dare you question my patriotism? In 1996, he roughly pushed aside a group of POW family members who had waited outside a hearing room to appeal to him, including a mother in a wheelchair.

But even without answers to what may be hidden in the recesses of McCain’s mind, one thing about the POW story is clear: If American prisoners were dishonored by being written off and left to die, that’s something the American public ought to know about.

10 Key Pieces of Evidence That Men Were Left Behind

1. In Paris, where the Vietnam peace treaty was negotiated, the United States asked Hanoi for the list of American prisoners to be returned, fearing that Hanoi would hold some prisoners back. The North Vietnamese refused, saying they would produce the list only after the treaty was signed. Nixon agreed with Kissinger that they had no leverage left, and Kissinger signed the accord on January 27, 1973, without the prisoner list. When Hanoi produced its list of 591 prisoners the next day, U.S. intelligence agencies expressed shock at the low number. Their number was hundreds higher. The New York Times published a long, page-one story on February 2, 1973, about the discrepancy, especially raising questions about the number of prisoners held in Laos, only nine of whom were being returned. The headline read, in part: “Laos POW List Shows 9 from U.S. – Document Disappointing to Washington as 311 Were Believed Missing.” And the story, by John Finney, said that other Washington officials “believe the number of prisoners [in Laos] is probably substantially higher.” The paper never followed up with any serious investigative reporting – nor did any other mainstream news organization.

2. Two defense secretaries who served during the Vietnam War testified to the Senate POW committee in September 1992 that prisoners were not returned. James Schlesinger and Melvin Laird, both speaking at a public session and under oath, said they based their conclusions on strong intelligence data – letters, eyewitness reports, even direct radio contacts. Under questioning, Schlesinger chose his words carefully, understanding clearly the volatility of the issue: “I think that as of now that I can come to no other conclusion … some were left behind.” This ran counter to what President Nixon told the public in a nationally televised speech on March 29, 1973, when the repatriation of the 591 was in motion: “Tonight,” Nixon said, “the day we have all worked and prayed for has finally come. For the first time in twelve years, no American military forces are in Vietnam. All our American POWs are on their way home.” Documents unearthed since then show that aides had already briefed Nixon about the contrary evidence.

Schlesinger was asked by the Senate committee for his explanation of why President Nixon would have made such a statement when he knew Hanoi was still holding prisoners. He replied: “One must assume that we had concluded that the bargaining position of the United States … was quite weak. We were anxious to get our troops out and we were not going to roil the waters …” This testimony struck me as a bombshell. The New York Times appropriately reported it on page one but again there was no sustained follow-up by the Times or any other major paper or national news outlet.

3. Over the years, the DIA received more than 1,600 first-hand sightings of live American prisoners and nearly 14,000 second-hand reports. Many witnesses interrogated by CIA or Pentagon intelligence agents were deemed “credible” in the agents’ reports. Some of the witnesses were given lie-detector tests and passed. Sources provided me with copies of these witness reports, which are impressive in their detail. A lot of the sightings described a secondary tier of prison camps many miles from Hanoi. Yet the DIA, after reviewing all these reports, concluded that they “do not constitute evidence” that men were alive.

4. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, listening stations picked up messages in which Laotian military personnel spoke about moving American prisoners from one labor camp to another. These listening posts were manned by Thai communications officers trained by the National Security Agency (NSA), which monitors signals worldwide. The NSA teams had moved out after the fall of Saigon in 1975 and passed the job to the Thai allies. But when the Thais turned these messages over to Washington, the intelligence community ruled that since the intercepts were made by a “third party” – namely Thailand – they could not be regarded as authentic. That’s some Catch-22: The U.S. trained a third party to take over its role in monitoring signals about POWs, but because that third party did the monitoring, the messages weren’t valid.

Here, from CIA files, is an example that clearly exposes the farce. On December 27, 1980, a Thai military signal team picked up a message saying that prisoners were being moved out of Attopeu (in southern Laos) by aircraft “at 1230 hours.” Three days later a message was sent from the CIA station in Bangkok to the CIA director’s office in Langley. It read, in part: “The prisoners … are now in the valley in permanent location (a prison camp at Nhommarath in Central Laos). They were transferred from Attopeu to work in various places … POWs were formerly kept in caves and are very thin, dark and starving.” Apparently the prisoners were real. But the transmission was declared “invalid” by Washington because the information came from a “third party” and thus could not be deemed credible.

5. A series of what appeared to be distress signals from Vietnam and Laos were captured by the government’s satellite system in the late 1980s and early ’90s. (Before that period, no search for such signals had been put in place.) Not a single one of these markings was ever deemed credible. To the layman’s eye, the satellite photos, some of which I’ve seen, show markings on the ground that are identical to the signals that American pilots had been specifically trained to use in their survival courses – such as certain letters, like X or K, drawn in a special way. Other markings were the secret four-digit authenticator numbers given to individual pilots. But time and again, the Pentagon, backed by the CIA, insisted that humans had not made these markings. What were they, then? “Shadows and vegetation,” the government said, insisting that the markings were merely normal topographical contours like saw-grass or rice-paddy divider walls. It was the automatic response – shadows and vegetation. On one occasion, a Pentagon photo expert refused to go along. It was a missing man’s name gouged into a field, he said, not trampled grass or paddy berms. His bosses responded by bringing in an outside contractor who found instead, yes, shadows and vegetation. This refrain led Bob Taylor, a highly regarded investigator on the Senate committee staff who had examined the photographic evidence, to comment to me: “If grass can spell out people’s names and a secret digit codes, then I have a newfound respect for grass.”

6. On November 11, 1992, Dolores Alfond, the sister of missing airman Capt. Victor Apodaca and chair of the National Alliance of Families, an organization of relatives of POW/MIAs, testified at one of the Senate committee’s public hearings. She asked for information about data the government had gathered from electronic devices used in a classified program known as PAVE SPIKE.

The devices were motion sensors, dropped by air, designed to pick up enemy troop movements. Shaped on one end like a spike with an electronic pod and antenna on top, they were designed to stick in the ground as they fell. Air Force planes would drop them along the Ho Chi Minh trail and other supply routes. The devices, though primarily sensors, also had rescue capabilities. Someone on the ground – a downed airman or a prisoner on a labor gang – could manually enter data into the sensor. All data were regularly collected electronically by U.S. planes flying overhead. Alfond stated, without any challenge or contradiction by the committee, that in 1974, a year after the supposedly complete return of prisoners, the gathered data showed that a person or people had manually entered into the sensors – as U.S. pilots had been trained to do – “no less than 20 authenticator numbers that corresponded exactly to the classified authenticator numbers of 20 US POWs who were lost in Laos.” Alfond added, according to the transcript: “This PAVE SPIKE intelligence is seamless, but the committee has not discussed it or released what it knows about PAVE SPIKE.”

McCain attended that committee hearing specifically to confront Alfond because of her criticism of the panel’s work. He bellowed and berated her for quite a while. His face turning anger-pink, he accused her of “denigrating” his “patriotism.” The bullying had its effect – she began to cry.

After a pause Alfond recovered and tried to respond to his scorching tirade, but McCain simply turned away and stormed out of the room. The PAVE SPIKE file has never been declassified. We still don’t know anything about those twenty POWs.

7. As previously mentioned, in April 1993, in a Moscow archive, a researcher from Harvard, Stephen Morris, unearthed and made public the transcript of a briefing that General Tran Van Quang gave to the Hanoi politburo four months before the signing of the Paris peace accords in 1973.

In the transcript, General Quang told the Hanoi politburo that 1,205 U.S. prisoners were being held. Quang said that many of the prisoners would be held back from Washington after the accords as bargaining chips for war reparations. General Quang’s report added: “This is a big number. Officially, until now, we published a list of only 368 prisoners of war. The rest we have not revealed. The government of the USA knows this well, but it does not know the exact number … and can only make guesses based on its losses. That is why we are keeping the number of prisoners of war secret, in accordance with the politburo’s instructions.” The report then went on to explain in clear and specific language that a large number would be kept back to ensure reparations.

The reaction to the document was immediate. After two decades of denying it had kept any prisoners, Hanoi responded to the revelation by calling the transcript a fabrication.

Similarly, Washington – which had over the same two decades refused to recant Nixon’s declaration that all the prisoners had been returned – also shifted into denial mode. The Pentagon issued a statement saying the document “is replete with errors, omissions and propaganda that seriously damage its credibility,” and that the numbers were “inconsistent with our own accounting.”

Neither American nor Vietnamese officials offered any rationale for who would plant a forged document in the Soviet archives and why they would do so. Certainly neither Washington nor Moscow – closely allied with Hanoi – would have any motive, since the contents were embarrassing to all parties, and since both the United States and Vietnam had consistently denied the existence of unreturned prisoners. The Russian archivists simply said the document was “authentic.”

8. In his 2002 book, Inside Delta Force, Retired Command Sgt. Major Eric Haney described how in 1981 his special forces unit, after rigorous training for a POW rescue mission, had the mission suddenly aborted, revived a year later and again abruptly aborted. Haney writes that this abandonment of captured soldiers ate at him for years and left him disillusioned about his government’s vows to leave no men behind.

“Years later, I spoke at length with a former highly placed member of the North Vietnamese diplomatic corps, and this person asked me point-blank: ‘Why did the Americans never attempt to recover their remaining POWs after the conclusion of the war?’” Haney writes. He continued, saying that he came to believe senior government officials had called off those missions in 1981 and 1982. (His account is on pages 314 to 321 of my paperback copy of the book.)

9. There is also evidence that in the first months of Ronald Reagan’s presidency in 1981, the White House received a ransom proposal for a number of POWs being held by Hanoi in Indochina. The offer, which was passed to Washington from an official of a third country, was apparently discussed at a meeting in the Roosevelt Room attended by Reagan, Vice-President Bush, CIA director William Casey and National Security Advisor Richard Allen. Allen confirmed the offer in sworn testimony to the Senate POW committee on June 23, 1992.

Allen was allowed to testify behind closed doors and no information was released. But a San Diego Union-Tribune reporter, Robert Caldwell, obtained the portion relating to the ransom offer and reported on it. The ransom request was for $4 billion, Allen testified. He said he told Reagan that “it would be worth the president’s going along and let’s have the negotiation.” When his testimony appeared in the Union Tribune, Allen quickly wrote a letter to the panel, this time not under oath, recanting the ransom story and claiming his memory had played tricks on him. His new version was that some POW activists had asked him about such an offer in a meeting that took place in 1986, when he was no longer in government. “It appears,” he said in the letter, “that there never was a 1981 meeting about the return of POW/MIAs for $4 billion.”

But the episode didn’t end there. A Treasury agent on Secret Service duty in the White House, John Syphrit, came forward to say he had overheard part of the ransom conversation in the Roosevelt Room in 1981, when the offer was discussed by Reagan, Bush, Casey, Allen and other cabinet officials.

Syphrit, a veteran of the Vietnam War, told the committee he was willing to testify but they would have to subpoena him. Treasury opposed his appearance, arguing that voluntary testimony would violate the trust between the Secret Service and those it protects. It was clear that coming in on his own could cost Syphrit his career. The committee voted 7 to 4 not to subpoena him.

In the committee’s final report, dated January 13, 1993 (on page 284), the panel not only chastised Syphrit for his failure to testify without a subpoena (“The committee regrets that the Secret Service agent was unwilling …”), but noted that since Allen had recanted his testimony about the Roosevelt Room briefing, Syphrit’s testimony would have been “at best, uncorroborated by the testimony of any other witness.” The committee omitted any mention that it had made a decision not to ask the other two surviving witnesses, Bush and Reagan, to give testimony under oath. (Casey had died.)

10. In 1990, Colonel Millard Peck, a decorated infantry veteran of Vietnam then working at the DIA as chief of the Asia Division for Current Intelligence, asked for the job of chief of the DIA’s Special Office for Prisoners of War and Missing in Action. His reason for seeking the transfer, which was not a promotion, was that he had heard from officials throughout the Pentagon that the POW/MIA office had been turned into a waste-disposal unit for getting rid of unwanted evidence about live prisoners – a “black hole,” these officials called it.

Peck explained all this in his telling resignation letter of February 12, 1991, eight months after he had taken the job. He said he viewed it as “sort of a holy crusade” to restore the integrity of the office but was defeated by the Pentagon machine. The four-page, single-spaced letter was scathing, describing the putative search for missing men as “a cover-up.”

Peck charged that, at its top echelons, the Pentagon had embraced a “mind-set to debunk” all evidence of prisoners left behind. “That national leaders continue to address the prisoner of war and missing in action issue as the ‘highest national priority,’ is a travesty,” he wrote. “The entire charade does not appear to be an honest effort, and may never have been. … Practically all analysis is directed to finding fault with the source. Rarely has there been any effective, active follow through on any of the sightings, nor is there a responsive ‘action arm’ to routinely and aggressively pursue leads.”

“I became painfully aware,” his letter continued, “that I was not really in charge of my own office, but was merely a figurehead or whipping boy for a larger and totally Machiavellian group of players outside of DIA. … I feel strongly that this issue is being manipulated and controlled at a higher level, not with the goal of resolving it, but more to obfuscate the question of live prisoners and give the illusion of progress through hyperactivity.” He named no names but said these players are “unscrupulous people in the Government or associated with the Government” who “have maintained their distance and remained hidden in the shadows, while using the [POW] Office as a ‘toxic waste dump’ to bury the whole ‘mess’ out of sight.” Peck added that “military officers … who in some manner have ‘rocked the boat’ [have] quickly come to grief.”

Peck concluded: “From what I have witnessed, it appears that any soldier left in Vietnam, even inadvertently, was, in fact, abandoned years ago, and that the farce that is being played is no more than political legerdemain done with ‘smoke and mirrors’ to stall the issue until it dies a natural death.”

The disillusioned colonel not only resigned but asked to be retired immediately from active military service. The press never followed up.

My Pursuit of the Story

I covered the war in Cambodia and Vietnam, but came to the POW information only slowly afterward, when military officers I knew from that conflict began coming to me with maps and POW sightings and depositions by Vietnamese witnesses.

I was then city editor of the New York Times, no longer involved in foreign or national stories, so I took the data to the appropriate desks and suggested it was material worth pursuing. There were no takers. Some years later, in 1991, when I was an op-ed columnist at Newsday, the aforementioned special Senate committee was formed to probe the POW issue. I saw this as an opening and immersed myself in the reporting.

At Newsday, I wrote thirty-five columns over a two-year period, as well as a four-part series on a trip I took to North Vietnam to report on what happened to one missing pilot who was shot down over the Ho Chi Minh trail and captured when he parachuted down. After Newsday, I wrote thousands more words on the subject for other outlets. Some of the pieces were about McCain’s key role.

Though I wrote on many subjects for Life, Vanity Fair and Washington Monthly, my POW articles appeared in Penthouse, the Village Voice and Mainstream publications just weren’t interested. Their disinterest was part of what motivated me, and I became one of a very short list of journalists who considered the story important.

Serving in the army in Germany during the Cold War and witnessing combat first-hand as a reporter in India and Indochina led me to have great respect for those who fight for their country. To my mind, we dishonored U.S. troops when our government failed to bring them home from Vietnam after the 591 others were released – and then claimed they didn’t exist. And politicians dishonor themselves when they pay lip service to the bravery and sacrifice of soldiers only to leave untold numbers behind, rationalizing to themselves that it’s merely one of the unfortunate costs of war.

John McCain – now campaigning for the White House as a war hero, maverick and straight shooter – owes the voters some explanations. The press were long ago wooed and won by McCain’s seeming openness, Lone Ranger pose and self-deprecating humor, which may partly explain their ignoring his record on POWs. In the numerous, lengthy McCain profiles that have appeared of late in papers like the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal, I may have missed a clause or a sentence along the way, but I have not found a single mention of his role in burying information about POWs. Television and radio news programs have been similarly silent.

Reporters simply never ask him about it. They didn’t when he ran unsuccessfully for the Republican nomination in 2000. They haven’t now, despite the fact that we’re in the midst of another war – a war he supports and one that has echoes of Vietnam.

The only explanation McCain has ever offered for his leadership on legislation that seals POW files is that he believes the release of such information would only stir up fresh grief for the families of those who were never accounted for in Vietnam. Of the scores of POW families I’ve met over the years, only a few have said they want the books closed without knowing what happened to their men. All the rest say that not knowing is exactly what grieves them.

Isn’t it possible that what really worries those intent on keeping the POW documents buried is the public disgust that the contents of those files would generate?

How the Senate Committee Perpetuated the Debunking

In its early months, the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs gave the appearance of being committed to finding out the truth about the MIAs. As time went on, however, it became clear that they were cooperating in every way with the Pentagon and CIA, who often seemed to be calling the shots, even setting the agendas for certain key hearings. Both agencies held back the most important POW files. Dick Cheney was the Pentagon chief then; Robert Gates, now the Pentagon chief, was the CIA director.

Further, the committee failed to question any living president. Reagan declined to answer questions; the committee didn’t contest his refusal. Nixon was given a pass. George H.W. Bush, the sitting president, whose prints were all over this issue from his days as CIA chief in the 1970s, was never even approached.

Troubled by these signs, several committee staffers began asking why the agencies they should be probing had been turned into committee partners and decision makers. Memos to that effect were circulated. The staff made the following finding, using intelligence reports marked “credible” that covered POW sightings through 1989: “There can be no doubt that POWs were alive … as late as 1989.” That finding was never released. Eventually, much of the staff was in rebellion.

This internecine struggle (see coverage, at left) continued right up to the committee’s last official act – the issuance of its final report. The “Executive Summary,” which comprised the first forty-three pages – was essentially a whitewash, saying that only “a small number” of POWs could have been left behind in 1973 and that there was little likelihood that any prisoners could still be alive. The Washington press corps, judging from its coverage, seems to have read only this air-brushed summary, which had been closely controlled.

But the rest of the 1,221-page Report on POW/MIAs was quite different. Sprinkled throughout are pieces of hard evidence that directly contradict the summary’s conclusions. This documentation established that a significant number of prisoners were left behind – and that top government officials knew this from the start. These candid findings were inserted by committee staffers who had unearthed the evidence and were determined not to allow the truth to be sugar-coated.

If the Washington press corps did actually read the body of the report and then failed to report its contents, that would be a scandal of its own. The press would then have knowingly ignored the steady stream of findings in the body of the report that refuted the summary and indicated that the number of abandoned men was not small but considerable. The report gave no figures but estimates from various branches of the intelligence community ranged up to 600. The lowest estimate was 150.

Highlights of the report that undermine the benign conclusions of the Executive Summary:

* Pages 207-209: These three pages contain revelations of what appear to be either massive intelligence failures, or bad intentions – or both. The report says that until the committee brought up the subject in 1992, no branch of the intelligence community that dealt with analysis of satellite and lower-altitude photos had ever been informed of the specific distress signals US personnel were trained to use in the Vietnam war, nor had they ever been tasked to look for any such signals at all from possible prisoners on the ground.

The committee decided, however, not to seek a review of old photography, saying it “would cause the expenditure of large amounts of manpower and money with no expectation of success.”

It might also have turned up lots of distress-signal numbers that nobody in the government was looking for from 1973 to 1991, when the committee opened shop. That would have made it impossible for the committee to write the Executive Summary it seemed determined to write.

The failure gets worse. The committee also discovered that the DIA, which kept the lists of authenticator numbers for pilots and other personnel, could not “locate” the lists of these codes for Army, Navy or Marine pilots. They had lost or destroyed the records. The Air Force list was the only one intact, as it had been preserved by a different intelligence branch.

The report concluded: “In theory, therefore, if a POW still living in captivity [today], were to attempt to communicate by ground signal, smuggling out a note or by whatever means possible, and he used his personal authenticator number to confirm his identity, the U.S. Government would be unable to provide such confirmation, if his number happened to be among those numbers DIA cannot locate.”

It’s worth remembering that throughout the period when this intelligence disaster occurred –from the moment the treaty was signed in 1973 until 1991 – the White House told the public that it had given the search for POWs and POW information the “highest national priority.”

* Page 13: Even in the Executive Summary, the report acknowledges the existence of clear intelligence, made known to government officials early on, that important numbers of captured US POWs were not on Hanoi’s repatriation list. After Hanoi released its list (showing only ten names from Laos – nine military men and one civilian), President Nixon sent a message on February 2, 1973, to Hanoi’s Prime Minister Pham Van Dong. saying: “U.S. records show there are 317 American military men unaccounted for in Laos and it is inconceivable that only ten of these men would be held prisoner in Laos.”

Nixon was right. It was inconceivable. Then why did the president, less than two months later, on March 29, 1973, announce on national television that “all of our American POWs are on their way home”?

On April 13, 1973, just after all 591 men on Hanoi’s official list had returned to American soil, the Pentagon got into step with the president and announced that there was no evidence of any further live prisoners in Indochina (this is on page 248).

*Page 91: A lengthy footnote provides more confirmation of the White House’s knowledge of abandoned POWs. The footnote reads:

“In a telephone conversation with Select Committee Vice-Chairman Bob Smith on December 29, 1992, Dr. Kissinger said that he had informed President Nixon during the 60-day period after the peace agreement was signed that U.S. intelligence officials believed that the list of prisoners captured in Laos was incomplete. According to Dr. Kissinger, the President responded by directing that the exchange of prisoners on the lists go forward, but added that a failure to account for the additional prisoners after Operation Homecoming would lead to a resumption of bombing. Dr. Kissinger said that the President was later unwilling to carry through on this threat.”

When Kissinger learned of the footnote while the final editing of the committee report was in progress, he and his lawyers lobbied fiercely through two Republican allies on the panel – one of them was John McCain – to get the footnote expunged. The effort failed. The footnote stayed intact.

* Pages 85-86: The committee report quotes Kissinger from his memoirs, writing solely in reference to prisoners in Laos: “We knew of at least 80 instances in which an American serviceman had been captured alive and subsequently disappeared. The evidence consisted either of voice communications from the ground in advance of capture or photographs and names published by the Communists. Yet none of these men was on the list of POWs handed over after the Agreement.”

Then why did he swear under oath to the committee in 1992 that he never had any information that specific, named soldiers were captured alive and hadn’t been returned by Vietnam?

* Page 89: In the middle of the prisoner repatriation and U.S. troop-withdrawal process agreed to in the treaty, when it became clear that Hanoi was not releasing everyone it held, a furious chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Thomas Moorer, issued an order halting the troop withdrawal until Hanoi complied with the agreement. He cited in particular the known prisoners in Laos. The order was retracted by President Nixon the next day. In 1992, Moorer, by then retired, testified under oath to the committee that his order had received the approval of the President, the national security advisor and the secretary of defense. Nixon, however, in a letter to the committee, wrote: “I do not recall directing Admiral Moorer to send this cable.”

The report did not include the following information: Behind closed doors, a senior intelligence officer had testified to the POW committee that when Moorer’s order was rescinded, the angry admiral sent a “back-channel” message to other key military commanders telling them that Washington was abandoning known live prisoners. “Nixon and Kissinger are at it again,” he wrote. “SecDef and SecState have been cut out of the loop.” In 1973, the witness was working in the office that processed this message. His name and his testimony are still classified. A source present for the testimony provided me with this information and also reported that in that same time period, Moorer had stormed into Defense Secretary Schlesinger’s office and, pounding on his desk, yelled: “The bastards have still got our men.” Schlesinger, in his own testimony to the committee a few months later, was asked about – and corroborated – this account.

*Pages 95-96: In early April 1973, Deputy Defense Secretary William Clements “summoned” Dr. Roger Shields, then head of the Pentagon’s POW/MIA Task Force, to his office to work out “a new public formulation” of the POW issue; now that the White House had declared all prisoners to have been returned, a new spin was needed. Shields, under oath, described the meeting to the committee. He said Clements told him: “All the American POWs are dead.” Shields said he replied: “You can’t say that.” Clements shot back: “You didn’t hear me. They are all dead.” Shields testified that at that moment he thought he was going to be fired, but he escaped from his boss’s office still holding his job.

*Pages 97-98: A couple of days later, on April 11, 1973, a day before Shields was to hold a Pentagon press conference on POWs, he and Gen. Brent Scowcroft, then the deputy national security advisor, went to the Oval Office to discuss the “new public formulation” and its presentation with President Nixon.

The next day, reporters right off asked Shields about missing POWs. Shields fudged his answers. He said: “We have no indications at this time that there are any Americans alive in Indochina.” But he went on to say that there had not been “a complete accounting” of those lost in Laos and that the Pentagon would press on to account for the missing – a seeming acknowledgement that some Americans were still alive and unaccounted for.

The press, however, seized on Shields’ denials. One headline read: “POW Unit Boss: No Living GIs Left in Indochina.”

*Page 97: The POW committee, knowing that Nixon taped all his meetings in the Oval Office, sought the tape of that April 11, 1973, Nixon-Shields-Scowcroft meeting to find out what Nixon had been told and what he had said about the evidence of POWs still in Indochina. The committee also knew there had been other White House meetings that centered on intelligence about live POWs. A footnote on page 97 states that Nixon’s lawyers said they would provide access to the April 11 tape “only if the Committee agreed not to seek any other White House recordings from this time period.” The footnote says that the committee rejected these terms and got nothing. The committee never made public this request for Nixon tapes until the brief footnote in its 1993 report.

McCain’s Catch-22

None of this compelling evidence in the committee’s full report dislodged McCain from his contention that the whole POW issue was a concoction by deluded purveyors of a “conspiracy theory.” But an honest review of the full report, combined with the other documentary evidence, tells the story of a frustrated and angry president, and his national security advisor, furious at being thwarted at the peace table by a small, much less powerful country that refused to bow to Washington’s terms. That President seems to have swallowed hard and accepted a treaty that left probably hundreds of American prisoners in Hanoi’s hands, to be used as bargaining chips for reparations.

Maybe Nixon and Kissinger told themselves that they could get the prisoners home after some time had passed. But perhaps it proved too hard to undo a lie as big as this one. Washington said no prisoners were left behind, and Hanoi swore it had returned all of them. How could either side later admit it had lied? Time went by and as neither side budged, telling the truth became even more difficult and remote. The public would realize that Washington knew of the abandoned men all along. The truth, after men had been languishing in foul prison cells, could get people impeached or thrown in jail.

Which brings us to today, when the Republican candidate for President is the contemporaneous politician most responsible for keeping the truth about his matter hidden. Yet he says he’s the right man to be the Commander-in-Chief, and his credibility in making this claim is largely based on his image as a POW hero.

On page 468 of the 1,221-page report, McCain parsed his POW position oddly: “We found no compelling evidence to prove that Americans are alive in captivity today. There is some evidence – though no proof – to suggest only the possibility that a few Americans may have been kept behind after the end of America’s military involvement in Vietnam.”

“Evidence though no proof.” Clearly, no one could meet McCain’s standard of proof as long as he is leading a government crusade to keep the truth buried.

To this reporter, this sounds like a significant story and a long overdue opportunity for the press to finally dig into the archives to set the historical record straight – and even pose some direct questions to the candidate.


Navy Releases McCain’s Records

USS Forrestal, July 29, 1967 - The worst accident aboard a US Navy surface vessel since WWII


The Navy released John McCain’s military record after a Freedom of Information Act request from the Associated Press. The record is packed with information on McCain’s medals and commendations but little else. The one thing that the McCain campaign does not want to see released is the record of McCain’s antics on board the USS Forestal in 1967. McCain was personally responsible for the deadliest fire in the history of the US Navy. That catastrophe, with 27 dead and over 100 wounded trumps McCain’s record as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam.

WMR has learned additional details regarding the deadly fire aboard the Navy aircraft carrier, the USS Forrestal, on July 19, 1967 in the Gulf of Tonkin. The additional details point to then-Lt. Commander John McCain playing more of a role in triggering the fire and explosions than previously reported.

On January 16, 2006, WMR reported that according to a US Navy sailor who was aboard the Forrestal on the fateful day of the fire, “McCain and the Forrestal’s skipper, Capt. John K. Beling, were warned about the danger of using M-65 1000-lb. bombs manufactured in 1935, which were deemed too dangerous to use during World War II and, later, on B-52 bombers. The fire from the Zuni missle misfire resulted in the heavy 1000 pound bombs being knocked loose from the pylons of McCain’s A-4 aircraft, which were only designed to hold 500-pound bombs.”

WMR further reported, “The unstable bombs had a 60-second cook-off threshold in a fire situation and this warning was known to both Beling and McCain prior to the disaster.” WMR also cited the potential that McCain’s Navy records were used against him by the neo-cons in control of the Pentagon, “The neo-cons, who have had five years to examine every file within the Department of Defense, have likely accessed documents that could prove embarrassing to McCain, who was on board the USS Forrestal on July 29, 1967, and whose A-4 Skyhawk was struck by an air-toground Zuni missile that had misfired from an F-4 Phantom.”

WMR has been informed that crewmen aboard the Forrestal have provided additional information about the Forrestal incident. It is believed by many crewmen and those who have investigated the case that McCain deliberately “wet-started” his A-4E to shake up the guy in the plane behind his A-4. “Wet-starts”, done either deliberately or accidentally, shoot a large flame from the tail of the aircraft.

In McCain’s case, the “wet-start” apparently “cooked off” and launched the Zuni rocket from the rear F-4 that touched off the explosions and massive fire. The F-4 pilot was reportedly killed in the conflagration. “Wet starting” was apparently a common practice among young “hot-dog” pilots.

McCain was quickly transferred to the USS Oriskany (the only Forrestal crewman to be immediately transferred). Three months later, McCain was shot down over North Vietnam on October 26, 1967.

As WMR previously reported, at the time of the Forrestal disaster, McCain’s father, Admiral John McCain, Jr., was Commander-in-Chief of US Naval Forces Europe (CINCUSNAVEUR) and was busy covering up the details of the deadly and pre-meditated June 8, 1967, Israeli attack on the NSA spy ship, the USS Liberty.

The fact that both McCains were involved in two incidents just weeks apart that resulted in a total death count of 168 on the Forrestal and the Liberty, with an additional injury count of 234 on both ships (with a number of them later dying from their wounds) with an accompanying classified paper trail inside the Pentagon, may be all that was needed to hold a Sword of Damocles over the head of the “family honor”-oriented McCain by the neo-cons.

WMR has also been informed by knowledgeable sources, including an ex-Navy A-4 pilot, the “wet-start game” was a common occurrence. However, it is between “very unlikely” and “impossible” for the Forrestal “wet start” to have been accidental. “Wet starts” were later rendered impossible by automated engine controls.

Wayne Madsen reports on military and political affairs in Washington at his website,  

POSTED JULY 17, 2015


The subject video shows Gardena, California police officers killing an unarmed man. These officers put 8 bullets into this man after he removed his hat and yes, the following investigation ruled the homicide justified.

So back to our question: “What would happen to you if you did this?” What if you felt threatened by 3 hispanic youths? What if, when they were 15 feet away, you shot one of them when he removed his hat? What if you shot him 8 times? Of course you would be tried for murder. The problem that exists in today's America is one law for the people and another for the police.

Bruce                                       New World Order News


POSTED JULY 16, 2015


Back in 2001, after the orchestrated events of 911, right on cue, George Bush Jr., declared war on the world (otherwise known as the war on terror). 14 years later, 6 nations have been bombed into the stone age. Add to that the adventure in Bosnia from back in the 1990's and we now have a total population of over 165 million desperate people.

The subject video from Gerald Celente covers the surge in immigrants to Italy from some of these bombed out countries. Of course, when millions of people without any resources become a drain on nations with resources, a potential crisis grows.

We did this. This government in the United States with its' bomb first and worry later philosophy, has created a world wide storm that dwarfs any threat from terrorists. Knowing this, they want more. Let's confront Russia. Let's confront China. Maybe we should bomb Iran? Is there anyone in this current bunch of candidates that will alter this course?

Bruce                                 New World Order News   15:36     Yemen 24 million Libya 6.2 Afghanistan 31.2 Syria 22.9 Iraq 32.5 Ukraine 44.8 Bosnia 3.8   Total 165.4 million

POSTED JULY 15, 2015


n late Summer in 1991, the citizens of the Soviet Union had had enough. As I watched the events on television, I was convinced Soviet troops would begin to annihilate those who dare to oppose the Communist rule, but they wouldn't back down. The Premier of the Soviet State of Russia, Boris Yeltsin, rose up on top of a tank and told the Soviet leaders they have to go --- all of them.
Surely now, the second most powerful nation on earth would teach them all a lesson. They did it before and they'll do it again, but Yeltsin and the 100's of thousands of citizens held their ground. After a few days, word came to Yeltsin from the Soviet rulers. They wanted to know what would happen to them if they gave up power. Yeltsin assured them they could go in peace. That was the end of the Soviet empire.

We here in the U.S. are not so much different except for one thing. We lack the courage of the Soviet people, in as much as there is no outcry from millions taking to the streets. Many still think, we can vote our way out of this. Some think we have enough good representatives to right our sinking ship. Others think we can sue this government in their courts. Sorry, wrong on all counts. This government is out of control and all those running it need to go. Fortunately, we have a recent example of how to bring down a corrupt, authoritarian state. (Pictures and video below).

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